A new level of hell has been reached: https://skiptheinterview.com/

A new level of hell has been reached: https://skiptheinterview.com/


Just so you're aware /u/Chris_Evans_1112 - your platform is just completely stupid. As a manager, I would not pay $50 to recommend one of my employees (or former) no matter how great they are. Also, your idea is incredibly discriminatory when you ask people to pay any amount for anything. Look at poverty statistics by race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. You know the saying "birds of a feather" right? Hate to say it but - the reality of it is, Black people have more Black friends on average than most White people do. In fact, on average, [out of 100 friends, White people have One Black friend whereas Black people have Eight White friends](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/08/25/three-quarters-of-whites-dont-have-any-non-white-friends/)... Same thing applies to all other categories listed above. > We really were not aiming for something discriminatory Given the above, and aside from $$$$ in your pockets, what the fuck were you actually aiming for? > and actually had long discussions about it with quite a few people, Who? Brick, Gerald, Perfect Recall (/u/Serious-Wheel7125), Journey, and Mayanalytics (/u/mayan_one)? Tagging people that I can find on reddit from the companies so they can see this - if you fucking support this idea, you're insane. > but we didn't get close to the right outcome, so we will talk to a lot more people before moving ahead. You should be saying: "We realized we're pieces of shit and we just got caught trying to stuff our pockets... We own up to it and will try to actually make the world better next time." So fuck your business model, fuck this idea, and fuck your startup. You can fucking burn to the ground in /r/RecruitingHell, right where you belong. P.S. I wouldn't renew your domain if I were you - it's a major waste of money.


Lol their website currently is down and says “we here the feedback and we are going to go away and discuss more before we think about going ahead”


And it's freaking plain text. Didn't even bother to make it pretty.


Oh, I thought it was some kind of meta parody joke. It's actually a company called SkipTheInterview? They deserve the criticism, lol.


It looks like it was an actual idea


at first i saw this and thought it was virtual money. like, the monetary aspect was just a weight system and tied to a written reference/review, e.g. SoandSo from Xyz Company wrote a glowing reference worth $400 towards the goal amount. someone else with less work experience writes a shorter reference worth $200, someone in a high level role from a long-standing company writing a reference would be worth maybe $800. basically just a virtual way to weigh and add weight to references. compile enough to hit the “monetary” goal and you’re in. anyway, then i realized they actually expected me to hit up old coworkers for *thousands* of dollars. how absolutely insane! the idea of using real money was so out-there that my subconscious made up that entire virtual-money system before even considering the reality.


now that you mentioned it, the idea with virtual money ain't that crazy tho


Let's be real here though, realistically the most worthless part of the interview part is the references. Whoever you have giving your reference is obviously going to give a glowing review. At the same time, when most people get asked about the person(when giving their reference) it's all pretty generic, nobody \*really\* put's that much time and effort into saying how upstanding a person is.


lmao oh my god these startup guys must be so out of touch I listen to the podcast Tech Won't Save Us and they had a series on somehow, all these tech bros forgot- capital and entreprenuership didn't create Silicon Valley. They're just so isolated and arrogant they invented their own mythology. They'll work in buildings built via public funds and refuse to admit it.


Love that show - do you remember what episode that was from?


May 6, 2020. "How State Funding Built Silicon Valley w/ Margaret O'Mara"


I worked for a startup once. I hate hotshot startup boys with a visceral passion. Think they’re the shit and the CEO of their own tiny company, and walk all over all the poor college kids who intern for them.


At The Conference in Sweden in 2019, there was a [talk](https://videos.theconference.se/meghan-ogieblyn-god-in-the-machine) about the parallels between tech/si-fi and Christianity. Blindly following and contributing a single person for the efforts of many, believing tech can bring the paradise, do no harm, etc. It’s religious.


I'm pretty sure that comparison is what Penelope Scott's song 'Rät' is about.


The Kinks had a song called Rats on their magnificent 1970 album *Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround* that is not out of place here: Rats I was lost just wandering round downtown Many people pushing me around Hate spreads just like infection Those rats jumping on and off my back Fat black rats holding me down I see rats in every direction No time to catch your breath Crazy people lost their heads Masses trampling on my feet, inconsiderate in their heat Those rats breeding angriness and spite Never have done anything right for people like you and me Walk over all the people you can't see If they die there's more bread for me Like snakes crawling through the grass No time to catch your breath Crazy people lost their heads Masses trampling on my feet, inconsiderate in their heat Those rats breeding angriness and spite Never have done anything right for people like you and me See that face man look at me, he's much too selfish to see Once he was warm and was kind Now all he has got is a pinstripe mind See that face man look at me, he's much too selfish to see Once he was warm and was kind Now all he has got is a pinstripe mind


I thought it was just about Elon Musk(Rät)




It gets better, skiptheinterview.com is now redirecting to google.com. Redirecting to *Google*! I've never seen this before, it's a new level. Good, those fuckers deserve it.


Here's snapshot: https://web.archive.org/web/20211013191523/http://skiptheinterview.com/


"From from..."


Last line of the original page: we would love to hear from you even if it is to tell us that this idea is crazy. Oooooh boy


That's legit integrity if I've ever seen it. At least they're owning up to it. I'm interested to see what they come up with. It's a good mission (skipping interviews) but buying your way in is fucked, and asking colleagues to buy you out is double fucked.


“Hey former coworker/future reference, can you give me $80 so I can get a new job?” I have coworkers who I REALLY like and would go out on a limb for them. I’m not randomly giving them $80 to “skip the interview” wtf lol


Yeah even if my all time favorite co workers reached out and asked for this I’d be like, wow poor coworker has been brainwashed, what kind of hellish pyramid scheme is this? I must reach out and see if they can be deprogrammed


Right?! My BFF is a former coworker and I'm not giving her money for this shit. She would get a "And you really want to work for these people?" And that's about it.


I think the expectation was that the person who wants the job would give you $80 under the table for you to "sponsor" them with it.


Let's assume it wasn't skipping the interview. Let's say you straight up buy the job. The only way I'd give you $50 is if you gave me $50. You have to buy your own job, bro.


If they could use "tokens" instead of money, it might have some merits. Tokens could be earned by good references from former colleagues


I think the whole point is to grift money. So unless they’re crypto, I don’t think so


Those tokens would start getting exchanged for money too.


Maybe... A sponsor token is tied to a person, and if you can't back up your recommendation when called on to provide reference, the system gives you a warning, starts auditing your recs, and then actually mutes you or something. But I still want to know how they're earned and what happens when they're used... Hmmm... And do you skip the interview? Or just go to the top of your pile?


Yeah if everyone did this we would be back to where we started.


So you ask your coworkers to raise 8k for the company to pocket so they can hire you without interview? What do your coworkers gain from this? Also how do you guarantee the company won't just fire you after 2 weeks in at will states? Also coworkers can send as little as 50$s lol, that's some out of touch rich asshole who thinks people are willing to shill out 50 bucks for an ex coalleuge like it's nothing


You can also lose the money too! No refund and nothing for coworkers. They have taken site down though but people saw some companies that were on there who already being blacklisted


How do you lose it? Like if the amount is raised does the company keep it in exchange of hiring you?


From what people grabbed on site: “3. You then start, if you last past probation which is 2 months we pay out your backers double the money they invested in you. (minus our fee) 4. But if you are not good enough and we don’t keep you on, all your backers lose their money.”


oooooo gambling. That makes a lot more sense, actually. That version does give reason for honesty that the candidate is good. I do wonder though how the fall out from a failed run would be though. yikes


The ceo is on Reddit too https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/q7mice/a_new_level_of_hell_has_been_reached/hgjorsg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


I refuse to believe that [Captain America](https://www.reddit.com/user/Chris_Evans_1112/) created this scheme in the name of Hydra.


Nope it’s this dude: https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/q7mice/a_new_level_of_hell_has_been_reached/hgjorsg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3




I don't believe a single word on that profile 😂


right? what a clown. “generally large”? go fuck yourself, Chris


What are the odds they’d keep anyone on past 2 months? And why would you want to work with a company so apparently desperate for money that recruits have to pay to work there? Lastly, there are a few former co-workers I would’ve paid for just so that they’d leave, because they were assholes who were terrible at their job.


Exactly. I used to work for a company who would only keep most new hires for about two months and then fire the lowest performers and keep only the very best then give the accounts from the fired people to others. Then they'd hire like 10 new people each month to replace all the fired people. I could see that company buying into something like this because they don't keep many people past two months and are desparate for sales people (because they fire so many.) It's not a coincidence the health insurance doesn't kick in until you've finished two months of employment.


This is exactly what would happen. They'll never find people who are liked enough to be "sponsored" like that, but there are *absolutely* people I've met that I would pay good money to never have to work with again!


On one hand it’s a guaranteed revenue stream. On the other hand it’s rehiring every month and 28 days


I could see the incentive to bet money on a good coworker. 2 months is really hard to fail at unless the company is intentionally trying to steal your investment.


It’s also wild because the money can easily be lost if the company decided to just.. drop you


Absolutely. I wouldn't trust the company without some pretty solid clauses where they have to prove misconduct or incompetency to keep my money. It's an appalling idea if you spend much time thinking about it. I have no idea how it made it this far.


“Our company has strict standard about what constitutes a fierable offense, none of which will apply to any of you on probation”


Indeed. The very concept of "probation" is that it takes much less misbehavior to get in trouble.


That’s the real kicker. I know plenty of people whose professional success I’d bet on, but I’m not about to trust my money to an at-will employer with no obligation to me…


Yeah, from a distance it seems like a great way for people to put their money where their mouth is for references. Putting actual dollars on the line that a former colleague will be a good employee, and if they are right they get paid too. Its a win-win. Employers get more value out of references, pressure on the employee to succeed for their friends. And the friends get paid. But because we live in a dirty, corrupt, world where corporation are soulless and hold all the power and wealth is not evenly distributed, what will actually happen is that corporations will abuse the system and only those who are wealthy (and thus have wealthy friends) will be able to advance, further the class divide and keeping poor people poor.


It doesn't seem like a win-win or a great idea from a distance in the slightest. Like I'm going to harass coworkers (likely getting myself in trouble/fired) or former co-workers (consequently alienating everyone) to gamble on me.


Yeah but $8000? Sure you gamble $100, but that means another *80* people need to do the same. I don't know 80 *people*, let alone coworkers, and especially not coworkers who can just shell out $100 like it's nothing. I could maybe convince two.


Yeah... I don't think we're the "target market" for this idea. More the people with super wealthy networks who really don't even need the boost in the first place, since this practice puts you above everyone who has to do an interview like some kind of plebian. 🙄


Yeah I figured I'm not rich enough to understand this concept.


I hope those companies get blacklisted all the way to hell.


Better question……. If you’re socially awkward/ incompetent in your role to the point where you’d rather fundraise $8k than go through the interview process, how the fuck are you going to convince your coworkers to donate money to help you lol? There’s just no situation where that makes sense. Even if it’s a guaranteed job it doesn’t make sense unless you make a shit ton of money. If you get paid a shit ton of money, you’re probably really good at what you do and/ or marketing it so you’re not really worried about the interview.


Pay as little as $50 to get that co-worker you hate shipped off to another company.


That was my first thought. I have a few colleagues that I’d pay to go away. But then again, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be replaced with someone more tolerable.


Hmm that is true. But it could still be a great team bonding activity. Okay how about this instead? As little as $50 to get rid of a co-worker you hate *and* you get a spot on the interview committee for the next person.


Yeah, I wouldn't want to hire someone who's inspired people to pay them to leave.


To raise 8k at 50 bucks a pop, you need 160 colleagues. Who has that kind of social circle?


Sounds very much like a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in most countries.


Hey Daryll, I'll give you $8500 to sponsor the $8000 fee so I can get that neat job I'm not qualified for, but pays way more and will cover the expenses in a couple of months. You can pocket the $500.


This has to be illegal


It sounds like bribery, which I’m fairly sure is illegal.


It’s only illegal if you get caught. And they got caught!


It's only illegal if it's for/to public offices/services. I can bribe you to hire me all day. I could bribe you to slip me a desert at a restaurant.


Not in the US it's not. We legalize bribery through campaign contributions, and this sounds like campaign funding for the average American worker to get a job 😂


If a co worker came to me to ask for 50$ to sponsor her in a new job, I'd assume they were recruiting me into an mlm... Buy seriously, what does the co worker get out of sponsoring someone to work for another company? That's 50$ with no tangible return. I want to know where Chris Evans is buying his Crack from. I'm sure it's good shit.


At first I thought it was Chris Evans the actor and was quite confused


This one is America’s Dumbass.


*chef’s kiss*


He responded to this subreddit ! https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/q7mice/a_new_level_of_hell_has_been_reached/hgjorsg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Well, I guess that’s good or something. Jfc this is one of the first posts I’ve seen since waking up and my face feels hot. I’m absolutely *aghast* someone launched this. Disgusted. I tried to think through every colleague I’ve ever had and who would want to drop money on me. I’d get, what, maybe $150 if I’m lucky? And this is just skipping the goddamn interview, it’s not a fucking guarantee. As a job searcher right now I can’t even fathom trying to add to that stress by asking people I barely know to pay for that.


Likewise I’m just full of morning rage right now. As if workers need to be exploited in even more ways…


"We launched this get feedback and the feedback was not positive" I absolutely hate this wording. Like if they didn't get enough complaints they would've gone through with this terrible idea that is obviously terrible. You can practically see the money signs in his eyes.


Part of their pitch is that if you last 2 months at your new job then all your backers get double their money back...


That means they only have a viable business model if less than half the people they hire make it that far.


They buried in the ultra fine print that they take 30% in fees off all transactions unless you chance your mind about the initial deposit within the first 24 hours


> That means they only have a viable business model if less than half the people they hire make it that far. You don't need a viable business model if you can run a ponzi scheme instead. And that's assuming they aren't doing shenanigans at the level of the companies they're working with, so it's *the most charitable thing that could be said for their business model*.


So it seems I had it a bit wrong, the company you now work for will pay out your backers double their money. Minus the fee for this stupid company


> Buy seriously, what does the co worker get out of sponsoring someone to work for another company? Do you want to get rid of a shitty coworker? $50 and they will get hired somewhere else, it's genius.


You’d need 160 people to pay that though


Time to get to "work". And by work I mean by becoming the most toxic, hated sac of shit this office has ever witnesses. A legend if you were.


Maybe if you like someone that is going to be fired you and other coworkers can pool money to sponsor them into another job.


Pool together 8 grand so they can… make their job hunt slightly easier?


I think this might actually be the worst thing I’ve seen on this sub. I hate this so much, I’m honestly at a loss for words.


Also the founder commented here: https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/q7mice/a_new_level_of_hell_has_been_reached/hgjorsg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Thanks for linking this; I'm glad the people of this sub destroyed the objections and stated, plain and simple, that the project needs to be scrapped ASAP. I mean, this "method" is more or less how Francesco Schettino got his job at the helm of the Costa Concordia, and look at the results.


I can’t believe I’ve seen the top tier ultimate recruiting hell. I saw it first on Twitter, now it’s on this thread r/antiwork and r/latestagecapitalism


So now we're bringing the "pay to win" mechanics of mobile games into real life? This might be my sign to jump off of an overpass.


We should just throw all the roles into a *job loot box*. This will be our new employee development and promotions strategy. Get past and/or current co-workers to sponsor your box. Then, step back in excitement as you open your box! Could be a $200,000/yr.* Promotion and role as VP* **OR** demotion to call center technical support rep. Moving into $12/hr.! **ISN'T IT EXCITING?** *results not typical


Why stop there? Every 60 days, you can buy a "job pass" and pick up exclusive items such as the "Casual Friday" skin, or the "401k" bonus item


Up next: The 2021 exclusive Holiday crate! This pass includes tickets for you and one guest to join the company's annual virtual holiday zoom party! 5 lucky winners will also score $5 in GrubHub dining credit to use on a meal to enjoy during the event!


I’m dying as a gamer hearing the pay to win 😭😭😭


Can I use my Google Play Points?


"No, money down!"


"No! Money down!" FTFY


Thank you Mr. Hutz.


Or maybe throw the people who're trying to bring more 'pay to win' to life? Just an idea.


Nah time to throw THEM off the overpass 😁... Metaphorically


yeah, i’d rather just die.


It's not discrimination, it's surprise mechanics.


The Electronic Arts mode of recruiting


I saw this and it’s popping off in Twitter with how AWFUL it is and there’s ACTUAL companies posting on here where you pay for your spot!


So you have to pay for it yourself? And then in addition, your coworkers are supposed to sponsor you with more money? Does the company keep the money then, or what happens to it?


I think you lose the money if you get fired too. There’s more details in thread cause many grabbed screenshots


Oh yeah also got on live chat with them and they also admit to discriminating against juniors[here](https://twitter.com/evan_just_evan/status/1448421937680683016?s=21)


Ah yes, the best way to even the playing field, adding money into the decision making process


And the rich get richer.


This concept doesn't even make any sense. Like okay say my coworker Bill comes over and asks me to donate. But instead of charity, it's to get him another job. Why would I say yes?? Just job search like a normal person Bill. I guess maybe Bill sucks as a co-worker and I'm willing to pay my own personal money to get him out of there faster. Good luck dealing with Bill, other company.


I’m also struggling to understand what upside the company thinks they’re offering. A potential job seeker would rather ask a bunch of his excolleagues for cash than….sit an interview?


Yeah this bit i really don't get! Like maybe I'm weird but I don't find interviews all that bad, especially if they aren't technical ones (I'm a software engineer) I imagine it would be way harder to get this funding than to just sit through some interviews (unless your last job was at Daddies company and you want to be "independent")


It's gambling to boot. If they last 2 months (you know, the one that is skipping the part that nominally determines how well suited they are for the role...) backers get double their money back.


This would fuck over so many people. I’ve spent my entire career working for very small companies. I have a handful of reliable references. I could raise maybe $200. And, as someone who has acted as a reference before, no way am I giving up my hard earned cash. I can take a half hour reference check phone call at work without consequences. It costs me nothing. Asking me to gamble on my former coworker’s success? Hard pass.


Ive worked with my team for 11 years, the videogames weve made grossed over a billion dollars, i dont think i could raise even $1,000 for something like this. I know literally everyone at a company of 250, i play dnd with the CEO for gods sakes and i dont think i could get the money raised. This from a person who was able to talk tge company into using 5% of the opperating budget to do a game jam multiple times per year..and i dont thinn i could raise the cash for this from some of my best friends and closest colleagues This is so fucking bad its insane, id rather pay the $11,000 myself just to not have to go through the embarrassment of going hat in hand to my team asking for some kind of gambling donation for me to get a job…good lord what fucking morons funded this?


Even at a larger company, how many people will know you well enough to be willing to give you just $10, let alone the apparent minimum of $50?


Their site is down lol. So stupid.


With how much feedback there is? Yup


The person who came up with this idea had to come from a pilot recruiting background. . .


This sounds like a really weird shitty roundabout MLM that takes a “fee” for doing… what? Crowdsourcing HR/recruiter fees? Wait that’s exactly what it is.


I can’t believe we’ve seen something actually MORE predatory than MLMs.


This just sounds like a scam tbh


Yeah it does


Like... Real money?




So dystopian


How did these people not run it by the coworkers they’d be hypothetically asking for money? I guarantee they would have quickly found out what an idiotic idea this is. Also, it would heavily bias towards richer people (who have richer friends) and extraverts. Could argue other biases as well. This is the least well thought out recruitment approach ever


They say they have vetting process where it’s coworkers and not rich friends… but coworkers can be friends so…


So I can pay to help a coworker I hate leave the company? Where do I sign up? Edit: I’m not even joking. This is the marketing angle that they should go for.


I know some coworker who entire companies would pay to get them to leave






riiiight?? they CLEARLY did not write any good user stories. lol


This is like a drunk/high idea that got a little out of hand


I think r/LateStageCapitalism would find this interesting


Thanks I was wondering what name of subreddit to find


r/antiwork would find it hilarious, too.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/antiwork using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/antiwork/top/?sort=top&t=year) of the year! \#1: [Retirement age](https://i.redd.it/25eqjsqj8ah71.jpg) | [1751 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/p444oc/retirement_age/) \#2: [I don’t understand how anyone would be okay with this. This makes me sick.](https://i.redd.it/v7tmgdagbej71.jpg) | [4279 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/pazoxk/i_dont_understand_how_anyone_would_be_okay_with/) \#3: [why do not we have freedom?](https://i.redd.it/678clwu81ts71.jpg) | [1825 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/q5tlvh/why_do_not_we_have_freedom/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| [^^Contact ^^me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| [^^Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| [^^Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/o8wk1r/blacklist_ix/)


Bots rule! And they work for us!


Aboringdystopia is another.


Did anyone grab a list of who was listing jobs on that site? I'd love to know if it's anyone I can boycott




Is there a way to see the list without having a Twitter account? It won't let me see anything without signing in our getting the app apparently.


Thank you!


Next level pathetic


What in the entire fuck


I’m pretty sure my coworkers would ask me why I’m joining an MLM and to get lost.


https://twitter.com/techgirl1908/status/1448425311369109507?s=21 The CEO responded !


Huh. They’ve stooped lower than an unpaid internship.


I’ll take unpaid internship over this tbh






LOL they just shut down the website. Good job people :D [https://skiptheinterview.com/](https://skiptheinterview.com/)


Ceo is on Reddit, part of site still up The ceo is on Reddit too https://www.reddit.com/r/recruitinghell/comments/q7mice/a_new_level_of_hell_has_been_reached/hgjorsg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 here : https://skiptheinterview.com/applicants/


Just in case people thought this was some kind of internet bs attention thing and not some evil corporate money grab, they still have a job posting up despite taking their website down: https://weworkremotely.com/company/skip-the-interview Everyone involved with this project can eat shit and die.


Honestly sounds like a scam. What’s stopping them for collecting the money, hiring you, then firing you the same day and keeping the funds for themselves?


How in the world could you or the 'few people you talked to' thought this was a good idea? Your idea benefits no one but yourself and your wallet. Seriously, are you on drugs or just really stupid? This would be considered bribery in so many industries and not to mention completely is unethical! This is a terribly stupid idea and I would boycott and company they signed onto this rubbish.


The ceo is in this thread trying to explain too


Waybackmachine link: https://web.archive.org/web/20211013191523/https://skiptheinterview.com/


This is probably the worst idea I’ve ever seen. Ignoring the myriad of major issues that have already been brought up, how do I apply for one of these jobs without getting fired from my current role? Most people will apply for jobs while currently employed. If I go around my office asking for money to move jobs, I’m going to get fired pretty fucking quickly from my current job.


"We believe a strong reference from from your previous co-workers is worth more than your ability to tell me how many golf balls can fit in a mini.“ Why is that the go-to interview question? If you think interviews dont work, maybe start by asking questions related to the job! Wtf.


Wtf is this actually I don’t even get how this is reL


Lol they’re offline already


Yep but everyone got screenshots now


Has anyone verified that the supposed CEO is who they claim they are? I literally refuse to believe this isn't just an elaborate prank.


I can sadly confirm because I did live chat with the dude(Chris evans) and linked him to twitter and Reddit to point out how many don’t like his idea, hence him actually commenting on here and if you look at his profile—he just made the accounts




That job must pay $200,000+ a year and have a guaranteed 1-year contract if I have to fundraise to even apply


Wait, so you pay a company to hire you sight unseen? You give them money and they give you a job supposedly? Wtf


I want to set something completely on fire but I don’t know where to begin.


If they think all my ex coworkers have loads of spare money to be sponsoring everyone they've worked with that applies for a new job.. i wouldn't need a new job.


'It can be as low as $50'. Yikes. No way would I ever be willing to pay this for anyone and I would absolutely never apply for a job that expected me to pay to apply. Anyway do they really think it's a good thing if someone has co-workers who are willing to pay an entire $50 OR MORE to get rid of them?


I don't get it. If you coworkers like you and see you as really valuable to the team you work for they are going to be inclined to not pay to help you leave If your coworkers hate you and your utter shit on the team they would probably pay up to get rid of you. The co worker money incentive works the wrong way round.


I remember reading in history books about people 'bribing their way into positions' and other stuff. (I think this happened a lot in ye olden China, still probably in modern) I never thought I would see a literal system for just bribing your way into a fucking job.


Wait, do they have to raise *REAL* Money? Fuuuuck that noise


Looks like they got accepted at Y-Combinator startup accelerator as per below link. This was more than just an idea. [How it works & the Team](https://weworkremotely.com/company/skip-the-interview)


Please put this on LinkedIn and other social medias as well, so that no idiot ever gets this terrible idea again. I can't even imagine what they were smoking while they thought this shit up.


Can I just tell my coworkers to back me and then keep the money and not work for a while? Cuz this is all shady either way.


For anyone interested: https://web.archive.org/web/20211013191523/http://skiptheinterview.com/ I'm curious if it's true it's YC-backed business. I don't believe this shit.


Legit thought the money raised was just hypothetical money But people are meant to spend their hard earned money so someone else can skip the interview? I wanna smoke what they smoke tbh


So they're putting jobs behind a pay wall? Isn't the point of jobs getting the paid so you have wall to live inside?


Looking at the archived version, [https://web.archive.org/web/20211013191523/http://skiptheinterview.com/](https://web.archive.org/web/20211013191523/http://skiptheinterview.com/) this really stood out: >What happens on my 1 day trial? > >After you secured the funds, you and the company do a 1 day paid trial. This is a chance for both sides to get a feel for each other and see that it isn’t a glaring mistake. At the end of the day we will ask each side if it is a still a yes. If not we will return all funds with no fees. Is this, or is this not, basically just an interview by another name?


What the hell


Fake business Tim Dillon would be proud


Interviews aren't even the issue, automatic resume filtering and insane entry requirements are.


What a creative way to rip people off.


More detail on the process: https://twitter.com/evan_just_evan/status/1448468028639883270?s=21


Is this some sort of MLM company? Pretty cringey even if it's not. Edit: Obviously I can't see their page because it's down but I found their pitch at weworkremotely.com. wtf?


I can think of very few former coworkers who would even consider doing this. Most of my former coworkers are poor or I didn't know them well enough to have a close relationship where they'd be willing to bet money on me and the reason I left several jobs was because of shitty managers, so I have few managers I would want to bet on me either. This isn't because I do bad work; this is just a terrible concept.


With the directions of psychopathic policies that have been allowed in the workplace I honestly don't want to live to be 80 years old. I can't imagine my body giving out and having to try to do this shit


This should like another collage stoner libertarian idea


This sounds like a MLM somehow. Its not, but it feels like one.


Here’s a thread with some of the alleged participating companies listed https://twitter.com/javavvitch/status/1448405455370432512?s=21


I think i saw a similar idea in Linkedin. A recruiter wanted people to pay a refundable deposit before attending an interview so the interviewee wont ghost them.. lol


If a coworker wants you gone so much they are willing to pay, they definitely aren’t good workers