Tbf you're looking at the more expensive cuts of meat, a fucking tenderloin. However, when I worked in a meat department like 5 years ago in a northern town, beef tenderloin was half of that price/kg


and they're at SaveOn


Save on is probably the most expensive for meat. Literally higher price per lb than Costco has per kg. Like, at save on its $16/lb of something. Costco has the same cut (prob better quality) for $15/kg. Edit: If you have any home kitchen ability, you can easily chop it down and fit a couple kg of meat in any freezer. I live in a small apartment with a normal size fridge and I manage to fit everything in my freezer and nothing goes bad. My meat area is about 1/4 of my total freezer space and for about $100/month (feeding me, wife and 2 small kids) I can put delicious meat in pretty much every dinner. I precut all of it and freeze separate portions (chunks for stew, slices for stir fry etc) so when it’s time to cook I don’t have to deal with cleaning up a meaty mess. I literally handle raw meat once a month on Costco day and I’m done. Highly recommend.


Yep. My freezer is full of steak, pork chops, chicken breasts and ground beef. Buy the huge strip when it goes on sale then portion and freeze. Get like 20 great thick steaks for 100 bucks. And it's not mechanically tenderized cause you cut it yourself.


Ugh I wish. My partner will NOT eat “pre-frozen” meat esp beef. We usually go to a butcher for meat and tbh for the quality and size I find it’s cheaper than the supermarket.


But the portion size at Costco is so big


Just have to break it down and freeze.


yeah lol Costco isn't a place to shop for your everyday groceries. If you don't got a place to store 18 months worth of food, what's the point of having a membership?


I respectfully disagree.. I buy several everyday things at Costco every couple weeks. Fruit, and some veg, coffee, cheese, dog food etc. (I do have 2 kids that eat alot) Meat comes in big packs but I just freeze it into normal portions. I also have an executive membership which gives me a rebate which I use to pay for the following year's membership. Aside from the first year, I haven't had to use my own $ for a membership yet.


Costco is great if you have self control and shop with a list. Unfortunately the majority of people are influenced by shiny things. I'd consider myself shrew and savvy, but I get sucked in occasionally.


Kids or dogs, or both I guess


😂 😂 in times like these you need to keep the food budget trimmed...


You can probably find better in store sales at other stores on half that stuff - especially the fruit and veg, but the one trip stop might be more convienent.


Well, I do keep my eyes open for deals but I'm in an expensive area of western Canada so groceries, (and life in general) seems to be pricey all around .. Example a brick of butter is approx $8 in a regular store and is $5 at Costco. I buy a pack of 2 dozen free range eggs for approx $2 more than a dozen costs in the regular store. I have 2 young boys... We go through alot of fruit and veg. If I lived someplace cheaper, Costco likely wouldn't be worth my time.


Oh yeah, there are definetly things worth the price at Costco (though some of their prices have been going up too) medicine is also something usually worth buying. It's just that some people think everything is automatically cheaper there which isn't true.


Agreed, most people don't have big freezers, being able to shop at Costco and freeze enough that the portions don't go bad is ahead of the curve.


Unless you have a lot of hungry teenagers at home


Huge misconception. You can buy 2kg of meat for about $35. Cut it up and freeze. Takes up about 20x20x20cm spot in my freezer.


The better approach is to not eat meat every day


That's exactly what the Fruit Farmers of America would have you think! Your post has Big Green all over it man. Get outta here with your astroturf "Eat veg cause it's better!" bullshit...


do the same thing. Buy a large pork shoulder and big ass pack ground beef and thats it for a month or two. meat for over a month for less than 80 bucks at costco.


The only thing you're saving at save on is the time it'd take to count your remaining savings.


There is sirloin tip roast for 14.31kg/6.49lb in the same store he shopped at.


Tenderloin is one of the top of the line grilling steaks. Tip sirloin roast is the opposite side of the spectrum in meat cuts. Sirloin tip roast comes from the strong dense muscle of the back legs and needs to be cooked low and slow for a long time before it becomes tender and is suitable for making stew, or in recipes where the meat is cut in to small thin slices like stir fry, or beef fajitas.


Bro fuck that. Ground beef?


Not a bad price considering it takes 1500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.


$3.19 for a 284ml can of Cambell’s vegetarian vegetable soup. $4.89 for Habitant pea soup. $6.79 for a loaf of “peasant bread”. $8.79 for 454g of butter $9.79 for a 600g bag of chips


I mean, that’s like 10% more than I’m paying in downtown Ottawa. Just bought a bunch of soup because it was on sale for $1.99. Shit’s expensive all over and will continue to be until the ogliarchy the Westons are running is broken up.


Campbell's has shrunk their cans as well in recent years. Barely get 1 bowl of soup out of it.


Their "chunky" soup is also noticeably less chunky. Their chili too, I had their chunky steak chili a little while ago there were 2 pieces of actual meat in it. I've been buying their stuff less and less because of this.


What does that have to do with his comment?


People are pointing out that I picked the best cut of meat so I listed some more standard fare and their prices. I shoulda went with the $9 stick of butter as the picture that I used for my post.


What kind of butter are you buying for $9 a stick??


The $9 butter is Lactantia. The cheapest of the same size was around $7


No it isn't. A stick is 135g so I don't believe you for a second you paid $9 for Lactania stick of butter. Maybe youre confusing stick and block?


Yup, I thought that the 454g block of butter was called a stick.


A stick is a quarter of a pound of butter. I never pay more than $6 for Western Family butter.


I buy lactantia cultured butter and it costs ~7-8$ in Burta. But I also only use it sparingly and pay the extra bit for the flavour.


Welcome to the Island brother.


All of these are cheaper where I'm at, and the meat you show here is more expensive lol Funny how that works.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but it's not like steak is a basic human right. It's an incredibly resource intensive luxury. It's the first thing I stopped buying when inflation hit. Not sure that this post tells us anything.


That's Tenderloin, the most expensive part of the cow.


It’s $19.95 per kilo at the Wholesale club.


Wholesale club mostly sells commercial grade beef. Not AAA like we see in the photo. The grade is making a huge difference. Red Barn often has AA cuts that are tasty and way cheaper than AAA.


It’s still not reasonable


I’ve ordered a 1/4 cow from my local farmer each year for a decade. It used to be more expensive than store bought. (On average by pound for all the various cuts). Now, it’s cheaper as I’m averaging $8-10/ pound for all cuts.


How much does that set you back each year? I love the idea of it but I'm hesitant to take the plunge.


From $800-$1100 a year depending on the size of the cow for which I get from 80-120 lbs of meat. Right now I’m paying about $6.50/lb hanging weight. (That’s when the animal carcass is skinned and gutted and hanging to age. Your left with about 60-65% meat by weight after butchering and you have to add butchering costs too. I’m picking up my meat tomorrow I’m fact and I’ll see what the costs are this year. Here’s the run. You pay as much for ground beef as you do for a ribeye steak. So it’s all about the average. If you only eat steak at home, this won’t help as you get much more ground and stew than steaks in this type of package. You can start small by ordering packages at local butchers. They usually have different packages you can order.


Just curious as to how you handle the meat? Like do they just give you a partial cow and you process it yourself? Or do they cut it up in reasonable sizes and you chose what you want to do with those cuts? I have no clue how laborious it would be to prep your own meat so it's a nest curiosity of mine.


It comes fully butchered, wrapped and packed into boxes. You specific what kind of cuts you want (for example how thick the steaks). How much ground beef or stew. What to do with the brisket (mix with ground or keep whole). I also get all the bones and I roast and cook to make beef broth. The smallest chest freezer will just hold a 1/4 cow.


Shit that actually sounds like a killer deal. I assumed the savings you got buying a partial/full cow came from the fact that they wouldn't process it.


You save the Loblaws markup


I’m sure it’s also nice to know where your meat is coming from. Local farm vs mystery out of sigh possibly factory farm


You getting front quarter or hind quarter? Big difference. You should ask your butcher.


Butcher speaking, unless someone specifies only wanting a front or hind, you generally just get a mixed quarter. So cut the entire half to customer spec and just give them half the yield. If someone does specify front or hind , hinds are generally more expensive as they yield more steaks and roasts compared to ground. 75% of your ground is going to be coming off the front quarter. Also in my experience be cautious of inexperienced grassfed farms, a lot of new regenerative farms don’t actually understand beef finishing and will charge grassfed prices(8-10/lb hanging weight) and not actually feed the animal the extra 6-12 months to justify that price(grass finishing is that much slower than grain, it just is). So you end up with a D grade animal at AAA grassfed prices. It’s my biggest pet peeve in this industry.


I get a mixed usually. My farmer is primarily a lamb farmer. He does about 8-10 cows a year as a side business depending on demand. I’ve been ordering from him for a bout a decade.


big difference, care to elaborate for us not so informed folk?


The front quarter gives rib, brisket & chuck. The hind quarter gives sirloin, round and flank. I doubt very much that when someone says they bought 1/4 cow, they get a specific quarter. It's more likely they get a quarter of all the cuts from the cow.


Go online and check out a butcher near you that actually processes full animals. They will likely have information on their site that shows options etc. I’m my town even the local in town butcher that brings in meat from elsewhere will put together packages.


For me. I get a half a cow from a farmer near me. They take it to the abattoir who kills it, skins it and guts it. They hang it for 14 days in their cooler. Then they cut it in half and call me. I put the half I want in the back of the truck and take it home. Then I hang it in the garage (I do this in October/November when temps are are around freezing at night). Then I do the butchering my self.


Since my son hunts and I enjoy the meat, I bought a band saw that is only used for meat and a good set of knives. We butcher our own beef and pigs also. So once it's aged, it comes to our garage for butchering. I know not everyone can do this and I will say my butchering job is not great, but it's meat.


allright, I just picked up my meat, weighed and sorted it. Total price $1350 (I pay once to the farmer, and this price includes all processing costs from the butcher). So for meat only, since bones are cheap and suet even cheaper, the price is $12.25/lb for all cuts. Prices are up this year a bit. Total meat = 110 lbs 1. roasts = 8 lbs 2. steak = 22 lbs 3. stew = 21 lbs 4. ground = 59 lbs Total other stuff = 14 lbs of bones, 10 pds of suet.


Oh wow. I get a half cow every 18 months from a family friend in Ohio. $2.99 USD/ lb hanging weight plus $70 for the kill. I'm getting a hell of a deal!


I have done this before. Was disappointed in the quality of the meat and the cuts. Maybe it was just the farm I got it from, but the butcher was an amateur hack-job (pun intended). The beef was not grain finished, as it is at a feed lot, so it had a distinct flavor. Everyone says they want "pasture-raised grass-fed beef" but a blind-taste test will show you otherwise. This could work for you, but I suggest you sample the beef before you commit. Ask for something like a ribeye or tenderloin - a specific cut, to assess the quality for the work and the flavor. Good luck!


\~$2,000 at today's prices. A quarter cow generally lands around 200lbs, so at $10 per hanging/lb, you're at around 2k.


I’m paying around $6.50/lb hanging weight. Or at least I did last year. Im getting my order tomorrow so I’ll see why this years prices are. The meat I get is also 100% grass fed and a northern English shorthorn. It’s an older breed as compared to angus, that packs on weight from grass better than more modern cow breeds that really need that grain finishing. The meat is a bit different than store bought grain fed, but I am specifically looking for grass fed beef.


Go grab a friend , and go splits on a cow, then you don't have to worry about not using all the meat, and you save even more money


I moved here before Covid so no friends for me!


Oh darn. If I was in BC I would go splits with u!


This is premium grain finished tenderloin. Not what most would select as a benchmark.


It says AAA, that's not even Canadian prime.


That’s fuckin Save-On for you though. They have some of the highest prices around.


Thats a tenderloin. Arguably one of the best single cuts/parts of the animal you can get. They're going to be pricey. Show me an Eye of Round that's 85/kilo and I'll share your outrage. Like... meat it getting too expensive. I get it. But let's actually be realistic in our expectations here.


It’s also one of the priciest food chains in BC as well.


Interestingly, Save-On near me is far cheaper than other chains. I guess it depends on locations and items purchased.


In Vancouver, save on is by far the most expensive. Their yellow tag sales are higher than the non sale price at other stores Fuck save on


The Save-On-Foods in Alberta are generally more expensive, but they have some absolute gems of sales in the meat department. BOGO deals, 50% off beef or pork, etc. The produce is good quality too, nothing like what Superstore has. I'll happily shop there for meat and produce (and to a lesser extent, dairy and bakery), but cringe at the high prices of foods in aisles.


Here in the lower mainland too. Save-on always has that one out of the way discount bin with crazy cheap meat. Put on your chef hat and learn to work with whatever is on sale. Anyone can make an expensive fancy dinner. It takes a proper chef to make a cheap fancy dinner. Much like anyone can build a bridge. But it takes a engineer to build a cheap bridge that can barely stand.


On the island QF is the most expensive, save on is usually the low side.


That hasn't been my experience. SaveOn and Thrifties are usually more expensive than anyone


I mean... that's less of a good point because gouging/higher prices are still gouging even if its the norm for a chain, but sure.


lol this is like those posts where someone fills a cart up with food from Whole Foods and complains about how expensive the "bare necessities" are, like chocolate chip cookies and frozen pizzas.


This ain't no regular tenderloin either, grain fed, AAA... This is basically the most expensive cut of beef one can find, period. Plus, I used to pay 60-75$/kg in 2015 in Alberta for tenderloin, so 85$ for the highest quality available 7 years later is almost a bargain lol


AAA is the equivalent to USDA Choice, which is good quality, but not Prime quality. Prime in Canada is still called Prime, and is equivalent to UDSA Prime. AAA is good, but this price is super high, even for tenderloin.


I prefer cold cuts


Never bring pork to a beef fight! Or, maybe...always?


Turkey is my weapon of choice. Specifically [this guy](https://duckduckgo.com/?q=irresistible+dinde+cajun+metro&iax=images&ia=images&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fmckeenmetroglebe.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2020%2F05%2FMetro_441-600x600.jpg), but the orange label, Cajun turkey. Couldn't find a picture lol The spices are within the meat, only brand to do this and it's great. Plus, the bland isn't blend (hehe) and it doesn't taste of shite.


Tbf it's like double the price it was from 5 years ago, and I lived as far north east as you can drive with no winter road in Manitoba


Yes, very fair point. Its a better point than blind, borderline misinformed sensationalism, which is almost what this post is.


Real and true.


I just don’t buy beef anymore


Time to go vegan


Yes everyone needs to hear this. How spoiled do you all think you’re to be entitled to an animal’s body


Yes everyone needs to hear this. How spoiled do you all think you’re to be entitled to a plant’s body?


Plants do not have the ability to process pain and are not sentient. By consuming animal products you lead to more plants consumed in the end because the animal is the middle man.


No thank you


>Steak is selling for $85/kg in Victoria,BC. Steak is *on sale* for $85/kg, and a premium cut at that. Beef is one of the most expensive mass food items on the planet to produce and this is a premium cut at one of the most expensive grocery chains in the Victoria region. If you don't like the price, just don't buy it and go to almost any other grocery store and buy a less bougie cut of beef. The quality of a steak is like 50-90% how you cook it anyways. A good cook can make a mediocre cut into a delicious steak and a bad cook can ruin the best cut in minutes.


>The quality of a steak is like 50-90% how you cook it anyways. A good cook can make a mediocre cut into a delicious steak and a bad cook can ruin the best cut in minutes. 100%. Brother in law is a chef and made a fucking flank steak delicious and one of the best steaks i've ever had. Boggles my mind. I'm over here making Rib Eye's that taste like 80% as good at 5X the cost.


you get less fat in the cheaper cuts of meat so you substitute a shit ton of butter.


I recently started using a cast iron skillet to make my steaks and it's made a massive difference. I'm not even that skilled and they still come out amazing every time.


Save on is trash


So is eating meat


Something is awry IMHO. I am in the Ottawa area currently and nothing is remotely that expensive here. Last week extra lean ground beef was $3.99lb. Looking at the flyers this week I saw at Zehrs - part of Loblaw chain, lean ground beef is $3.49, whole chicken is $1.99 and pork chops are $1.99 per lb. At Longos: Maple Leaf Prime Chicken breasts (their no anti-biotics brand) are $6.99/lb and Triple A Rib steaks aged 21 days are $17/lb ($37.50kg). This is just some examples from the first few flyers I glanced at. I bought a whole tenderloin that I cut up into steaks 3 weeks ago when it was on sale for 10.99/pnd. Both Metro and one other chain (I think it was Walmart but not certain) have had it at that price in the last month. They hope for someone to come along wearing their "stupid hat" and purchase and if the store does not get that lucky then they pull it for reprocessing into a "store made" item.




No one going to comment about this being tenderloin and not top sirloin?


This. Dude(ette) selected a premium cut and expected it to be 10$/kilo.


$3.19 for a 284ml can of Cambell’s vegetarian vegetable soup. $4.89 for Habitant pea soup. $6.79 for a loaf of “peasant bread”. $8.79 for 454g of butter $9.79 for a 600g bag of chips


Ok, yeah, food is getting super expensive. Doesn't negate the fact you're complaining about premium meat costing a premium.


>$8.79 for 454g of butter Maybe if you get Fraser Valley creamery butter from Thrifties at full price. A pound of typical butter is about $6.50 at most grocers here.


That's still fucked.


The $9 butter is Lactantia brand. But you’re right, ordinary people shouldn’t be able to afford to eat well… Can your imagine a janitor or a construction worker being able to afford milk and cheese and eggs to feed their children? The working poor should learn to live off of beans and rice.


I get your point, but does "eating well" really translate into paying 35% more for divided sticks of butter from Quebec instead of butter from BC?


I'm not criticizing your message at all. I despise wage slavery. I think we should all be advocating for anti-class-disparity legislation; realistic proposals to implement in the short term should include a basic income, a wealth tax, and socialized housing.


>Can your imagine a janitor or a construction worker being able to afford milk and cheese and eggs to feed their children? Yeah I can. They are usually pretty good paying jobs.


$1/pop for Campbell soup on sale (once every month, roughly), $3 for bread, $4 for butter, $4 for a bag of chips. No idea for the other items, but this is from my most recent grocery trips. I'm not in BC, but I'm in a big Canadian city. So I don't know where you're shopping, or if BC is different from other places, but this sounds a bit "made for outrage". Basing my opinion on your use of *the* most premium cut (AAA, grain fed, tenderloin) for your example too btw lol We're all in this together, we're all paying more for food, but there's no point in portraying the situation as worse than it is. And if these are the prices you *actually* pay, you should either shop around and quick, or move, because BC sounds rough.


https://www.saveonfoods.com/sm/pickup/rsid/1982/circular Interesting - prices in the flyer look pretty good


How’d you go from buying tenderloin to comparing it with soup? You want a better example of inflation that the everyman will actually relate with? 12 pack of diet pepsi is now 7 dollars when it was once 5. Pack of pilsner lunch meat is now 10 fucking dollars when it was 5.99 3 years ago. Try eating that instead of steak?


This is also on the island. It's similar to how food in the north is stupidly expensive too. The transport costs to get it there are added in (likely at 5x too)


A tenderized minute steak was close to 30$ in Saskatoon not long ago.


If workers would just accept "reasonable" wages, bad conditions, and an awful work/life balance, prices wouldn't be this high. At least that's what Tiff Macklem is telling me.


Beef is so far off my radar at this point. Not worth it.


Jimmy Pattison didn't become a billionaire by accident! 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yes, the same people who got caught red handed fixing the price of bread are also fixing the price of beef. https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2021/06/14/Grocery-Giants-Discussed-Fixing-More-Than-Bread-Prices-Documents/


Good. It's carbon cost is finally getting included in the price.


Red meat!? Are you a banker, aristocrat or perhaps a politician of some kind?


Just another good reason to ditch the meat. And it's at that price with all the insane subsidies meat needs to survive.


"SaveOnFoods" Ok


SaveOn is getting pretty bougie for a non-premium grocer. Two 12oz ribeyes cost me $64 the other week.


They’ve always been expensive.


Yes of course, but I would expect closer to $50 for them.


Oh yeah for the meat for sure, I was blanket stating that Save-On is expensive.


More like SpendAShitTonOnFoods Amiright?


Save on is not good. If you have a local grocer that sells produce it’s always better to go there imo


We need to deal with the big corporations profiting off of this.


Or maybe you can be humane and eat plant based protein.


Orr maybe just maybe BOTH can be done. Corporate greed and profit incentives is causing people to starve, outside of any ethical reasons to not eat meat, it's just plain inefficient, animal agriculture is extremely resource intensive and much of it's product is not that good due to rapid growth. Greed and profit over people needs adressing, and society needs to shift away from animal agriculture, whether its substituting meat with plant based or lab grown, as ultimately both will be quite a lot more efficient and far more ethical.


My dad has this method when he goes to the store, all fruit and veggies are "4011"... bananas. He gets like $40 of fruit and veggies for like $10. I do the same thing with parmesan cheese. I buy it from the bulk section and code it in as pancake mix since they look similar but one is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.


Ah yes, a very effective cost reduction technique, sometimes known as "theft"


Yes, which is commonly found to be an effective counter to a different form of theft, called profiteering.


I’m still paying…. Just not accurately


No biggie, just user error. Cost of operations the company accepts while switching to self service.


I don't give a damn about petty theft to feed oneself or to fuck over billion dollar corporations, but don't try to sugarcoat it.


Justify it however you want, still theft. It's sort of a sign of the times that people feeling they have to resort to theft to put food on the table, but theft is theft.


No, it's a super clever trick to get back at the bastards who provide you with your food. How dare they make record profits of 1% - why can't they be happy with 0.5 like a normal grocery chain!


Defending increasing profit margins on essential goods, yikes.


The problem is you're harming the grocery store, which if it's independently owned is literally a 2-3% Net profit. For comparison, my business is almost 30% net profit. If you're doing it to Loblaws? Yeah go for it. Rob that rich fucker blind for all i care. But I have a friend with a grocery store and he makes about 50k salary and another like 10k dividends a year from his multi-million dollar a year grocery business. Please, don't steal from small businesses.


Most Loblaws locations are franchises, so there is an owner who is not the company - they benefit from the name, unique food lines, bulk pricing, etc. The result is that my Loblaws affiliate - which is owned by a very nice guy whose whole family is working there - is by far the cheapest place to buy groceries in town. Speaking to the parent company, Loblaws netted $556M in the third quarter out of revenues of $17.4B - that's a whopping profit margin of 3.1 per cent, which is pretty much a record. That's actually terrible and makes it clear that gouging isn't really the issue affecting food prices.


Excellent news!


That price hike isn't going to cattle farmers...


Yet another reason to 1.Not help Jim Pattison buy another yacht and 2.Eat less meat.


Of all the ways to highlight the rising cost of food, you choose one of the most expensive cuts of MEAT? Meat, an extremely inefficient food source due to how much land and time it needs per unit of energy in comparison to crops, and then out of the most expensive non-niche section of food, you then choose one of the most expensive cuts to demonstrate that rising costs are fucking consumers. This is like saying "it's hard to afford clothes" and to illustrate that point you use supreme or Gucci. Yes food is getting more expensive, it's due to a variety of factors that essentially boil down to profit over people, but expensive high quality cuts of steak, that's always been out of reach of the average person.


Wealth disparity is near or possibly worse than right before the French Revolution. Not that I’m suggesting a violent overthrow of busted capitalism. Just… floating the idea.


Don't buy it. Problem solved


Vegans nod in agreement.


So don't buy it. Nobody died from not eating steak, quite the contrary. We've cut way back on our meat consumption, eating more plant based sources of protein. Tofu is relatively cheap. I treat myself to a tiny tenderloin steak maybe twice a year and I'm good. Plus, Save-On is a rip-off at the best of times. There's a reason Jimmy Pattison is a multi-billionaire.


Absolutely. Tofu, peanut butter/flour, lentils, beans, tempeh, mock meats, hemp seeds... there are so many. I have a can of soya chaap marinating right now to make burrito bowls. It's $4.27 at Walmart for \~170 g of protein. It's amazing what is available for plant-based protein now.




Save-on sucks if you aren’t bargain hunting on flyers. I do most my shopping there out of convenience but I have to stick to the flyer otherwise I’d go broke…er. I find Thrifty’s to be even worse though.


I dont understand. Do they not have cows in vic? Or do they import everything from the motherland?


I used to live in Victoria. The cost of living there is outrageous. Everything costs more because they have to stick it on a ferry to get there. We were amazed when we moved to the GTA how much cheaper food was. It's madness.


Isn't food has always been expensive in BC?


No wonder they’re burning down the rainforest to raise beef…


Good thing I’m vegan lol


Are you capable of going a day without saying "I'm vegan" though? I feel like thats a big trade off.


In a discussion around the costs of an expensive cut of meat, talking about veganism makes white a lot of sense, sorta like talking about saving money on riding fuel costs by not driving a truck.


Honestly this is what beef should cost when you consider the environmental impact. I love steak like most people but I eat beef rarely now simply because it is really fucking bad for the environment. If I do eat beef, it's going to be from a small local farm and I'm glad to pay for it. If you think things are pricey now, just wait until we REALLY start seeing the impacts of climate change. The fires/floods/storms we've seen in the last few years are just the start.


Meat for the rich... Just pull yourself up by your butcher twine.


Not for the rich. Beef shouldn't be an every day food for a variety of reasons.


\*laughs in meat sweats\*


Are we sure that isn’t a typo? Because it also says that’s 157g and that seems wrong? Or I’m just very bad at guesstimating weights.


Tenderloins are puny and relatively light.


Good, stop eating animals, it’s not financially sustainable. Imagine trying to buy any of this without public taxes subsidizing the industry. Fucking mental.


I haven’t worked in a butchershop in about 9 years, but given the specific type of steak you’re showing us, this isn’t even expensive. It’s actually a decent price. When I *left* the butchershop *nine* years ago, tenderloin was going for around $78/kg. To only go up $7 in almost 10 years for a high end beef product is actually quite amazing.


Get in touch with your local beef farmer folks. Cut out that middle man.


Cut out as much beef as possible it's also a really inefficient middle man.


Considering the carbon cost of beef, maybe it does cost $85/kg?


Good it should go higher. People have no right to eat sentient creatures.


good, hope prices rise till no one can afford to buy meat.


Considering it’s the body of a murdered animal, I’d say that’s not enough




Good, learn to eat other things that don't require infinitely slaughtering animals


$3.19 for a 284ml can of Cambell’s vegetarian vegetable soup. $4.89 for Habitant pea soup. $6.79 for a loaf of “peasant bread”. $8.79 for 454g of butter (not sure if you need this stuff to be vegan) $9.79 for a 600g bag of chips. I guess chips are a luxury and ordinary people don’t deserve to be able to afford a bag, right? I’m he point is that groceries are getting to be prohibitively expensive but I’m sure that people like you can come up with all kinds of reasons why people don’t deserve to be able to afford to eat.


Comparing an ingredient to a prepared meal is a bad comparison.


I mean $3 for a can of soup is way cheaper and healthier than a steak and doesn't involve raising and killing an animal.


Are the grocery stores throwing out more meat? People must be buying less meat at these prices. I know I am.


It feels like they're starting to punish you for buying in bulk now, like I used to buy a roast and cut that up for my meat for a week and it cost 20-30$ for a decent kg or 2. Now they go for mor like 50$ and at that point I just buy 50 bucks worth of pre packaged and cut meat like the stir fry packs or smaller steaks because it goes further


mmm expired angus




Nah beans are way better and more ethical than what the poor cattle go through




I hate to be that guy, because stealing from grocery chains is always morally correct, but subreddits have been shut down by the admins because of users instructing people how to do so. So... you gotta not do that on here unfortunately.


Sweet, steak is on sale!!


I once bought a cut of Waygu that size at my local Loblaws/Superstore that was $30, which is something like $190/kg. And I’d do it again. It was that good. [edit] Overestimated. [It was only $130/kg. 2014.](https://imgur.com/a/MM9StFV)


just sticker swap? fuck giant grocery stores




All while meat from Barryman Farms hasn't seen an increase. Just get meat from local butchers because grocery stores are scamming Canadians