What Undead Nightmare 2 could have looked like (both for online and story)

What Undead Nightmare 2 could have looked like (both for online and story)


Monster hunting would be so much better than zombies. Although zombies would be easier so handy as well. It's kind of a problem with RDO/GTAO that they are a *somewhat* low fantasy setting. You have aliens, you have ghosts, but you don't really have enough there that you could go all Weird West and have the players set up as full time supernatural creature hunters. Although it would be spectacular if they did. With a few tricks of lighting and whatnot you could turn huge swathes of the map into positively terrifying locations for legendary bounty style monster hunts.


This is why most of us would want Undead Nightmare 2. Undead Nightmare basically was a whole new Red Dead Redemption 1 campaign but based around zombies and supernatural stuff. Just imagine Undead Nightmare 2 as a different launcher for RDR2, that would have a fantasy/horror campaign, and in multiplayer you could choose whether to go to normal online or undead online, in which you could maybe preserve some people making a somewhat normal living and some normal missions while at the same time having creatures roaming in the wild and also supernatural missions like tracking vampires, hunting witches and monsters... I reckon it'd be awesome to play such things coop with friends, for example a mission where the Saint Denis population is terrified by an enormous wolf roaming the streets, there are dead bodies around the streets, streets are smeared with blood, you can see and hear some people scared and running to get to their homes, and your job is to track and take down the creature. God that would be awesome, now I wish I hadn't thought that deep into it because Rockstar won't go so far.


I would love undead nightmare 2 in online. But now imagine Arthur or John reacting to the horror, man that would be so fucking awesome.


Both is the ideal.


*ghostly* Lenny!


about saint denis, if keep your hears open you can hear some npc talking about the fact that apperently there is a vampire in saint denis, with the halloween update they could make this true, they never will, but they could


There is one in campaign at least


yeah, at least singleplayer is great


It is true, it's there on the story mode and it gives you a special knife iirc. Still, like I said, a mode dedicated to that kind of stuff would be so cool, especially on coop with friends.


They could give us silver bullets and melee, different tonics for defense against certain creatures, and give us monster hunting drip. The end tier BH role outfit is a good example of Van Helsing vibes. It could be *so great*. It just… won’t happen.


With gta your idea just made me think of supernatural. Lol


Shout out to Weird West. Not a bad game


“You eat babies”


We eat berries! And mushrooms, you fool!


The other other white meat


I LOVE this. This is amazing. Ty for the post


This guy has gave me more than R\* has in 3 years...


This would be cool maybe as a legendary bounty or something. It would be too much wishful thinking to expect r* to put them into free roam lol


A supernaturalist update would be a good extension for the naturalist role 😅


I'd expect to see a lot of people cosplaying the Winchesters if you could be a supernaturalist 🤣


“Dean?!” “Sam-AY!!”


Yeah but i hate harriet so ill never get to do it


Yeah, would be a good thing for gus to provide us.


I agree but for a different reason. I hate to bring it up but when I used to play fortnite and they added zombies all around the map it was horrible because I couldn’t go about my business without being attacked by some. Imagine how terrifying this would be in free roam while your just trying to mess around with friends, collect collectibles or deliver trader goods or moonshine. It would be an amazing legendary bounty or naturalist update though. Imagine walking away from gus wearing a garment set of one of these creatures.


That’s why it would only be a a couple weeks long event.


Thanks for this... The concept looks great but they're far too lazy to put this stuff in the game


Oh I know they are. I really did a thanos moment when I made this and I was like *fine, I’ll do this myself*


They're not lazy, they don't support the game because there aren't nearly as many players as GTAO.. Because they don't support the game. Perfectly reasonable


The skin crawler could be used for random encounters like the one where you get ambushed, but instead of a person and their posse jumping you they turn into their monster form and rip you in half or something.


ahhh if only gta online didn't exist


I mean if it didn’t RDR2 would probably be a barrel of shit in comparison to how it is now.




Dont agree GTAO money is the reason R games are going to get amazing levels in quality. They always were the best but I think the power of GTAO money will make GTA6 godlike


GTAO is a necessary evil for further great (story) Masterpieces




bad mindset


Explain ? Its not a mindset if its true lol where do you think all that GTAO money will go ?


in the pockets of the ceos. like it always does.


Yeah dude always ... Games are made free.


yeah I see what you're saying as long as we get gta 6 the next three years


Even if its longer than that money will be there GTAO still makes great cash ! Though I think there is no way they arent working on GTA6 after RDR2


Agreed. Seed money for the armies of developers it takes to make these games (which regardless of online are both masterpieces) and also incentivizes Take2/Rockstar to keep pushing the games


Well if GTA itself didn't exist i wouldn't know wich Wild West World we would be discussing about lel. Im kinda too old for the GTA Online Stuff (legit over a thousand hours in GTA IV, just cruising around lol). We had our own thing that was called the glitches bitches. I took the helicopter put us on any high house and then we had to ragdoll glitch us down. If you landed a certain way or angle you survived big falls. Nobody did that, NOBODY we were the king of the glitches bitches, still over 10 years later, we are the Glitches Bitches. (Obviously a few stunt videos came close to the glitches bitches theory (big falls no or minimal dmg, but they were different)). Stands forever man. Full speeded energy drink 15y olds, we were unstopable lol. Sorry for that nonsense text, no idea were i went there but tl:dr= We have RDO because of the good GTA Days, and we wont... actually Rockstar wtf man please stop you are hurting me with this doing nothing stuff. Not sure what cool things are in pipeline but it cant be the new reality that we get no dlc, and close to no content, the game is old aready man ffs. I still enjoy RDO every week, but man so many possibilities. Looks like this is ranting once you start going old. Real tl:dr= It hurts.


thanks for sharing your glory days and I 100% agree that there are so many possibilities but none of them happen


-shudder- anything but the Jackalope...


I LOVE how Sasquatch is universally recognized because of that one silly “who me?” Pose walking. I love it


Too good for the today R*.


I want a mothman coat now


Tracking vampires through the streets and alleys of Saint Denis would honestly be cool as hell.


That fifth one doesn’t eat babies, they eat herbs and berries!


I'm surprised that you didn't include draugr near Annesburg due to sll the viking stuff in the area.


Add Skincrawlers and Wendigos for ultimate Pants shitting


Incendiary ammo aquired!


These look dope. Some should only be reached if you climb certain tricky mountains (and some can only be killed with new types of plant oil infused arrows etc)


Hunting cryptids is what naturalist could have been


I think it would be cool also if it turns out the post guy at van horn was actually a friendly vampire that were able to give you these kinds of missions to hunt them down.


Seeing a wendigo or skinwalker a at night in the swamp would give me a heart attack


Bruh I was treasure hunting in blackbone forest during the night and fuck the ambiet sounds are freaky asf


this makes me wish for a game where we hunt folklore monsters like werewolves and shit


The hunt: Showdown


Agreed 👍🏻


Bravo! Looks great bud


With all those ufo references in the main story I thought a cowboy and aliens story would've been a cool idea


This is brilliant concept! If only man, if only...


If only Rockstar would actually do this. Looks amazing.


Be awesome to have a wendigo in tall trees or in the mountains and have the skin Walker near the native reserve


Just give me Arthur killing zombies for 10 hours story line god dammit.


Number 18 was Nessie on holiday, it wasn't as quiet as she thought it would be.


Lol I think the bayou in and around saint denis is creepy enough at night without having a skunk ape roaming around.


The photo for "the walker" is one of the wendigos from until dawn lol, still a really cool idea though


Supernatural bounty hunter


A permanent Undead Nightmare lobby with Monster Hunting + Ambient Zombies is what we need.


I would love a mode where you deal with supernatural beings. You can also somewhat become one and they have benefits but also weaknesses. Vampires: Drinking blood will replenish your stamina, and you’re stronger and faster than normal. Careful of hunters. After a home ownership expansion you can buy coffins to sleep in Werewolf: Based on Loup Garou you are a stronger version of the vampire but EVERY policeman will actively hunt you and the hunters are even more after you. You transform on full moon. Becomes a horror game.


Vampires vs Werewolfs, a timeless classic and not overused


Wait! I got other ideas! Hunt down escapees from Hell for "The Stranger" and bring them in like bounties. Capture living people who sold there soul and their time is up. Horde mode with a twist! Survive an army of zombies and ghouls from demented swamp witch with the power of Voodoo! Zombies are quick but ghouls carry guns and shoot inaccurately while slowly walking to you. Complete the "Heist to Hell" Rob the mysterious "black train of hell" and save a fallen angel! Loot gold, valuables, cash, and treasures from the train before it reaches it's final fiery destination! But beware, those tickets masters are going to punch your ticket if you careful! What do you guys think?


Technically wolfman wouldn't be undead.


Sasquatch, the Chupacabra, and the Jackalope aren’t undead either and they were all in undead nightmare


It was so long ago... I remember the Chupacabra mission. I'm not saying wolfman is a bad idea.


Why the fuck did you use a picture of a actual Wendigo and call it a crawler ? That is literally how the Wendigo has been described for thousands of years not that weak ass zombie elk you said was a wendigo


Dude… I said it was a STYLIZED WENDIGO in the captions… my god can you read?


Didn't you already post this once this week? or are you reposting someone elses idea? ​ I'm sure I've seen this as i thought it was an outstanding idea.


I did, but I tried crossposting to this one and just decided to repost it with more detailed captions.


What happened to rockstar :(. They used to make the best singleplayer games of all time and make great DLC. Too greedy with GTAO to give a damn about RDR2 and scrapped all DLC plans for the game smh. The first red dead was amazing and undead nightmare 2 was practically a great game on its own. It’s a shame how far rockstar has fallen


Some of these absolutely should never go in the game. The Wetiko and the Skinwalker are big deals in Algonquin and Navajo Cultures. To the point that there are Algonquin who to this very day will not break the taboo on Wetiko and the Navajo flat out will not talk about Skinwalkers with people who are not Navajo. These spirits and beliefs are really big deals to the cultures they originate from and should not be treated lightly. And Rockstar has not had a good track record with indigenous representatives. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is better than the first it still has problems.


I’m native myself, 80% Native American actually. I have no problem with having those cryptids in the game as long as they’re stylized. There’s nothing wrong with it, and they would make an amazing addition to undead nightmare


Pretty cool that someone can go, find the beast and make guesses what does this beast weight and what it's height. 😁


This is dope but Rockstar is never gonna put this much effort into their game.


Would be awesome! Branch breaks in the woods. “That’s a Sasquatch!” Matt moneymaker voice. I’ll make my character look like Bobo. Jackelope mission all day!


Imagine the mission about hunting the lake monster. I like to imagine that Undead Nightmare 2 would keep the gang together (Maybe even have Micah be the first zombie victim so we don't have to deal with him), so imagine Dutch being like "Arthur, son. We're going fishing!"


The chupacabra was only a thing in the 90s in Puerta Rick and then dumbasses in the states started killing dogs with mange because they thought it was the legend, even though the original was reptilian in nature


this would be awesome .. the hair on the back of my neck stood up just thinking about this


Random but imagine a wendigo that can be found in the grizzlies mountains during thunderstorms


This would have been awesome, they could have done each one like the Witcher Contracts in Witcher 3, such a missed opportunity.


How bout incorporate this Bigfoot = tall trees Dogman=cumberland forest Wendigo=colter ambarino are wapiti The rake=roanoke The vampire=saint denis like story mode Legendary monstrous catfish= new austin river Goatman=somewhere in lemoyne Slenderman=blackwater are armodilla Abominable snowman= ambarino mountains Jersey devil=roanoke are annesburg Mothman=grizzlies east Hell hounds = heartlands Chupacabra= new austin Thunderbirds= wapiti are near wapiti Kondahar giant=mount hagan Mapinguari=roanoke valley Megalodon =sinking boats crossing carrying prisoners to the prison island on the big river by saint denis an terrorizing boats trying to dock in saint denis Are we can get honey flavored discounted beans


In order to hunt the Monster of Flat Iron Lake, it should cost 3.5 gold to activate via a note in your bag, and Monster bait, to lure it out of the water should cost $3.50. Payout for capture alive is 7 gold, dead 3.5.


Imagine if your company is too big and bloated to add some funny halloween features wich would take 5 team members 2-3 months to prepare. Yeah imagine being thaaat BIG. Must be great hahah.


I would be most excited for wendigos, such weird insane stories coming from them.


This would have been so fucking awesome. One can only imagine how this would play out.


For some reason this makes me wonder what a Victorian Era R* game would look like with Van Helsing vampire hunter style shit. Come to think of it a medieval setting could be really interesting from R* if they fleshed out the hand to hand combat even more. Being a knight exploring the world on a Red Dead level horse sounds like a lot of fun.


These are fuckin cool.


Awesome post


I would like to see the mad scientist creating the Frankenstein creature near Van Horn actually bring it to life and you have to hunt it down.




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Good bot


”You eat babies”


This shit would be terrifying, I’d be shitting myself riding around in the middle of no where.


At this point I'd even take a Call to Arms variant but make it zombies.


Damnit, now i want all of this. Running for your life from the crawler in a series of caves would be nuts


While heavily unlikely this could still happen one day. Although it seems like they were leaving alien Easter eggs everywhere so it could be cowboys vs aliens.


Ah yes, the New role for online: Witcher


Goddamn that’s some effort mate!


This is amazing! Maybe we could get missions about these creatures from the dude in the Valentine saloon from story. That could be a cool backstory for him


This would of been great! Can we all agree that RDO as it is currently is all we're gonna get from Rockstar? An online game that only caters to new players.


Wendigos wouldn't be found in Ambarino; they'd be further North and East, outside of the game's playable state analogues.


Supernaturalist role would be cool as hell, hunting demons, werewolves, vampires,ghosts and closing gates of hell like in supernatural, this would be the perfect setting for it. The colt with the special bullets that can kill anything would fit right in.


I would’ve settled for more wolf-man sightings.


Would be cool if you kill them, you could skin them and make clothing items with it, not like the legendary garment sets because it would look silly to have Dracula’s head on your head lol


So much yes


Nah I would def love this


They could be legendary monsters to hunt down, like legendary animals!


I literally have a massive note on my phone about how I think a cryptid dlc should work. Like imagine a creepy ass npc that sells monster hunting tools (silver bullets, etc) and buys samples/parts. Maybe add the monsters to the naturalist animal log too. RDO would be perfect for monster hunting gameplay, I really hope they make something like it.


Man I would absolutely LOVE this.


I was thinking about this yesterday while I was in emerald ranch taking pictures, I came across the post apocalyptic filter and thought about how perfect places like Emerald Ranch could be for an undead nightmare. Annesburg and a looming threat from the hills could be awesome too, or St Denis and the attack of the swamp people or night folk. Every town in this game is just about perfect for an undead nightmare scenario


This would be amazing. Such a disappointing waste of potential.


Damn I’d love this, this is the sort of thing that I’d play for if it came out. But rockstar are kinda very boring...


This would honestly be awesome in that it gives me another reason to use my elephant gun and also make me feel like a monster hunter.


Having to hunt these and getting pelts and different clothes from it would be cool as fuck!


The werewolves would be amazing. As a kid, I saw The Howling and American Werewolf in London, and I've been a big fan of werewolf movies since. Very few have come close to those two, though. The werewolves stand out, for me, but the others are very well done, too.


This makes me sad. Thanks for that lol.


A Rougarou in RDR would make my whole life ;\_;


Better call Sam and Dean Lancaster.


As long as they put in a ‘67 Impala hardtop so I can live out my Supernatural hunting fantasies.


A gothic horror fantasy game from rockstar on the gta engine would be amazing. Carriages locomotives haunted houses and castles. Vampires hunters grave robbers mad scientists. It would be amazing.


This is perfect. At this point having an undead nightmare lobby with werewolves (as common as grizzly bears at night), vampires and more, Bounties for those folks instead of classic bounties ...


If there was a “undead nightmare dlc type” man that would be great, just imagine it, arthur not as man against zombies, but rather as a van helsing type, or with one against classic horror monsters, and modern urban myths.


What do you mean could have? Have they brought out info on undead nightmare 2?


I really think for Roanoke Ridge or the Bayou, the Boogyman should have an appearance.


**AHEM** "the mothman of WEST Virginia"


I think that that mutant creature in that shack would be a cool thing to hunt in undead nightmare.


Fighting a wendigo or a crawler in this game would be nuts. Really hope r* does that some day.


Jackalope: Extremely Fast DO NOT APPROACH!


I’m convinced the white stag is a reincarnated Arthur


I would love to see any of these!


Wendigos don’t look like that lol


So more of a Cyrptozoology Nightmare then, considering almost none of these are undead.


Sasquatch, the Chupacabra, and the Jackalope aren’t undead either… and they were in undead nightmare. Your point?


The original Undead Nightmare was zombie based. This isn't, and therefore calling it Undead Nightmare 2 is a misnomer. That's my point. Beside the sasquatch is a R* tradition and has been in many of their games.


Zombies have been overdone to death, I’m sure rockstar if they ever decided to make an Undead Nightmare 2 would make it much different than the First one. Sure they’re could still be zombies, but I feel taking this approach and adding supernatural creatures would be a more creative and entertaining choice. The Rougarou for example is a classic werewolf if you look into the folklore behind it. Also, there is still 5 Undead things in this hypothetical I made. (The Wendigo, Skinwalker, Crawler, the white stag, and the Vampire) I’m sure if Rockstar did decide to do Undead Nightmare 2 they won’t leave out the zombies, but I did because I know for a fact that they would be in there and including them in this hypothetical would have been a wasted slot.


Then that wouldnt be "Undead Nightmare"


Yes it would be. Lmaoooo, they’re still UNDEAD creatures in there, and zombies. Why the hell wouldn’t it be called undead nightmare 2? Cause zombies aren’t the main focus in this one? Lmao like I said they’ve been done to death and I’m sure rockstar would do something similar to what I did, especially since they added Bigfoot, The Jackalope, The Unicorn, and The Chupacabra to Undead Nightmare. Cryptids can be in it too, don’t know why you’d have a problem with that😂


Wendigo are evil spirits and skinwalkers are traditionally witches. So they aren't even undead either. I dunno what this dude is on about.


I don’t know what your on about lmao😂


You know Undead Nightmare had many more species other than undead s zombies right? They had a chupacabra, a unicorn, and the devil's goats While the original one had the jackalope, variety isn't something to complain of lol


they don't even give us the possibility to fight against wolves and bears like in the singleplayer.....but it's nice to dream