Sometimes I wonder if it's a circlejerk subreddit

Sometimes I wonder if it's a circlejerk subreddit


Okay, I'm just going to put this out there. I honestly think INTPs get labeled as egos by other types that don't understand where INTPs are coming from. We're all about facts. We just say it if it's true. So when we say "I'm intelligent" it's not a brag, so what if we are. We also blatantly state that we're lazy. You will rarely hear an INTP say, I am wonderful because I'm intelligent. You will also rarely see an INTP beat themselves up because they're lazy. Remember, we aren't feelers, we're tactical. So we really don't have opinions one way or another about the factual statement we make. Are we suppose to apologize for our intelligence? Are we suppose to make excuses for our laziness? I saw on this group someone made the statement that we brag about being lazy and being loners.They literally said we brag about our psychological problems. Are we suppose to apologize? It seems we can't discuss anything here without getting flack for discussing it, because we forgot to grovel about it. We have people all the time asking about relationships or how to be more productive. So yeah, we get it. We suck. Is that what you wanted to hear?


when you are so lazy, that it doesn't even matter whether you are intelligent or not...


Being lazy has its benefits tho. It can be a motivation to learn/adapt. When you learn to finish two-hour tasks in 30 mins, you will know hardship is overrated. Even shits are useful in farmlands. You just need to find the domain where you will shine.


Yes, but when you don’t even try to solve it, it makes me think you like the attention.


INTPs wanting attention ? Also who said we don't try to solve anything? You see comments here and assume the rest. What you see is our struggles, not our whole life. And isn't asking for help and advice a part of solving problems? People wouldn't be asking if they weren't trying.


Ok what’s your solution?


Yeah but I do see myself as more intelligent than others. Nobody is equal to me you’re either below me or on a pedestal.


Every subreddit is a circle jerk… That’s all humanity is - one giant anthropocentric circle jerk.


Inflated ego? Maybe it’s your first time. A huge chunk of this sub is crippling self-worth issues. And no wonder. Anytime a potential INTP is remotely cool, charismatic, likeable, or useful, people say, “must be ISTP, ENTP, INFP, INTJ.”


I agree 100% with the 2nd part. I never had much difficulty to talk properly to someone, and lately even learned to do the first step. But, since I learned how to interact, I can't stop being mistyped as ENTP.


there are a ton of self worth issues but they also come with the typical "I'm better than all the sociable, happy people out there because I'm smart and a loner"


I think it’s a defense mechanism and in most cases just a phase.


Oh, I think we're more self-aware about our cringe and the limitations of the MBTI than a lot of types. As others have said, we embrace the cringe. Like a cat, I just like having thoughts to play with.


This is true of some, and painfully untrue of others.


Hmmm, there are too many self-proclaimed Einsteins here, not sure how self-aware this makes us in general :p


No we don’t.




Definitely a circlejerk but the circlejerk of acknowledged cringe is not the most ego inflationary.


Idk sometimes it really doesn't feel like it


Feel like arguing?


Maybe a bit later, i've slept like 3 hours last night and really struggle to be coherent especially in English.


Because INTP’s are masters in circlejerk 😌


i mean, MBTI can be unreliable, but as far as i've seen it, the INTP part of it works pretty well.


Try r/intj


Oh yeah , you don’t know anything about a huge ego if you haven’t met an intj.


*heh*Ego fast.


it is


Because I ain’t need no more facts I need lies like other people do you know what I’m saying? This is intentional