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Wait didnt people shit on the textures in legends too?


Legends has textures from a xbox 360 game,while Violet has textures from the "Magnavox Odyssey"


You could crop out a small square of the top of the mountain of S/V, and it’d be hard to convince someone that it’s not a block of dirt straight outta minecraft


Some Minecraft textures have higher resolution than this shit


99% sure I've seen those textures in Ocarina of Time on the n64


Twilight princess had better textures than this wtf


I swear the dirt wall texture is the exact same as the one in Mario 64 on bobomb battlefield


Doom literally did textures better in 1995 or whenever that one came out. This is shameful


People gave it a pass because of a quick dev time and basically something new people were clamoring for


Its more than textures though. Its the terrain. Every surface in the game looks like a 12 year old made in their "look mom I can make games" phase. Yes textures are bland, badly colored, and look like were downloaded from a free texture pack, which makes the game look like a step back from the already shitty nintendo graphics everyone came to 'love'. Like holy fuck, I know graphics aren't important and all, but this looks like what a "first indie solo project" would look like, not what a multi-million dollar corporation would put out.


It's like they hired all those people who posted "ZOMG UNREAL OPEN WORLD POKEMON" tech demos to reddit


Looks like Nintendo finally hired that man


Now they need to fire Hans


Crunch is a terrible thing.


Yeah I “picked up a totally legal copy of arceus” recently and the entire time I was playing I kept thinking that the environments looked worse than Skyrim did on the ps3. I understand there’s a lot of nuance to game development and it’s probably not entirely game freaks decision, but Pokémon is the most profitable media franchise on the entire planet. The switch can only be blamed so much for shitty performance and visuals. There are games that look good and run decent on switch, hell sometimes even good. Not to mention the fact that even with these horrendous visuals the games regularly dip in frame rate because gamefreak cannot optimize a game for shit. This is all to say that the last two games they released are probably the best Pokémon games from a gameplay perspective in a long time. If they stuck to generations lasting years at a time instead of releasing a new on basically every year, then they could actually complete a full dev cycle on a game. It’s not a matter of money, gamefreak has enough. It’s a matter of giving developers enough time to actually make something they’re proud to put their names on. I enjoyed arceus, a lot, but I still think it was a compromised experience. To people who just have fun with the games and don’t see visuals or unpolished games as a negative (somehow), I ask you to please just imagine what a game with multiple years of dev time, a full dex, a stable frame rate, updated animation and models, and a world that actually looks good would play like. I guarantee if gamefreak were to release a genuinely good game again that the opinion on the last two releases will change drastically because it is no longer all they have.


I have been playing since red and blue and I think these are the best games since gen 4. It looks like ass and performance should be better but everything else is fantastic. Best it has been maybe ever.


The weirdest part is that it looks like ass in some ways, and incredible in others. The textures on all the pokemon are fantastic, every metallic object and pokemon gleams, the shimmering terra effects look great. Its really just the environment that looks terrible. The annoying part is the environment is really well designed, like its a cool map with a lot of winding caves and biomes but god they look dull.


Area 0 is gorgeous


I still do, but somehow they managed to go from early 360 to unity asset flip in less than a year.


Legends looked pretty bad but S/V is somehow even worse.


My partner is having a good time with it but we both agree the graphics are utter shit, and while I do not care about graphics in most cases, S/V looks worse than the the original xenoblade for the wii, its ridiculously bad for such a massive franchise. And its not just the raw graphical fidelity but also awful and dated environmental design, a really uninspired art direction and vast open spaces


to be frank, the original xenoblade already looked amazing


Yeah because it had inspired art direction and good environment design. S/V landscape looks like an asset flip sometimes.


There are shitty blank rock walls that look exactly like the right photo everywhere in Legends Arceus. I am losing my mind how fast Pokémon fans make a 180 when presented with the exact same content


Hell arceus was criticized when it came out for how lazy and shitty the graphics were there too! And they somehow went even lower!


Yes. Because they are shit. But SV are even worse.


SV is so bad it made Legends look great


you know this game's graphics are extra bad when Arceus is used for comparison 😂


Yeah, people shit on sword and shield too and now are suddenly praising it in comparison to scarlet and violet. Happens every time. New bad, old good.


Oh god. Is SV supposed to make SwSh look *good* in comparison? Yeah I might just have to pass lol


/uj I think that Scarlet and Violet are miles above sword and shield for myself personally. Being open world makes it really fun to explore and catch pokemon and it really mastered the ride pokemon concept in legends Arceus. I don't mind the graphics at all and I honestly think the towns are very nice. Basically everything about it other than graphics is great imo. The characters are likeable for once, the lore is interesting enough, and I genuinely am enjoying all three stories so far. It's also really nice being able to run around with your friends. I will say I haven't experienced any major glitches or performance issues so my opinion may be biased, but I also haven't heard any complaints among my friends. If you care about competitive Pokemon it is a downgrade as far as annoyance in acquiring an optimal team. I've seen a lot of negativity on GCJ and these complaints are entirely valid and maybe I'm biased but I would rank it as at least better than any mainline pokemon since gen 5 and if it continues at it's current rate it will be my personal favorite.


People on Reddit tend to be overly dramatic. SV's gameplay is infinitely better than SwSh's, the stories are much better written and have good characters with shockingly deep arcs for Pokémon instead of just one character having a good arc in an awful story and the overworld is far less barren than SwSh's. It's also *far* less linear. The biggest issue is that, because it had just three debuggers and apparently a truncated development time, it's one of the most broken Pokémon games since RGBY. At least, unlike those games, a lotta the bugs found aren't *entirely* game breaking. I saw someone compare it to a cake that, despite being delicious, was taken out of the oven 10 minutes early and frankly, that analogy works perfectly.


You shouldnt take these insane reddit rants at face value. People are disappointed I get it, but its not worse. SV is way better than sword shield in almost every dimension with some exceptions. Story, environment, pokemon (variety available and quality of new ones), gameplay, world, pacing, animations, characters, challenge, online gameplay, battle gimmick, and quality of life are all improved. Its entirely open world and you spend most of your time riding a pokemon, you dont have to but its faster than walking. Things that are the same are the quality of textures and models, though wild Pokémon behave more like arceus than swsh. Maybe the first 15 minutes have kinda slow pace before you can run, and get your vehicle Pokémon going. Things that are worse are performance, but very minor, and they removed set mode from the options menu. Even performance might be pretty similar or better since its been a while since I played swsh. Overall its a massive improvement.


Naw, these games are WAY more fun and have much more soul than Sword and Shield.


People shit on every single Pokémon game that comes out


the problem is that the best pokemon game in the last 10 years has been at best a mediocre game, with mediocre story, mediocre writing, shit graphic and full of unintresting gimmicks, graced by a really good core gameplay. The gameplay is fun but the games are utter garbage


>the problem is that the best pokemon game in the last 10 years has been at best a mediocre game Is black and white 2 really mediocre though?


You tried to speak the truth and got silenced with more memes, hate to see it lmao. At least this isn’t a comparison to LGPE, or gen 5 Pokémon games. When SwSh came out people sung praises for gen 5 and how much they missed it despite hating it when it dropped too. Thing that annoys me about Pokémon fans is they conveniently forget what they were last whining about when there is something new to whine about. All of a sudden the previous “worst thing Gamefreak has ever done” becomes amazing and the new stuff is the new bad stuff. Some of their comments get so dramatic too, someone recently was literally bitching about Set battle style being removed. They legitimately said it was the worst decision Gamefreak has ever made lmaooo. I’m upset these games are such poor quality too, but I’m tired of reading about how the most random shit is actually a “slap to the face”. “We had it so good guys, in this game that we all complained about daily for 6+ years. Don’t you miss it guys?”


they've shit on textures for every 3D Pokemon game. and Black/White.


Can’t believe they added pokemon to minecraft


pretty sure pixelmon looks better


Pixelmon does look better lmao


It is hilarious how Pixelmon, a fucking pokemon mod for Minecraft, is a better open world pokemon game than Pokemon S/V, lol.


Pretty sure that’s not Minecraft. That’s Super Mario 64


The biggest issues I’ve seen are mildly repetitive textures, very jerky LOD animations, and a couple crashes. The LOD animations are probably where most of the complaints come from, because they seem to be triggering in illogical places. Which makes the game look like absolute hot garbage, but you can also see the normal animations which look perfectly fine. A good example is in the classroom scene where the students are animated at 2-3 fps a second. Which is bad, but afterwards they perform similar animations that are fluid and look normal. It’s baffling that such jerky animations made it to release, as having jerky LOD animations happen when you have a good view of the model should never have made it past QA/QC.


The draw distance is awful too, things just pop into existence instead of smoothly fading in and out which makes it even more noticable. The whole game feels like it needed a couple more months in the oven, I really hope they will patch it soon.


From what I’ve heard the issue is game freak not knowing how to optimize a 3d game at all. Any time you’re in the open world, it loads the entire world as opposed to only what the player can see like most 3d open world games do nowadays. This results in higher load times, less resources being devoted to important processes like maintenance of a natural frame rate of medium-far objects, and an inability to make use of higher quality textures. The worst part of this is that they are fully financially capable of hiring another game developer to do that aspect of the world for them.


I think it needed a few years to be something truly awesome. You can't even walk into shops and other places anymore... what a joke


>past QA/QC I refuse to believe they even had that for S/V


they haven’t had it since the 3ds


Believe in the credits there are a whole 3 people on the debugging team, and I feel incredibly bad for them as they are likely the most overworked people in the country of Japan


It’s okay if Nintendo does it. It’s not a switch problem. It’s a stylistic choice Pick 3


Yeah it's not a switch problem most Nintendo first party games look like they tried


Guess it just means Pokemon has realized that they don't have to try. People still buy their shit.


Exactly. If they can sell 10 million copies when the game comes out like that then it's just proof that people will buy these games regardless of the quality. Pokemon is Sonic.


Can't wait for the switch 2 where game freak will make an ugly Pokémon game with worse than PS2 graphics but this time upscale to a soup like 4K


It's a stylistic choice! They were just going for that classic N64 launch title aesthetic!


It really isnt a switch problem tho game freak is just incompetent


It looks like it was made in age of mithology 2 editor


Yet we have games like botw or xenoblade. The bug/play testing and the graphics department could use some work. Tho the bug issue has been a thing since the launch of red and green in Japan… yeah global version is the bug fixed version.


/uj These games being almost a straight rip of BotW, which is only on switch and looks incredible comparatively, proves this is not a switch prorblems. It is definitely a stylistic choice, and the style Game Freak chose is most profit for least expenditure. It’s the one true style of capitalism


>BotW, which is only on switch watches as my wii u copy fades from existence


BOTW is also on the fucking Wii U and looks better there too


I also like giving BOTW a pass because it was made for WiiU/Launch on switch, but 5-6 years down the line and they give a game that looks far worse


The switch could move BoTW, Bayoneta 2 and 3, Doom Eternal, Xenoblade chronicles and mire, Game Freak just doesnt care because they dont need to.


it’s not a switch problem tho


Nintendo doesn't make the pokémon games tho, they just produce them. It gamefreak that makes them. Thats why there's such a huge gap in quality between poké.on and other Nintendo IPs


It looks like shit, but I still had a lot of fun.


Yes and I kiss my smoliv on the lips every day




Hahahahaha deadass tho the pokedex in this game has some great stars


oh the pokedex is easily the best its ever been


Yeah, but tell me: Which one has tinkaton?




I thought this was r/gamingcirclejerk. Did I somehow end up being subbed to r/gamecirclejerk at one point?


This is a straight up r/gaming post


Yeah it reeks of that horrid place


r/gaming posts be like


Yeah I’m pretty sure that unironic posts are against the rules


So their opinion are that if you can enjoy a thing with flaws you are shills apparently. Lmao such a gaemur mindset.




I can promise you the vast majority of these sale were for kids and they simply won't care.


While I agree that this game is deserving of the criticism it has been getting, I don’t like the argument that the flaws don’t really matter because a piece of media has been deemed “for kids”. Kids deserve good media as well and production companies shouldn’t be off the hook just because the target audience is under the age of 18.


> I don’t like the argument that the flaws don’t really matter because a piece of media has been deemed “for kids”. I think what they meant is "they won't care as much beforehand". They see Pokemon and they want to have it. I remember my Game Boy games collection consisting mostly of popular frachnise games, aside from the Nintendo titles. Hercules, The Jungle Book, the Smurfs etc and they were pretty bad but I played them anyway.


Honestly kids deserve the best media. Since by their nature they're a. Meant to be accessible to everyone. And b. Are meant to develop the tastes of our future generations.


I had some fucking great games as a kid


Bro my kid loves this game. It’s not that they don’t deserve good media. For kids this *is* good Media. It’s disingenuous to assume that the standards for “good media” are the same for vastly different demographics


Exactly. You know how the movies you watch nowadays look just as new as the movies you watched as kids (in your memory)? But then when you go back and watch them, you see how much they've aged? I doubt kids even notice half the things that bother us


I thought Ocarina of Time had great music until I played it recently on an emulator and the stupid music just plays loudly and in a constant loop until it's stuck in your head. Kids perceive media very differently from us that's for sure.


Kids are getting good media, S/V are the best Pokemon has been in over a decade. It looks poor, and has technical issues, but the gameplay loop is the best it’s been.


I actually very much doubt that the vast majority of week one sales were kids. I think you're underselling just how many 20 to 30 something people who've been playing Pokemon since their childhood, still play these games. This website alone has a Pokemon subreddit that has over 4 million members after all and while I'm sure not all of those are grown adults I also doubt that a lot of them are actual prepubescent children and the moment you get to teenagers I think the argument of "they're too young to care" goes out the window. Also, at least in my childhood I wouldn't just be gifted new games on release, those things were tied to birthdays or christmas. So I would say that more the sales over the next weeks leading up to christmas will be for children and not the week one sales.


/uj Honestly? No. Kids these days don't play Pokemon as much anymore... Funnily enough they still collect the trading cards - but they don't play the actual videogames all that much anymore. Hell, ton of kids that collect the cards don't even own a switch anymore. And as people pointed out, for actual kids or young teenagers, they'll get games like that for christmas or they birthday, not day 1. I really doubt that the majority of sales is actually children, even though the game is technically aimed at children.


The fact is there's no way to know what the sales demographics are for sure. This is a 20 year old franchise and has been massively popular it's entire life. There are absolutely lots of older folks who grew up on it and are still playing today, or hell, are introducing their own kids to it. So I think it's pretty unlikely that the overwhelming majority of people buying it are kids, but who knows.


I worked at a GameStop and it was still mostly kids buying them.


I mean, I work at an Elementary school, so I fairly certain woth my assessment, but it's still only one elementary school.


Do we need /r/gamingcirclejerkcirclejerk now?


Or rename this one to r/gaming2


The game is fuck ugly and runs like an N64 game, yes, but I have yet to see anything in the game as awful that screenshot on the right. Like even though the reality is still not good and players deserve better, this is a pretty hyperbolic comparison.


Insufferably bad content this past few days smh


dont let the fact that Pokemon Violet/Scarlet sold 10 million in 3 days distract you from the fact that both games have aged like shit and they really need a full price remake already.


Do people even remember Pokemon legends Arceus?


I like it but I keep forgetting that it came out this year. If feels like an eternity ago.


Uj/ Nintendo/Pokémon Co. did Legends so dirty and it still irks me. Sure the game was very low-effort graphically speaking, but I will maintain that apart from that Legends was really good. A desperately needed shakeup of the stale formula; and nice callback to Gen 4 that wasn’t just a remake as is the series norm. It did have a few major faults though (lack of any online functionality, low replay-value, and a desperate need for trainer battles), and those could’ve easily been ironed out with some future updates/DLC. But nah, they just decided to announce Scarlet and Violet like a month after and effectively declare that Legends was dead on arrival. TLDR: I am unwaveringly nostalgia blind towards Gen 4 and Nintendo destroyed my comfort zone 😡


that game also needs a remake.


??? They are better games all the past games going back to gen 5


A friendly reminder that r/gaming is that way


That's what happens when you push your devs to release a new game in 10 months


The game started development right after sw/sh released


So three years to develop a fully open world monster collection and battling game? Yeah, I’m not surprised it looks like this


Yeah but not really? they worked on legends Arceus and also swsh dlc in those 3 years, it might have started development in 2019, but it's not like the game was fully being focused on until earlier this year.


Zamn 💀


Legends Arceus isn’t perfect, but it’s such a breath of fresh air and a bold template for future games.


Thanks for the reminder, gonna go enjoy the games now lol


This^ gameplay outweighs the graphics by a lot


Yep. Game is 100% janky looking. Most fun I’ve had with a Pokémon game in 10 years


I’ve played every generation and even replayed games but playing violet made me remember that a lot of the games (XY and up) have been missing the sense of adventure like I’ve replayed w2 a few times but only recently did I find out u can get the Regis. I missed that and while I haven’t gotten to the legendaries Ik regular Pokémon give me that feeling so it’s always really fun to c “Wuts over the mountain”. Also sry if I rambled a little I just really really like this game


Nah 100% agree. It’s definitely a feeling of wanting to explore more and see new places. Old Pokémon games had gotten stale with the simple routes etc


Yep. My thing was wen they went 3d everything was so linear. Xy and ss show it the worst. There was almost no other way but forward to go. SM did only slightly less worse then the other two but that’s because there were more legendaries. I’m also not including ss dlc that was basically just the beta version of SV which I liked tbh.


All the people whose opinions I actually care about seem to like it a lot.


The traversal mechanics in the open world are great


They r!… if I did t have ocd and constantly worry about a shiny missed…


Yeah the graphics kinda suck but I'm having fun with it


People would have ate their own parents if Pokémon red came out today


Holy shit, get new material.


Almost looks as good as Elden ring


Let's be real though, nobody's buying a Pokemon game for its graphics, they're buying it to catch and play with the monsters. The game could be the most beautiful, graphically revolutionary game on the planet and it would barely effect sales numbers


/uj I've heard almost nothing but praise on the gameplay part so clearly people are willing to overlook the graphics


As someone who's been playing it a bunch I can attest that it's a fantastically fun single player experience, if you can stomach the technical downfalls. In fact, the good stuff is so good that's its jarring when put beside its worse aspects. Whenever I see screenshots like this or the ugly textures in game I legit forget that it's from the same game with probably one of the most hype storylines and endings to a Pokemon game i've ever seen. There's a weird subconscious disconnect that I don't think i've experienced in any other game.


/uj I played a bit of Arceus and it cemented itself as my new favorite pokemon game just within the first area, and that was with a "Switch with a 3060 taped to it" so maybe I got the authentic experience, S/V might be worth a look one day


I gotta agree, that ending was surprisingly good especially for a Pokémon game.


Based Pokémon Fandom understanding that gameplay is more important than graphics


I wouldn't necesarily discount the importance of graphics in a video game as, depending on the game, they add to the overall immersion and experience. Persona 5 for example wouldn't be half the game it is without the attention to detail in its art style and graphical design. Scarlet and Violet as well would be much better games if they looked nicer and had stronger art direction. Graphics are not the most important thing, but they still matter.


I don't fucking care


It's like slow news week here as this shit is being posted CONSTANTLY since S/V launch and it's always the same lazy recycled memes from last February's Scarlet/Violet announcment "gRaPhIcS bAd" shit. Usually we get some Don Cheadle or something when there isn't much else to talk about. Perhaps it's a really well executed brigade by our sworn true gamer enemies.


People are convinced they're engaging in some grand crusade that will take down the evil Nintendo


People making fun of the game hadn’t even played it. The game might not look like GoW but the gameplay and story outweigh all the negatives IMO


That's my perspective. I don't disagree with the complaints about how the game runs - it has some significant issues - or the idea we'd be dunking on GameFreak and the Pokemon Compnay here about it. However, the majority of the posts aren't adding anything clever beyond the graphics memes or yeah just making assumptions and generalizations about it being a garbage game. That hasn't been my experience, I've really enjoyed what I have played so far.


I’ll accept it I love the gameplay and design of Pokémon, they could put out diarrhea and I’ll still enjoy it


No one plays Pokémon for the textures. As long as the world is fun to explore, the gameplay is good, and the story is decent i don’t care.


Same I can get the frustration but like this is like talking about COD fans. They don’t play it for innovation and change we play it cause the gameplay is solid if I can catch battle and train Pokémon to work my way towards being the best imma play Pokémon. It’s really simple I mostly play newer ones to see the new regions and the few new pokemon


you'll also notice none of these comparisons touch on the 400+ really good looking pokemon models. The scope of a pokemon game's visuals is always staggering and means it is impossible for them to look truly good


And I’m having a blast playing them


I'm tempted to buy it and I don't even play pokemans. I just want to anger you guys that much more.


Gee, maybe its possible people like the game. For its... gameplay or something.


wait is that an actual SV screenshot?


/uj not really. There's like 2 walls that look *that* repetitive. Most of them look fine. /rj lmao you should see the tree textures


Yeah, people don't really buy Pokemon games for the graphics, so that's not really shocking. These things could still look like the little pixel Gameboy games and would still sell like crazy


Graphics could be better and the bug fixing could be better but outside of that this has got to be the most fun I’ve had in a Pokémon game in a while at least in this fashion. I mean I’ve played every gen but this touches a lot of things that disappeared in past games like remember in black and white ur exploring a cave and all of the sudden u c a deformed icy monster with no prior context as to what, who, or why this is u just know that it wants to kill u and u want to store in a box for eternity. Well that sense of exploration is back except not only r the legendaries something u can just come across (or at least the events needed to trigger it I haven’t gotten to that part of the game yet tbh lol) u also come across Pokémon u have been trying to find and in some cases placed in areas executing them like “yeah u should catch this”. The sense of exploration that was missing from x/y, s/m, and s/s is back to me at least.


Pokémon have always had crappy graphics compared to their contemporary games. Only now you've noticed?


We need r/gamingcirclejerkcirclejerk These pokemon posts are getting out of hand.


Because scarlet and violet are extremely fun to play. The terrain looks like shit and the game runs terribly docked. But the pokemon look good, and the game is fun.


True and I love both games. Scarlet is the most fun I've had in a mainline game since B/W


It really has alot of performance flaws and graphical dissapointments... plus there are alot of things they should have carries over from Legends that for some reason they did not... but I am also really enjoying playing despite its flaws as the gameplay is fantastic and I am enjoying the world.. \*runs and hides\*


I mean I don’t regret buying it. It runs poorly and doesn’t look great but it’s fun. I hate that I support GF making it like this but I also don’t regret buying a game I’m enjoying and sinking plenty of hours into.


Friendly reminder that all Pokémon fans are masochists. That franchise has been shit for a long while now.


20 years later: Guys…. I’m beginning to think they’re selling us the same game…


As someone that does half assed lazy 3d work, this is inspiring.


some comments: “dont care about graphics game good” we aint ever getting out of this hell 💀


"That texture repeat is really obvious, lazy dev" - Sosig H3VR


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I haven't tried it but it looks fun and I love the idea of joining another player's world - THERE I SAID IT OK?!


Damn that's crazy. Still putting 50+ hours into it tho


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Is this circlejerk


I see so many people shitting on the graphics, and that's fine, but I haven't heard anyone actually saying if the games are actually **fun** or not. That's all I care about.


Most fun I’ve had with a mainline Pokémon game in a hot minute IMPORTANT EDIT: From what I’ve heard apparently the jank and playability of the game varies from player to player based on a bunch of different unknown factors. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I’ve had an incredibly smooth experience, other than having the battle cam clip through the map occasionally and seeing my character A pose for like a second once at a super specific time I have only had a few minor graphical issues, no crashes, and nothing like what people are sharing online. BUT! Other people have not had the same experience, I thought people were being super hyperbolic for the longest time, but no. For some people the game is laggy, janky, and broken to the point of being completely unplayable. Why? Seemingly nobody knows! But I would say maybe try to emulate the game if you want to play if, because it is my opinion that the game I got is super fun and hard to put down, but that is seemingly because of luck. Maybe don’t pay money for a game that could just decide it wants to not be fun for you for like 0 reason. Hell, if I was experiencing some of the shit other people were I wouldn’t be having any fun at all.


As if the outrage machine cares about that


I honestly loved the story of SV and where they’re going with the franchise, but the bugs and graphics are so bad that it just ruins the entire game.. it really is sad.


Yeah and it's fun as shit, what's your point?


You were suppose to destroy r/gaming, not join them!


apparently it’s still a pretty good game, it just doesn’t look too good. you can argue that if nintendo can make botw look as good as it did and it’s no excuse for game freak but i honestly do think the switch is just a terrible console


I wonder what kind of ROI this makes for? Btw, this game is Sooooooo much better than arceus. It’s actually worth the $60 buck which is a change in pace from the past 3 or 4 Pokemon games


Damn, how’d the graphics for the world get *worse*?


I don’t play games that look this shitty.


Me while emulating it on my PC and thus giving no money to Nintendo or GameFreak: 😎


how tf does the new pokémon have even worse textures than Arceus?


I had fun, there are some rushed graphics and a few glitches though. Didn’t run into much


Wow in 2003 had better graphics than this.


I don’t really follow Pokémon but I swear there’s a new game like every 3 months


I didn't buy either. They both look like Wii shovel ware.


Those are some beautiful N64 graphics


I think this game added a lot of things fans wanted for a long time because the devs are actually trying hard but the upper management and the Pokemon Company won't give them the dev time to actually finish the game


“I’m actually really enjoying it”


Good, because it's fun. The most fun I've ever personally had with a pokemon game.


Highest grossing franchise of all time btw


Pokemon games are all half-assed now


Never thought I’d see Arceus in a side-by-side comparison as the “good” side


First gen I will be skipping unfortunately


Pokémon is never going to improve.


Don't you guys realise they're just trying to maintain the gba era of graphics ... just 3d kinda


That's ten million chumps


I was so pumped for this game, I’m glad I didn’t preorder it


Pokémon SV wouldn’t even be impressive in GameCube standards


I stg “Tennis for two” from 1958 looks better.


I know people will say it’s Pokémon and who cares and stuff. But can we just acknowledge that this is the game with the most possible money behind it and it’s genuinely might be the worst looking AAA release… ever?


Probably the worst performing game ive ever seen and graphics are from a nintendo gamecube, but gosh darnit i love me some pokemon and violet is so fun idc about graphics


thats because its gameplay loop is one of the least aids out of the 3d games