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Isn't Binance the biggest CeX?




The hugest


Who is we, CZ?


I think it's basically the 'royal we'.


He's probably speaking French


He and Gensler, I assume.


Me myself and I


And *high


**Disclaimer**: This comes from the the biggest crypto monopoly shark currently at the world:


The lack of self awareness from CZ is astonishing.


>We let FTX get too big before we started questioning. Same for Binance dear CZ...stop being a hypocrite.


yeah who the fuck is going to tweet about CZ next??


Well he tried the same with Coinbase and CB shut him down with a quickness…


Binance invested and helped them to grow. This is on you CZ, your kid went rogue.


He is right. So now we can start questioning Binance and CZ with enough time, right?


We are already doing that. He's standing strong so far


Strong eh? He caused the bank-run that killed FTX, rightly or wrongly, followed it up by Fud'ing Crypto.com and causing the value of CRO to get halved, then Tweeted more Fud about Coinbase, which he hurriedly withdrew and made excuses about. All the while keeping his business very private. He's dogshit, absolute poison.


Absolutely agree. It worked for him with FTX so he’s trying to pull the same stuff with all his competitors. Meanwhile he continues to maintain a risky house of cards of his own with Binance


Yep. You only have to look at the problems Binance has had with Monero to realise that it's highly unlikely that they hold 1:1 of clients assets. With XMR, I have read but can't prove that they only hold a few thousand, but have millions on their books. I'd piss myself laughing if they ended up with liquidity problems themselves, if it wasn't for the fact that normal people would be impacted.


Totally agree, he knows the effect that his accusations have and go pointing the finger to all his "partner" exchanges, but then he tweets about "building together".. People need to stop adoring billionaires and put them into the light, CZ didn't present a proper proof of reserves and neither their liabilities in time, Binance is a bomb waiting to explode too.


>He caused the bank-run that killed FTX, rightly or wrongly, lol


Yeah, I wasn't saying he put FTX in such a poor state in the first place, but his panicking investors into massive withdrawals over the course of a few days certainly made it fall off a cliff, where some mitigation may have been possible otherwise.


Sure, they might have stolen more people's money had they not have been exposed. These idiots had an $8 billion hole in their books, they were not coming back from that. For the greater good, all these exchanges gambling with customers coins need to be exposed. What you and Binance haters sound more like the mob that is angry he snitched and exposed a criminal organization.


No one’s mad that he took down FTX, but everyone is starting to question CZ’s intentions in doing so. Especially after he started throwing FUD at other competitors (CDC and Coinbase) then saying “oops didn’t do enough research sorry”.


CZ wants it all!


I guess he was too busy laundering money for russia and iran at that time


Oh the irony...


"we" let FTX get too big? hmmm. coming from the biggest cex. oh the blatant narcissism!


Good guy or bad guy, you need to at least appreciate CZ bringing all of this to light. Better now than later when the market matures and more people would be affected


more than likely this will cause shakey legs with new investors


tldr; Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has said that he expects to see "a little bit of contagion" in the crypto industry following the collapse of failed crypto exchange FTX. Zhao added that the industry needs to question its peers to avoid a similar situation. He also said that Binance is setting aside $1 billion to look into buying distressed crypto assets. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


In other words all hail mr.....


By this logic, binance should be getting questioned veryyy aggressively. How is this not hypocritical?


Binance trying to sound like an authority figure


He’ll regret tweeting if a bank run starts on Binance as a result, leaving only Coinbase standing in the wake of the crypto apocalypse.


Atleast it happened already during a bear market. Most people won't see any of this.


Maybe you're right. If all this dropped in the middle of the Nov/Dec bullrun, it would have been absolute carnage, not though it isn't pretty bad already.




What? A simple tweet did make a difference.