[Romano] Fiorentina decision seems now totally clear. The president Rocco Commisso is prepared to keep Dušan Vlahovic this summer and turn down Atletico Madrid approaches. 🚫🇷🇸 #transfers Man City have never opened talks for Vlahovic. Atletico Madrid are targeting Matheus Cunha.

[Romano] Fiorentina decision seems now totally clear. The president Rocco Commisso is prepared to keep Dušan Vlahovic this summer and turn down Atletico Madrid approaches. 🚫🇷🇸 #transfers Man City have never opened talks for Vlahovic. Atletico Madrid are targeting Matheus Cunha.


After all this, he is staying.


He always was for those prices quoted imo




Once they slap that 70M release clause on his contract, he’ll be out this time next year. Depending on if he actually recreates what he did last season.


>Once they slap that 70M release clause on his contract, he’ll be out this time next year. Well, that depends if he can keep up his record from last year considering he only has a season's worth of great performance. All I can say is if he doesn't keep it up, then they may probably regret it...


Last season he scored 15 non-penalty goals, 12 if you don't count the hattrick against Benevento. That's 12 goal in 36 matches while being the only striker of his team(objectively a weak one, but still), those are not the numbers of a 70M striker even if he keeps up the performances.


I’m gonna tune in tomorrow to watch vs mourinho’s Roma


They as well as the teams in for him obviously think he is class. You dont spend 70 mil on a guy you think could bust


Part of me thinks it's a bullet dodged for Atleti and other possible suitors. The transfer fees that were being quoted seemed excessive based on one impressive season (where it was really only the second half that he picked up).


Pretty sure we‘ll go for him next window again, that is, if he actually proves his quality this season


If he sings new contract, no point in going for him. They will ask 150M lol.


He is going to leave some time, if he keeps improving there is no way he stays long term at Fiorentina. With no bad will against Viola, it's a great and historic football club


Maybe, but I don't see Atletico buying him for 150M or whatever they would ask.


I was hoping we'd target an actual 9. We have a number of players that play like Cunha, we have no one that can play like Suarez.


I‘m sad


Yeah, Cunha is more similar to Felix. Idk who'll play as a 9 when Suarez gets rested then


No one. We played Felix - Correa last season as well and it worked pretty good. But we still need a 9


That's why I don't understand why Cuhna is being targeted, especially since he's a 'star' kind of player. Plus both Correa and Felix do better as sort of 9-and-a-half. If Suarez gets injured, someone would have to step up like Llorente did last season, tho according to xG his form is pretty much unsustainable


Not only that, but Suarez declined at the end of last season. I think it's less likely he will repeat last season form again, he's getting too old.


It'll be Correa. He's shown significant improvement in his ability to play with his back towards goal last season.


What? Lol. Correa is the furthest from a 9 you can be


He's the go to no 9 when Suarez was unavalaible last season. As I say his ability to play with his back towards goal and his holdup play has improved much last season especially towards the end.


Just because he played instead of Suarez when he was unavailable doesn‘t mean he is actually a 9 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don‘t think you quite understand what a 9 is


A no 9 doesn't necessarily need to be big and dominant in the air just look at Aguero. Correa is still very poor aerially but his strength and holdup play has improved much and seems like he's comfortable being the focal point of attack. In FM term you can say he's an advanced forward.


No he doesn‘t, but if he doesn‘t then he better has some traits like incredible positioning, awareness inside of the box or killer instict. Correa doesn‘t have any of that. He‘s the definition of a second striker


Another one (lost)


It'll admit I've never seen him play. But from the outside this looked like another Jovic situation waiting to happen. Don't think that price point made sense for Atletico to pay up.


This guy has a workrate and has not married pay2fuck wife, so no, he's nothing like Jovic.


I'm out of the loop here, but what's 'pay2fuck wife'? Do you mean Jovic married a hooker, or...?


I thought he married her but it seems they're only engaged. My mistake. They do have a child tho. She's basically someone who has had plenty of football players "come" right into her & wants money. He's not the only footballer with no brains tho. I know one that married a girl that my friend and few other guys gangbanged together, while she was in relationship with that footballer lol. They are just dumb fucks when it comes to picking their women.


Wow. Thanks.


Jovic is a guy that gets beaten by himself, looks always clenched. This dude is a mini Ibra, similar mentality and relies on his strength unlike jovic who relies on his finishing and skill. Diffrent players, Jovic had 2 good seasons, this dude had half good season. But its true that in both scenarios moving is not the best option


I think one of them is supposed to be Vlahovic.


Right now he's worth 40M, 50M at most, 70 was already overpaying, the 100M Commisso asked was totally out of this world. A good striker who CAN play for the team but is still not the best at doing so. Scored 21 goals last 6 of which were penalties, 3 of which were a hattrick against Benevento(not really the best team in the league). When it comes down to it he scored 12 non-penalty goal in 36 matches. Keep in mind that he is 21 with incredible potential to grow, and that it's not like those 12 goals were scored against weak sides (he scored against Juventus, Atalanta, and Lazio for example), but there's no way he's worth 70M now, maybe in the future when he realize his potential he will (who knows he may even become a 100M worth striker possibly), but right now? With that kind of money you can go after someone like Lautaro who's only 2 years older but scored 15 non-penalty goal last season while playing side-to-side with another striker like Lukaku(so he wasn't the main striker of the team).


Cunha was superb in the Olympics. Not a bad transfer if it happens


He‘s not bad by any means but he‘s not the profile we need. We needed a proper #9. I hope Cunha‘s quality can make up for it at least


Ya ya, you just don't want him to take your place... Username checks out


Really kicking ourselves for not paying that 15M for Milik in Jan


True, it's a body we don't have right now. Worst case scenario we could have sold him later and broke even.


So Fiorentina joining the club of our friends clubs as well. Come on Atlético, go recruit Cunha. Only you missing now to allow what will basically be our most long-awaited transfer in the last decade... The departure of Maxwel Cornet.


Atleti lost like 5 targets this summer, must hurt


Not really. Most of us aren't that thrilled about spending that kind of money in a kid with one good season. This applies for Griezmann's wages too We need a 9, but every option felt like a patch or a risky choice. The market is complicated right now.


I agree, hard transfer window atm. There are a few options to consider though for 9 position. Like Jovic, Weghorst, Haller, Kramaric, guys with more experience than Vlahovic, who I know from Bundesliga and can make a difference. No chance for Lautaro right?


I’m not sure Vlahovic is good enough to warrant that price tag again in the future BUT I’m happy Comisso is giving his project a chance to finally get off the ground.


This is the first season that doesn’t feel like a retread (Montella, Iachini, Prandelli, Iachini again) and Roccos first season was blown up by COVID, so it’s exciting to actually see his vision come together. We really want this.


Comisso won’t be able to get that price tag again


He will. That kind of striker is a dying breed.


Pain. Was really hoping this would work, he seems like the perfect profile for our team, a genuine number 9.


This probably means Kane’s staying then


Yeah, no other strikers that we've been linked to


Happy enough with this, probably bestwst decision for all parties. Fiorentina get to keep him for one more season, possibly with a new extension plus 70 mil release clause. If Vlahovic plays well, he'll be gone next year and im okay with that. If he doesnt perform, then Atleti dodged a bullet. Good solution all around


Se queda


Oh ffs that means we can’t get him either. Lemme guess our next target is Cunha eh? Fuck


I think we should go in for Maxi Gomez


Buy Arthur Cabral Atletico.. he is good.


It's going to fucking suck for them if he doesn't show his good form this season


Never bought that City were in talks for Vlahovic