I’m on my second play through. Why have I never seen this woman before?


Try Valentine in the night


Those are rookie numbers bump those up now


How many playthroughs you on man? I got 7 on my PS4 and in my first on Xbox


This quarantine is getting to me man I'm at my 22nd playthrough I've found everything every item there is to collect, played with both honor levels ,done all mission choices , I'm going crazy here


Believe it or not I am so bored I even did the impossible and turned Arthur obese


I do that on every playthrough it's far from impossible. You must not be a fan of baked beans an guarma rum.


That's fucking hilarious. "Arthur! How did you get like this?" "Ah'm mighty partial to baked beans and that Guarma rum... "


How much weight does obese Arthur lose in C6? I remember my regular sized arthur became malnourished


I don't know, but it's gotta be a lot. I need to fatten mine up, but I just keep forgetting to feed him. Sleep's not a big priority either. Especially when you're hunting pelts.


That split me in half. I just told my roommate and he looked at me in a way that can only translate to, "you should probably walk your dog."


Nobody wants to admit to eating 9 cans of ravioli.


Ravioli ravioli what's in the pocket-oli E: just realised your comment was a rickyism, nice


:( i miss papa franku Then again current music is fire


The first can doesn't count, and then get to the second and the third...


Is there a limit to how much food Arthur can consume during any given time period (ie. 1 day? 12 in game hours? etc) before it stops counting towards his bodyweight? What I mean is, can I just eat my entire inventory in 1 sitting? If not, how many items should I eat at a time? Does sleep play a factor and is there a limit to how much sleep contributes to your weight or once again, can I just eat an item, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat forever? I've followed online guides in the past but have never had that much success. I want a big, chunky Arthur but every time I try I just end up with stupid sexy Arthur... Dammit sexy Arthur!!


The easiest and cheapest way by far to get fat is go to Van Horn and drink from the whiskey box until you pass out again and again. Its the first house on the right, from the lighthouse entrance. Gets you fat after 8-10 times.


The WHAT now?!


There is a limit to how much food but I'm not sure how much. I always tried to eat 3 meals a day with alcohol and then when I was traveling I would eat something whenever I had to stop my horse to brush, feed, or let it recover stamina. I'm not sure on how much sleep effects it either but I always aimed for 8 hours or less.


my stupid sexy arthur is partial to chocolate bars and popcorn


I have been trying to do this I got the legend of the East satchel just to be able to horde candy bars and and cooked big prime rib. What was your technique?


**NANI**!? How’d you manage that? I struggle to keep him average!


I try to get him far right in the start, then as the spoiler progresses, I let him lose weight.


thats perfect. I make him eat everything, he is still average. I am breathing and getting fat.


Damn son just on this 8th play through I’m still finding new dialogue


It's mind blowing. I've had it since release and I'm currently taking my sweet time doing a 6th play through and finding new random encounters and dialogue. Love it, though.


22nd playthrough? Holy shit, I thought me having 8 playthroughs was a lot.


I have a lot of time And no hobbies And no life And now I'm sad


I’m interested in your view on the best overall experience — low vs high honor. Or otherwise. I think the game incentivizes low honor. Other than some end-game stuff and item pricing does it change the game?


Item pricing changes you have alt. Dialogues with characters in low honor random people from the street will come to you crying saying you killed their brother or son or husband There are exclusive outfits for high honor Etc.


I’m on my 5th play through and I can’t get Arthur to max honor so I just greet everyone I find


You won't be able to get to absolute max honor before the final chapter from my experience


yeah I think it has now become accepted max honour isn't available til maybe chapter 6, before then you can get to about 75% of the meter.


Still missing the 3rd meteorite.


22 ?! Damn I'm way behind. I'm at 1.5


I am on my first playthrough. My husband got it for Xmas, from me........


Take your time and enjoy it. I'm still finding cool stuff almost 2 years later


Okay, I feel better. I'm on my like 10th playthrough and sometimes I'm just like god whats wrong with me. I try to play other games but everything just lets me down and I go back to RD sooner or later


Damn bro, but did you finish Gambler Challenge 22nd times? Or just story?


did that only in three of my playthroughs




Not that into online


that’s a lot.. i’m on my 4th playthrough on my ps4 lol


How long have you had it?


almost a year i think.


Not bad


How do you compare the two, notice any difference?


Not really


I got 4 on ps4 and 2 on PC


I spent a year or so without a PS4 due to financial difficulties. Back on it now though and I’ll be replaying it as soon as I finish


My Mrs hates it when I call our son that...


What did you say dad


it's not a common side mission, definitely has to be at night, also you need to be near the side of the saloon (I think or the hotel) and I think the street needs to be empty. I've now had it happen twice as Arthur and once as John and all 3 completely different chapters.


I've had her ask me for help in front of the drunks sitting in the alley to the left of Smithfields. Edit to add: it definitely has to be dark out.


Rules that criteria out then. EDIT: Yep definitely night time and definitely that place. Must be something that triggers it or else everyone would see it early on - maybe honour level as well. I'm wondering if you have to have low enough honour to be approachable to do this kind of thing but high enough to be willing to help a "damsel in distress" type.


I’m on my fourth and I’ve only done it once


I’ve done only one play-through, taking my sweet time in every town, bumping into every stranger I could. I thought I did nearly everything but then I heard rumors about a vampire.


Need to be on the low honor side, also as others said night time by Smithfield's saloon in chapter 2 (not sure about later chapters)


Don't need to have low honor I got it with high honor although I refused to help her


Oh fair enough, I read that somewhere once so I never really tried getting the encounter with high honor


Nice. Im on my 4th


DO NOT READ IF YOU DON"T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS >!she does seem to be a murderer but that is never cleared up, eventually you will come to Valentine and see her being hanged for it, so seems even just the ones you helped her with aren't the end of it. Hence feeling there is something else going on with her. !<


\*Spoiler\* >!You can also find her in a cell in the Sheriff's office before she hangs, she seems pretty mad. Not sure if i recall well but i think she insult you (I did help her get rid of the bodies) and says its your fault that she's in jail. I kinda understood that she admits of the murders? Again not sure if I recall well.!<


You can actually hogtie and take her to sheriff and Arthur will tell him she's been killing dudes. You'll get an honor boost.


Honor boost must means shes simply a psychopathic murderer. Thanks for the info


Yeah Arthur will make comments as it keeps happening, to the effect of "this is really suspicious." That's what turned me on to hogtying her.


> turned me on to hogtying no judgement here, brother.


"Damn, AGAIN??" lmao and on my 3rd play through I was Bad Arthur so I helped her with the bodies but when she insulted in jail i was like "hey wtf bitch i helped you" and let her rot in her cell lol


I tried a play through where I tried harrasing/hogtieing everyone I interacted with, I took her to the middle of the street and she ended up dieing in the crossfire and I never saw her again.


Definitely recommend hogtie for dealing with people who annoy you or think anything within a mile of their pissy little camp is their property. Avoids constant honour loss and dealing with dead bodies all the time. Personally I like taking them to the edge of a cliff and letting them struggle there.


Hah, that's hilarious.


I was always really scared of interacting with these random events in any way other than blatantly obvious. Because there’s no way to trigger these events with 100% accuracy I don’t want to, for instance, hot tie her walk outside and be shot at for kidnapping and completely ruin the event.


This happened to me like three times, kept loading and just waiting for the event to trigger again. But I was dead set on carrying her to jail myself.


That’s one of the drawbacks of having such a huge game that relies on auto saves and no guaranteed random encounters with multiple endings. For instance shooting her might open up a separate line of dialogue in which Arthur tells the sherif where her body is, unlikely but it might happen, but no one will ever discover it because everyone’s too worried to try anything other than the set options we know work.


I found her in the cell the day after I helped her move a body and it wouldn’t let me interact with her at all


You can take her in to the sheriffs




definitely something odd with her, not sure it's a simple one but obviously in those days they'd get roughed up a bit as well (as happened to Karen) so who knows?


Series premier of Deadwood features a prostitute shooting a fellow for wailing on her. I only picked up the side mission once, so I gave the working girl the benefit of the doubt.


Same, also because Karen gets beaten up on earlier in that same town. First time playing I did the work for her twice, never saw the ending. Second time saw the whole process and found it a bit odd. Third time I think something triggered with me that the 2 I dealt with for her may not have been the only ones. But equally the game has a load of we're not taking this frontier nonsense any more vibe to it, so it could have been as simple as justice being seen to be done.


You can also rescue her when she's going to be hanged but then I don't think you see her ever again after anyway.


you rescued someone from a hanging? Didn't realise that worked.


Yeah the timing can be kind of tricky but you can shoot the rope riiiiiight before they pull the lever to drop them. Or just waste all the lawmen there.


thanks, another thing on my list of items to do (I think everyone's been hanged by now since I ran out of bounties in story)


How do you find this lady?


For me it was early game, chapter 2 or 3 and I was in valentine at night near or behind the shop. She was nearby... up the stairs in the bedroom maybe?(looking at the shop from the street the stairs are down the alley to the right of the shop)


Well I’ll keep an eye out for her..... but I just entered chapter 4 yesterday so I hope I can still find her.


First time I found her I was John well into the epilogues and third time I think I was well past chapter 2 again but as Arthur. So you should be able to find her. The criteria seems a bit unclear though, we know where and has to be at night but not sure what triggers it.


Just wondering but is it a stranger mission or random encounter?


It's random, no marker on the map or anything to start it. You just walk in on it.


Does it have to be a certain chapter or time?


I'm not sure, to be honest. Anytime I got it, it was in the first 5 chapters or so, usually at night. Might be available during the day too.


Close enough.


That's a good question that I don't remember the answer to. I'd had to have had some reason to go where I went to see her.. and my hazy recollection wants me to say I probably saw a small white dot on the minimap and went to investigate. I really don't think it was a ? or anything super significant.


You see the flashing white dot to indicate someone is speaking and you can interact with them.


She's the Aileen Wuornos of 1899 and/or of Valentine. She might have legitimately killed the first, or even the first few, in self defense, but at some point she realized she could take *all* the money off a corpse as opposed to the measly bit the John willingly hands over for her services. Hell, she might even have grown to enjoy it.


On my 2nd. I keep thinking she’s a murderer, not what she says she is


When you help her your morale goes down and when you tell the Sheriff your morale goes down too!


If you tell the sherrif your honor goes up, it only goes down if you also helped her out.


Do you mean honor? And I didn’t know you could tell the sheriff. I’ll have to give that a go


Yeah the honor* sorry


No worries man


Someone above said when you tie her up and take her to the sheriff your honour goes up


She is, if you help her, tell the sheriff and then wait around, they hang her and you get some very telling dialogue when she sees you.


I think you can hand her over to the sheriff.


Yeah u can go to the Sheriff and report and his reaction seems to be like he knows about her


She knows stuff about *him* too, maybe that’s why he saw between the fingers for so long.


Maybe he sent men to her that he couldn't quite prove were guilty


you can find out about him if you can get to the chest in the jail, there's a letter in there




If you go to Valentine again, she will be on the hangman's gallows; you have the option to "save" her, or watch her hang.


I lost honor on my second time when I helped her. I killed her right there and feed to the pigs.


Usually i play RDR2 with very polite nature to the NPCs but if it comes to lose one honor level there won't be any psychopath rather than me lol


I had my suspicions about her when she suggests putting the body into the pig pen to dispose of it.


I think I helped her like 3-4 times before the events unfolds. Not sure if she's a murderer or just a mentally unstable hooker and she tries to lie to cover her breakdown and the killing of her victims. Either way, I think in 1899, they didn't bother with theses kind of cases and even if she's troubled, the law will do its thing just like any other criminals.


If you end up killing 3-4 of your clients, you're probably in the wrong line of work. Did you think she was justified every time?




Does she kill multiple times???


It's happened twice so far in my game.


Yeah. Sheriff mentions that.


Twice you help her with, suggestion is there that those aren't the only ones and she's a bit of an expert on body disposal


If you refuse to help her, she freaks out and tries to kill you too. She is definitely a psychopath. You can then tell the sherriff and follow him up and he says a few things while he investigates.


I helped her twice, third time I saw her she was about to get hanged, but I shot the rope.


You eject y’all see her in the valentine jail then you see her swing


A psychopathic what


She’s a murderer, lasso her and put her in jail!


Right? The number of of people who helped her multiple times is mind-boggling.


Yes I love these encounters. The first time you gain honor for helping because you think your getting a helpless girl out of a tough situation. By the 2nd or 3rd time you lose honor because you know something's up but you're just doing it for the money.


You can hogtie her and turn her in, same for a lot of random encounters like the escaped prisoners.


Really cool event. If you don't help her, Arthur can hogtie her and take her to the sheriff and get a cash reward roughly the same as the amount she would give you. Then a day or two later there is a public execution. So the first time it happened I believed her story and helped her out. She gave me some money and that was it. Then like a long time later, like more than a month in game time, she approaches you again with the same scenario and asks for your help. I was suspicious but I helped her anyway. She paid me and I lost honor..that is when I knew I helped a murderer. Even if you help her twice like I did, she gets caught and you can find her in a jail cell ...she then gets executed later on. Arthur has some funny lines he can say during the execution ...something to the effect of "It's the John-Killer! I knew something didn't add up" and "The men in Valentine are gonna be sleeping happier tonight"


I thought there was more to it tbh, feels like something got cut. She ends up on the gallows, I saved her. Didnt notice karma penalties though...


It’s pretty obvious she’s a murderer. That many dead bodies isn’t a coincidence. Edit: Anyone care to explain why I’m wrong instead of anonymously downvoting me? I would get if it was 1-3 bodies, but when she asks for help 8+ times it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on. Edit 2: So you people really aren’t going to disprove my point? Figures


Wierd as fuck that people are downvoting your comment like that. I save her because I save everybody I find on the gallows or in prison wagons, I play as an outlaw so rescuing other outlaws fits with what I interpret the game as.


Prostitutes can kill as many johns as they want. Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong


You feel like she’s psychopathic? She absolutely is! And you are her accomplice.


I mean her job is kinda got so much risk but in the end I reported her.....


I helped her get rid of two bodies but om the second someone saw and reported me to the police. Had to run away, haven't seen her since. I thought she was framing me. I expected to get jumped each time I followed her.


Oh she definitely is, but them pigs get some food. So who cares


I’ve played this game start to finish 5 times and have never seen her. I love how detailed this game is!!


I purposely walk around valentine at night because I like helping her


I encountered her twice, once as Arthur, once as John, then saw her get hanged in valentine as John.


Holy shit this is what happens? Only time i’ve encountered her I accidentally pressed the fire button and shot her in the back killing her lol


If you go to the Valentine saloon with John in the epilogue the bartender says something about this. He mentions that >!"No siree, no women who pretended to be prostitutes to lure men in their rooms to kill them have ever been at their establishment, noooo siree!"!<


I saw her a second time in the same playthrough and declined helping her - cant be an accident if it happens twice in the same exact way. She turned her knife on me so I buried my Two-Bit Hatchet in her head :) Then the hunter dude (who wears the skunk hat) cane upstairs to brawl. Knocked him out, then stabbed him while on the floor, cause no one disrespects Arthur while he takes care of psychopath prostitutes.


Dude, I watched her hang on my playthrough, and the next time I went to Valentine, there she was again after murdering a guy.


I took her in


I’ve helped her twice , and I tried to save her from hanging but I was too slow


I refused to help her and she tried to kill me :I


I helped this woman for the second time hiding the body and I saw sheriff maloy standing outside his office I was about to greet him but you can actually tell him about the girl and sheriff maloy is gonna arrest her


I rode through Valentine like 50 times solely for the sake of encountering her. Never did.


You can have her arrested either hide the body and take her money then tell the sheriff. Or just hog tie her and drink her in


I just watched her swing. “Hey! You’re that John killer!” -Arthur


I helped her once. *SMALL SPOILER, READ ON ONLY IF YOU WANT THE QUESTLINE SPOILED* Turns out she’s a serial killer that acts a prostitute and kills men once they’re alone. Then she plays the helpless girl card and has someone else dispose of the body. You can hogtie her and take her to the sheriff for a reward.


I heloed her the first time. The second time I was like "Huh, I wonder if I can hand her in to the Sherrif?" and hog tied her instead. One of my favourite emergent moments in a video game ever, that you're left to figure it out yourself.


I didn’t know she could kill again. My dumbass thought I forgot to save or something.


I tied her up and took her to the sherif and got some interesting dialogue, cant remember exactly but turns out yes indeed shes a physco and was killing for the rush more or less.


Im pretty sure thats the women you walk in on while in the bar with lenny on the mission


One time cause I got her arrested and hanged


She is, she’s a serial killer and you’ll be rewarded for lassoing her and bringing her to the sheriff


When she hangs, how do you save her?


Shoot the rope


i tied her up and burned her alive. i aint no simp


Wow nothing gets past OP


It’s pretty obvious she’s a murderer. That many dead bodies isn’t a coincidence.


She has a bounty, take her to the sheriff.


If you turn her into the sheriff she gets hung


Im pretty sure she's a serial killer because Sheriff Malloy says something about her having killed multiple. Pretty sure.


Good for her honestly


I just wanted money so i got rid of the bodie and took her money. Then i tied her up and gave her to the sheriff for more money. Later she was hung.


You can help her, and then go to the sheriff and report her, events will then unfold after that if you hang around for a few days...


Lol, I turned her in right away.


I helped her once and when i dumped a body i accidentally walked into the sheriff's office and Arthur ratted her out for being a wack job immediately without me doing anything. It was a show to watch while i waited to see what happens.


I brought her to the jail and place her in the cell and I had a bounty placed on me for kidnapping, then I come back and she’s still in the jail cell. So I had to pay money for doing the laws job.


You can take her to the sheriff's.


Every time I see her, I turn her in. I never knew you could help her on multiple occasions


Can you help her more than once? Plus my ps4s system software is messed up or something so I can't play it there and my pc cant run that well rn


Twice, she’s fun lol




I helped her once, the second time I said no way and she attacked me and I got wanted by the law.


Never, because I’m not cleaning up someone’s mess.




I helped her once and then the rest of the time I ran to get the sheriff. She's a maniac and kills a lot of men.


I helped her and got money from her, then I snitched her at the sherrif to get even more money because he’d pay me. Now my plan was to rescue her later on when she gets hanged but i’ve been waiting a few ingame days and she still isn’t being hung.


Ive played through red dead 4 times and I’ve only encountered her once


Yeah, you're supposed to turn her in. She's a notorious killer


I thought that was a one time thing


if you hogtie her, you can deliver her to the sheriff's office cell thingo


I turned in to the sheriff


I brought her to the cops


Never. Played through 3 times


No shit.


Anyone else here seen deadwood?


Helped her and then sold her to the sheriff, boom twice the score


Twice. Turned her in the second time, came back a few days later and enjoyed myself a hangin’.