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>Before pausing, the panel will hold one more round of hearings on Thursday, when witnesses will testify about efforts by then-President Donald Trump and his supporters to pressure U.S. Justice Department officials to help overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. The one for tomorrow is still on at 3pm ET.


Thanks, this was not clear to me for some reason.


Because the article title implied they were interrupting hearings immediately.


Got some documentary footage to watch eh?


I envy them in a weird way. It must be fascinating.


I pity them having to listen to hours and hours of trump bragging about himself.


That voice, gak. Hearing it is like being forced to chew on aluminum foil. It really nauseates me now whenever I hear it, the sound of imbecility.


The greatest imbecile ever. Some are saying.


He has the biggest words.


It's fascinating because I assume he has vocal cords and an adam's apple, but when he starts droning it sounds like sandpaper dragged along a train rail. Like he's whispering extremely loud. The sound of death.


Lessthe voice but more he constantly looses focus. 5 topics in 1 overlong sentence and none finished Ever tried watching a speech of him?


What’s hours and hours after years and years at this point?


My mom wore out her "mute" button on her remote because she couldn't listen to that asshole and that was in 2017.


With the god damn helicopter running the background the entire time.


Good lord did it all really even happen?? Was he really the president for four years?? It’s goddamned mind blowing. I still am in shock that it all happened.


Oh we’ll see it


Probably not. Documentary editors are probably the greatest under-appreciated role in media. Average two hour documentary probably has 200+ hours of raw footage, which editors probably watch through multiple times. Any doc that is interesting to watch is that way b/c an editor cut out all the boring stuff, the tedious stuff, the stuff that was a tangent, the stuff that was OK & then put the rest together to make it into some type of beginning middle end. Watching raw footage is going to be interesting for the first hour & then you have 199 hours left.


You seem to have knowledge that might answer my question. Do directors just hand the footage to an editor with a rough story board and say have at it? Or do they work super closely together?


This wasn't a documentary, but I've scored a (narrative) film before and how I saw the process work was that the director would give the editor all the footage to work with, the different takes and so on, the editor would come back with a rough edit and say "how's this?", and then the director would offer his opinion about what worked and what didn't, and they'd further refine it from there until they had a final cut. So at least from what I've seen of the process, it's very much a back-and-forth thing.


Ultimately depends on the director though. Some directors are very hands on in editing, with some even editing the entire thing themselves.


Thanks. I did one hour docos and had days (sometimes weeks) of footage. It's hard to find the interesting bits amongst the mundane.


This made me realize why Tiger King was edited the way it was. It feels like it was supposed to be a damning documentary of all the tiger breeders in the US, but "Tiger King" was just so fascinating that the editors couldn't stop themselves from making him into a sort of protagonist.


I totally get that. Sometimes we're doing a documentary on a specific story and another more interesting story seems to come out and its frustrating when we weren't able to investigate it or go deeper.


That Congressional popcorn must be plentiful and luxurious!


I heard there was also a *Making Of* documentary film crew documenting one of the primary White House documentary film crews. With all those camera angles, this could turn out to be as holographic as the Capitol that day, and just as crowded.


I hope it has the NFL Films narrator and style.


I’m hoping for Warner Herzog narration.


Despite all ze bluzter from Donald Trump'z adminiztrazion in ze end it vaz hiz own vordz zat incriminated him.


The rioters -- they scream in nature, but like the white mutant alligators, the white people, are they mutants? An unnatural adaptation a crooked branch of the tree of man, destined to die out as unfit? Or are they the future?


"The Autumn Wind is a pirate. Blustering in from sea, With a rollicking song, he sweeps along, Swaggering boisterously. His face is weather beaten. He wears a hooded sash, With a silver hat about his head, And a bristling black mustache." "He growls as he storms the country, A villain big and bold. And the trees all shake and quiver and quake, As he robs them of their gold."


I can't believe they refuse to induct that man into the nfl hall of fame. I'm pretty sure the Raiders are my afc team just because of that monologue.


Everyone's falling over themselves to turn over evidence to try to buy themselves some measure of relief from the charges... Rats are chewing each other's legs to get off the ship. Everyone's been keeping burn books on hopes to publish and get rich... now they need it to save their political careers...


This\^\^\^\^\^ If it's a deluge, it means it's new, and it has come from sources that previously were not cooperating with the Committee. ​ That says "Republicans" to me.


Don’t know if you saw it, but they have hundreds of hours of documentary footage to watch that was turned over last week. The filmmaker was embedded with the Trump family during the election and immediately after. There are a other things I’m sure, but hundreds of hours of new video would qualify as a deluge in my book.


I saw an article yesterday that basically boiled down to there was a documentary film crew with the president and *no one on his campaign even fucking knew about it.* I wonder if people are coming forward now because they know there are tapes and they know they're fucked.


Oh lawdy there's tapes


Holy shit, it really has come around full circle.


I think one of the greatest ironies in this whole nightmare is that when the dust settles Trump will have gotten his wish and finally starred in an Emmy-award-winning film *all about him*.


> finally starred in an Emmy-award-winning film all about him. The monkey's paw curls.


If it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer.


The tapes were on Hunter Biden's laptop the whole time!


It never fails to amaze me at how fucking stupid these people are.


As John Oliver aptly put it... "Stupid Watergate".


Everything before January 6 was *stupid Watergate*. January 6 was *stupid beer hall putsch*.


*Stupider Beer Hall Putsch The first one was already pretty goddamn stupid.


And, much like that very stupid beer hall putsch, came much closer to working than such a stupid idea shoukd have.


I think it's because we have turned following thought process into a pillar of our society: > Screw 'em! Rip 'em off! As long as we get the money! That's what's important! Getting the money! ...and we like to treat people with that mentality as if they are very skillful and business-minded. The reality is that while yes, being a con man is a skill that you can develop, it's not exactly the same as being a skillful business person. Can you run a business scamming people? Yes, of course. But skill at running a well-oiled machine that is a profitable business in a responsible way is worlds apart from scamming or shafting people out of their money on the morality scale and that's where we went wrong. We just said screw it and threw out the morality scale and decided that only raw monetary returns define the worthiness of the success of a person in this country. I submit that one can be a more successful person while making less profit than others. There is more to life than amassing a pile of money in one spot for one person. Many things are more important than this unfortunate illusion of money with which we are currently so enamored. So for a person to run a business that makes them a profit, provides a real product or service to the community, and makes their money not just by being a negative sucking force that destroys but a positive force that builds for the future, I think a person can be more successful making less profit. When we idolize the sucking scum that make more short-term profit at the expense of long-term decay, we are creating a festering breeding ground for these people who blindly worship wealth as the ultimate measure of being a successful human being. Thank you for your time. 😁


Someone here on Reddit wrote yesterday, *”Man, woman, person, camera, TV…. Wait, CAMERA? Oh no, there was a camera here this whole time??”*


Its the footage from the documentary team that was following Trump. They got it yesterday.


L'Embarras des richesses. Imagine having to transcribe and organize hundreds of hours of video tape in a week, never mind actually parsing it for criminal analysis.


Coffee & Adderall for everyone!


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop amphetamines.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop making Airplane! references.


Surely you can't be serious.


Bet the popcorn machine in the Capitol is working overtime.


I want to know the documentary team, knowing this subpoena was going to happen, already prepared a special 4 part supercut. Make America Fascist; An Attempted Coup. Each episode centers on different felonies and the folks that committed them on camera.


Sounds like the committee is going to have a movie night. Who's bringing the popcorn?


Even Fox News analysts are saying things like "Trump may have committed a crime."


Of course. Fox flipped. A judge just ruled that the $1?6 billion dominion lawsuit against Murdoch and Fox News parent company can move forward. Also they saw that 20 million Americans tuned in to watch the committee while they aired some stupid cooking show no one cares about.


I would say it’s all about the first part, since Murdoch’s money is now on the line and it isn’t just Fox News that’s being targeted.


This just in: bear may have shit in the woods.


Lots of new info coming in as co-conspirators realize they need to cooperate to hopefully avoid jail time.


My money is on Mo Brooks spilling the tea after he lost his primary last night. Dude was one of Trump’s most loyal lap dogs and now Brooks is basically out of politics because of him


Trump spat in his face with that endorsement switch. Brooks gon' be mad


Mo Brooks once paid my cousin $60 to spit in his mouth outside a Birmingham bowling alley


> Mo Brooks once paid my cousin $60 to spit in his mouth outside a Birmingham bowling alley That cousin's name? Lindsey Graham


I have no choice but to believe this.


Many people are saying it


The best people. Sounds legit to me.


Did I ever tell you about the time I went horseback riding with Mo Brooks, but there weren’t any horses around? Well, Brooks throws a saddle on my back and rides me around Wyoming for three days. Well, wouldn’t you know it, my stamina increases with each day and I develop tremendous leg muscles. So anyway, Brooks decides to enter me in the Breeders’ Cup, right, under the name "Turkish Delight." And I’m running in second place, and I’m running and I break my ankle! They’re about to shoot me. Then someone from the crowd yells out, God bless him, ‘Don’t shoot him, he’s a human.


Did you see that Brooks just came out and said he now wants to testify in front of the committee, but ONLY if it's in public? There's no way the timing is coincidental. He's gotta be out for revenge.


He said he's retiring from politics and that "the bad guy won" when Trump's pick won the primary.


Sounds like a textbook case of Main Character Syndrome to me.


Most perfect description


He said he wants it public so they can't pick and choose which parts of his responses they show. He definitely plans on spouting some bullshit.




The committee ain’t putting no one on tv who hasn’t testified first in private. Your move, Mo.


Is that for real? I'd watch that!


The knives are out yet again amongst the trump people


Republicans have always purged anyone that doesn't fall in lockstep, and now they are doing it for anyone not down with their new confederacy.


> My money is on Mo Brooks spilling the tea after he lost his primary last night. Dude was one of Trump’s most loyal lap dogs and now Brooks is basically out of politics because of him https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/22/politics/mo-brooks-testify-january-6-committee/index.html


"Reissue" his subpoena ... how do these people get away with this shit? Most people's lives would be ruined if the refused a court order. It is not okay


Wasn't Mo on the dais on Jan. 6?


While wearing a bulletproof vest if memory serves correctly.


Weird, did he expect violence?


Absolutely he was.


Many people are saying he was there to kick ass and take names.


I think the staffer Ron Johnson threw under the bus today is about to get a call.


Run, don’t walk, to the DOJ and Jan 6 committee if you’ve got a guilty conscience. The best deals go to those who get there first and are willing to cooperate.


They might also be making some time to gather & produce their transcripts for the DOJ. DOJ sprung that on them this week so they would probably want to help them accelerate the criminal part of this. Cheney has been explicitly tying everything to criminal statutes. That's a huge signal to the DOJ: "WE ARE DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU. COME GET THIS."


>DOJ sprung that on them this week so they would probably want to help them accelerate the criminal part of this. They actually made that request weeks ago. The Committee refused. The latest request was basically a resubmission of the same request, I think.


That's because they're not finished with it. Typically, the DOJ is *ahead* of other investigative agencies or Congress, but because they've been working through 800+ people being charged (largest criminal event ever, I believe), they are just now starting to meet the upper echelon of players as the J6 Committee is putting them on public display, under oath. Neither wants the other to spoil their work, which can happen if they're working in parallel, but not together. The J6C is not a criminal investigation, but a legislative one. They'll have to give up the goods at some point and that will likely be included in the break over the next few weeks since J6 is already wrapping up, though still getting more tips and evidence submissions.


Don't be Wayne Jenkins


The new Trump strategy is apparently to release so much incriminating information that they have to keep pushing back the next hearing until 2023.


I love history, and hubris will get you every time. How blown out of proportion are you when you're shocked that a film was in a room with you? How much excess safety and comfort from responsibility do you have to have to become that stupid? All these idiots had to do was take the pandemic even half seriously and they would have won the election fair and square. I hate this reality. I know others are worse but this one is just dumb.


I love history too; just wish I wasn't living through it.


Like the old curse, "May you live in interesting times"


Trump (and his followers and sycophants) really thought he'd be in power forever, just like Putin. Hell, I was afraid of that happening. They were clearly not to shy to try absolutely anything to get there, and we've seen that our laws are almost completely unprepared to punish or even stop a POTUS who decides to go rogue.


That documentary footage is so key. Now it’s not just a group of people trying to get their false version of reality straight with their co conspirators, it’s complete uncertainty about what was recorded and what they did in that moment. The tapes won’t lie so they can’t either.


Maybe, but I’m more curious about Chuck Grassley’s comment on 1/5 that he didn’t expect Pence to be at the capitol on 1/6 and that he himself would certify the electors. “We don’t expect him to be there.” He walked it back later but I feel Chuck kinda gave away “plan B”. Ties to Pence not wanting to get in the SS car and the fake electors package that Johnson was “holding”. https://www.businessinsider.com/grassley-prompts-confusion-over-pence-electoral-college-certification-2021-1?amp


Oof, this is juicy. It's unnerving how strange comments like this have gone from being confusing to feeling much more sinister in light of how deep this mess seems to be rooted.


> It's unnerving how strange comments like this have gone from being confusing to feeling much more sinister in light of how deep this mess seems to be rooted. This is how I've been viewing T****'s utterances throughout his term. He said a lot of stupid/strange things but once we know more context we may learn he was spilling a lot of beans (and I ain't talkin' Goya) at the time. The man has no filter.


Yup. Plus, if he hired the documentary team under the delusion that he was entirely correct in his actions, even if he did have a filter it would be set in the wrong direction. He wasn't looking to give reasons for his actions that Normal People™️ would see as positive, but rather to provide Hollywood-level entertainment for Team Trump™️ and feed the baseless conspiracies that he himself has sown within their minds. This documentary would have been his grand opus if he succeeded in being instilled as a dictator, but since his brain is so steeped in Hollywood theatrics and drama, I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to make it his own version of Ocean's Eleven, without realizing that in heist movies the main characters tend to be the bad guys.


Based on the last 6 years, they will still lie even though video will say otherwise. They need to keep throwing red meat at their base.


Yeah I mean there is actual audio of Trump being a complete POS sex offender who proudly uses his “fame” to grab women by the p*ssy. Yet there is an army of extreme right-wing women who turn their heads and support Trump. They came up with their own little bumper sticker of “Women for Trump”.


I can not WAIT to see how this turns out. Lady Ruby and her daughter really humanized this for America. When LR explained how she felt targeted SPECIFICALLY by the sitting US president for just doing her job… I nearly cried. She spelled out so clearly how many have felt during Trump’s reign of terror. And it wasn’t some pod cast host, right wing internet blogger or southern politician…a woman who (at the time) loved her community and working for it. Now she is fearful of that same community. Fucking heart breaking.


Yeah, her testimony was heartbreaking. She really highlighted the human toll on an individual level. I think that's what people need to hear. We can talk till we're blue in the face about the big lie and how it's this huge existential threat to democracy, but sometimes taking it down to the individual level is what's needed for people to connect with the true horror of what's going on. It personalizes it and shows the human cost of letting Trump walk all over us.


Have you seen that Sharonsaysso’s followers have donated 300k in the last day to them? I was so sad after the testimony but it’s really heartwarming to know they have that kind of money and support pouring into their lives after all the toxic waste trump caused.


Man, I love how the Right think the Jan 6 insurrection *isn’t* a big deal but Hunter Biden’s laptop *is*


Trump did everything in his power to try to end American democracy. Period, point blank. I'm so done with the gaslighting.


The GOP did. Not just Trump. Trump is a symptom not the disease. They WILL try again if there is no consequences.


They ARE trying again. They haven't let up. There's more restrictive voting, more gerrymandering, more of all of their anti-democracy tactics because they know 100% that if we had a true democracy the GOP stands zero chance of winning -- even in most of the so called red states.


I think that even the committee is surprised by the reception they are getting. It's still early to tell, but I wonder if this could be a case study on fighting propaganda. The GOP and their propaganda channels have known this was coming for months, and the best they can muster is deflection - 'this is boring' or 'we should be talking about inflation instead'. Bit by bit Jan 6 is turning from a matter of opinion into a matter of fact.


They are doing an excellent job of presenting the material. It's understandable to most, they have good use of multimedia, and the testimonies are straight from the horse's mouth and zeros in on the important parts without dragging on with boring verbiage.


It’s a godsend we don’t have a Ted Cruz or a Lindsay Graham on the panel sabotaging the character of the hearings. Boring verbiage and miles long deflections would be their jam. Edit: was pointed out that this being a hearing in the house, senators would not be an option. It’s an important distinction as we advocate for accuracy of information.


When I tuned into the first hearing I had a brief regret that this was going to be just all the regular committee hearings where the Republicans would just grandstand and spout their BS for half the time. Then remembered none of the crazies were allowed onto the panel so the Republicans that are on it are actually cooperating.


For what it's worth, I believe Pelosi only vetoed two of the five GOP members that McCarthy put forward (Gym Jordan and ~~Gaetz~~ EDIT: Jim Banks). McCarthy then threw a fit and pulled back the other three as well. Nancy shrugged, grabbed Cheney and Kinzinger and here we now are. It's great to think that McCarthy himself is the reason these hearings are as coherent as they are. Major blunder from his point of view, though obviously good for the country.


McCarthy is an exceptionally stupid man…a real triumph of stupidity when you look at his peers.


Cocaine orgies 'll do that


Good. McCarthy can eat a bag of dicks. I hope he realizes how much he did for this committee, and loses a lot of sleep over it.


A part of me wonders if McCarthy and some GOP members went along with this solely because they wanted to burn Trump without losing too much support from their base.


That is literally the entire republican playbook, get as much for yourself and burn the building down on the way out.


This is actually **the** reason they are working. There is no way to grab some soundbytes from a lying sack of shit during the hearings to present as a falsified summary. There’s no “other side” of the hearings. There’s no middle ground between information and disinformation for them to lean into, there’s just information. There aren’t even two competing narratives for them to sow doubt with. There’s just the fucking facts. People in the US are so obsessed with freedom of speech and their own self-aggrandizing commitment to it at the expense of leaving our most vulnerable victims to dangerous, brain-scrambling propaganda.


> There’s no “other side” of the hearings. There’s no middle ground between information and disinformation for them to lean into, there’s just information. There aren’t even two competing narratives for them to sow doubt with. There’s just the fucking facts. As it should be.


It’s a house panel but your point still stands


I literally didn’t know such a thing could be pulled off in America anymore but I love to be proven wrong. The Jan 6 hearings have been a class act.


Not to mention no shit flinging from Gym Jordan or Traitor Greene.


>Straight from the horse's mouth And every damn one of those horses has been a Republican. That's what really puts the nail in the coffin of any specious counter argument.


And testimonies are from GOP member and the public. Not Democrats.


AND a lot of the damning testimony is coming from Republicans. And not Republicans from swing dates, but those in Georgia.


>The GOP and their propaganda channels have known this was coming for months Well, I’d argue that they’re actually experiencing the perils of not participating in the committee’s investigation. Their lack of cooperation has put GOP lawmakers in a position where they don’t know what’s coming at them or who will be in the committee’s crosshairs on a day-to-day basis.


All their talking points about it being a façade, and a hoax, and a fake Hollywood production just are so goddamn hollow right now. And they have no defense. They just have to sit there and get kicked in the fucking balls and take it. And hope it blows over, by doing what they always do, which is absolutely nothing, and just letting the American attention span do the work.


Sadly like 30% of the country will just not care about any of this no matter how damming. My in laws literally actively avoid anything about it, they’re too obsessed with stocking up for when “the government fails and shit goes down” not too sure what they mean but my mother in law has been obsessively canning, and putting supplies and foods away. Just wasting all their money cause a dude on YouTube said something. The internet is melting peoples brains man.


Those 30% of people were never reachable to begin with. It’s the 40% of the country that didn’t vote in 2020 we’re looking at here.


Agreed. Major miscalculation by KM in pulling the Republicans.


Thanks for that blunder Kevin, the rest of us really appreciate it.


Reality is starting to set in. They can’t spin it anymore


It's such weak deflection too. Like, "this guy committed treason 378 times, sure, but gas is more now! So...that's about the same right?"


Granted, I don't look super hard, but it really feels like the right wing is collectively sort of having like a shock realization that this is really bad for the far right, and specifically for the Trump part of the right wing. Where Trump goes, the right wing goes. Even if they don't feel true allegiance to him, he is still the fucking captain of the ship.


It was fact for the first week or so until the propaganda caught up to it and turned it into a matter of opinion. It’s turning back into fact it seems, I just hope it lasts this time. Fox and OAN will throw shit at the wall till something works, I just hope they don’t find that sticky shit week or so intermission.


The committee has done a pretty good job of applying shit resistant coating onto all the walls. Let's hope they didn't miss a spot.


I thought they were going to skip Thursday. I was about to get mad. I bought popcorn.


It's still on!


Oh boy people are squealing like mad.


Regular hog farm, huh?


Mo Brooks was the January 6 elected official rabble rouser wearing a bulletproof vest. He knew what was going down that day. And Trump dumped him. There is nothing so vindictive as a formerly entitled elected official. Trump took away his meal ticket. He has no interest in being a patsy like Eastman and Rudy, the other non-Trumps on the stage that day.


Very exciting. Actually.


The hearings have had a good strong momentum, even Fox started airing them. There must be some really interesting stuff in the new evidence for them to decide to tell everyone to wait a few weeks. It's risky and they wouldn't do it without an important reason.


Fox started airing them because the courts ruled dominion can sue Murdoch for directing the stories as it was active malice. His private wealth became a target so he’s pivoting hard


How bizarre is it that an old Australian guy is running right wing politics in America?


Globally. He's got his malodorous little digits in a whole lot of crusty pots.


Not just America.


Is that true?


https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2022/06/21/after-court-lets-fox-news-challenge-move-forward-heres-where-dominion-and-smartmatic-defamation-suits-stand-now-and-who-could-be-next/amp/ News Corp and the murdochs. It impacts his entire empire, not just Fox


Good. Fuck him for allowing dangerous lies to be spread on his networks.


"allowing"? pshaw. that was the reason he created them...


Poor guy just divorced his fourth wife who is 26 years younger than him. All he was trying to do was promote his superior moral conservative family values to a foreign nation. /s


Didn't you know? Conservative family values^TM don't apply if you're a white straight man.


A friend of mine said he was SHOCKED by them. He voted for trump in the first election and said the first day of hearing made him change his registration from republican to democrat. Hes an ATF officer, in Mississippi, and he said he entire field office was like "wtf did i just watch." They were completely taken back by this, they hadnt seen any of it.


Supposedly this was expected/intended by the committee. They're still doing interviews behind closed doors, and having public hearings with damning evidence is a good way to encourage people who might have assumed they were safe to reconsider their refusal to cooperate.


So Republicans were in a bind.... Trump already lost to Biden (a not particularly strong candidate) once. Now with all the crap about him and his family coming out, he was even less likely to win again. Add a couple years and his erratic behavior, and he is an anchor on the Republicans. They know if they dont support him he will burn down the whole party.. Desantis is just as evil as Trump but a lot smarter with a much better chance to get elected. So how do they get Trump out of the way to give Desantis a chance without Trump splitting the Republican party? Suddenly there is a lot more material for the committee


Yep. It is very dangerous for all of us, but I think that is the plan as well.


No . It’s important not to burn the public out. In a fast paced 24 hour click bait media landscape it’s important to drip some information instead of a waterfall. Dripping information works best ,then the subjects of investigations squirm and writhe over what the next drip will bring . They begin to mount defenses of what they assume where the investigation will lead Let camp maga scurry , and in fight and maybe , just maybe someone breaks away in fear and turns on them.


That's what has happened and why they are suddenly getting a lot of new info. Stretching it out now only ensures even more people feel the heat and flip on Trump.


Donald is going to be pissed that they are putting on a better show than he ever did.


The initial hearing got 3x as many viewers as The Apprentice ever had.


I was reminded today that the Watergate hearings lasted something like 55 days and at the beginning Nixon had almost unanimous support within his party. Very different eras and Presidents, but the longer this goes on (assuming more hard evidence comes out) the better


I like how every time they try to downplay what happened, there's *more* evidence that not only did it happen, but it was way worse than we imagined.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.commondreams.org/news/2022/06/22/citing-deluge-new-evidence-house-jan-6-committee-delays-hearings) reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Citing a "mountain of new information" requiring analysis, the congressional committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol announced Wednesday that it will delay the hearings into the deadly insurrection until next month. > So rather than present hearings that have not been the quality of the hearings in the past we made a decision to just move into sometime in July," committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson told reporters, according to The Hill. > We just need to catch our breath, go through the new evidence, and then incorporate it into the hearings we have planned. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/villzr/citing_deluge_of_new_evidence_house_jan_6/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~656172 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **hearings**^#1 **new**^#2 **support**^#3 **information**^#4 **committee**^#5


Also, Thursday is still on. >Before pausing, the panel will hold one more round of hearings on Thursday, when witnesses will testify about efforts by then-President Donald Trump and his supporters to pressure U.S. Justice Department officials to help overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.


The DOJ has started seizing phones and issuing subpoenas A lot of people have come to the realization that it will be best to talk voluntarily before someone throws them under the bus


I wonder if they finally found footage from Trumps bunker where he was supposedly acting ecstatic while everyone around him was freaking out as the gravity of the situation unveiled itself. Always struck me as odd that in a room of lunatics and no loyalty grifters no one was filming the event either thinking it would be a "historic patriot moment" or to just cover their ass.


Whole committee grabbing the popcorn and settling in for a long watch of some spicy footage.


I like how the DOJ kept pestering them for records. Hello, they are holding the hearings right now, you can have the records once they become that - records.


Imagine if we had video of him giggling and cackling while watching J6 unfold on Fox News


Or even better, laughing and stating out loud what dupes his fans are, and how he hopes they kill Mike Pence.


Everyone around trump in the lead up to Jan 6th now got to ask, what did the cameras see or hear, do I go straight to congress and flip


Does this mean Eastman flipped?


Alex Holder turned over his documentary footage and has agreed to testify


How the hell can he flip? He's the second most culpable pos in this steaming pile of garbage.


That's actually the reason he'd flip. Trumpworld was looking to throw him under the bus and make him their patsy. But if he flips, he can get the best deal to get out of it. Like a Uno reverse card. Trump's inability to return people's loyalty is finally starting to catch up to him.


If Eastman was half as smart as he thinks he would have flipped months ago.




The issue imo is that this is all time sensitive. They have 4 months until midterm elections. They need to get this wrapped up with time for the trials to prevent interference on the part of Congress in the very likely event Republicans take both chambers. And the real kicker of it all is that Republicans didn't stop on January 6th. In the contrary they've invested even more in anti-democratic tactics at nearly every level of government to the point of engaging in a coordinated effort to install partisan election officials across the country specifically trained to gum up the works and contest Democratic votes. 2022 is going to be a shitshow. 2024 may well be the death knell of our democracy if this isn't wrapped up quickly and in a comprehensive manner that roots this shit completely out of the Republican party. Personally I don't think it will, and I think we have to prepare for the very realistic possibility that Republicans are going to try to overthrow our democracy again in the near future, but with the experience of knowing what worked and what didn't. I honestly think we're at the precipice here and this is a make or break situation.


This IS the biggest crime in American History and is still ongoing quite frankly. There are senators, governors, and representatives in Congress who are still very much criming rn.


The competition to throw furthest under the bus has commenced.


One Senator has already been outed in attempting to help with false electors. How many Reps are going to get caught? DOJ would need to prosecute right? This would really fuck with midterms (and I kind of like it). The rats are leaving their sinking ship, hence all the tips.


I once met an old man who back in the day got arrested and served jail time for having a pound of weed in his car. Trump committed an insurrection that killed people, and it’s a coin toss as to whether he will get arrested or not. That’s the country we live in.


A whole pound? There are people in jail for a single blunt And then there are those that were shot dead because the officer "smelled" weed


All they gotta do is paint Garland into the tiniest corner earth has ever known. We all know a lot of the powers-that-be do not want to prosecute a President. We also, as a nation didn't want an actual insurrection to happen where people died for the purpose of illicitly pushing for a current President to remain in power when in reality: they lost to the will of the people. So, really, all that has to be done is force the issue so hard with so much "firehose of actual truth" (as opposed to "firehose of falsehoods") that it's a MUCH easier choice for Garland to act on what shouldn't be this hard to decide.


The more Garland has no option but to prosecute, the more likely a jury will also convict the orange monstrosity


precisely. If seen in this way, the committee and what they are doing are a literal requirement for not just America specifically, but Democracy too. I am starting to see their purpose as being multi-faceted.


“It sounds mercenary and it smacks of rats leaving the sinking ship. But get real, when everyone is bailing out, you don’t want to be the last man standing.” — Robbie Fowler


*But wait! There’s more..* - The MyPillow Guy


Surprise tapes rapidly diminished the public’s support of Nixon and hence changed the course of history when they came out during the Watergate hearings. But of course, the general public was actually paying attention back then and Fox News didn’t exist.


I was going to say, that was literally the turning point in US media because the bad actors realized what they needed to achieve to prevent a repeat in the future.


Oh shit. This might be “the storm” we were warned about