If they can get a Senator who actually lives in this state, that would be surprising.


They're trying to make sure there's a "sane Republican" on the ticket in case Grietens wins the R nomination. My bet is if Hartzler/Schmitt/Long is the nominee then this "independent" will bow out. Not saying Hartzler/Schmitt/Long is sane (hint: also batshit crazy) but s/he are quiet about it. OK, maybe not quiet, but quieter than Eric is.


That’s exactly what Danforth is trying to do. The candidate looks like it will be John Wood. https://missouriindependent.com/2022/06/22/republican-on-jan-6-committee-leaving-post-to-explore-run-for-u-s-senate-in-missouri/ Wood would need about 15% of the vote to allow Kunce (aka “Mr. 41%”) to win a plurality. If Greitens wins the primary, it will be the first time the MO Democratic vote has mattered in a national election since Todd Akin and “legitimate rape”


And this is why, as high stakes as it is, this Dem is voting for Grietens in the primary. Getting Eric on as the R means the Dem has a chance. Not a good one, but at least a chance. If Hartzler/Schmitt/Long is the R nominee, the Dem has basically zero chance. Eric's nomination also means the RNC would probably have to spend some money in MO. And every dollar they spend here is one less they spend in GA, PA or AZ.


I wonder though how many Democrats chose a Republican primary ballot and voted for Trump thinking that it would guarantee a win for Hillary?


That is my thought too. If the last 6 years have taught us anything, it’s that nobody is too crazy or ignorant to turn away the Republican voting base.


There is no guarantee. I will be voting in the Dem primary to prevent Trudy Busch-Valentine from winning.


I think that was the election that was actually rigged.


shut up and drink your beer, old guy!


Can't. No booze on school nites.


Damn, guess I'm voting Greitens in the general then. Frankly, I really hate him, but if dems are going to try this shit, then you deserve the worst possible consequences for it.


What do you mean dems are going to try this shit? Its Republicans putting up another Republican against Greitens so he doesn't represent Missouri.


That statement was actually in regards to dems voting for Greitens in the primary. And I do mean that. Every time I see someone saying something like that, it's just one step closer to me voting for Greitens out of spite.




Ummm... John Danforth, former REPUBLICAN senator, is setting this up and is recuiting John Wood, a REPUBLICAN, to run. Might want to at least crack the link open before saying something stupid.


My post is in response to a specific person saying "this Dem is voting for Greitens." That is, very clearly, what I'm responding to, and the fact that you can't figure that out should be a strong indication you shouldn't go around trying to criticize others.


I don’t think they mean voting for Greitens in the General. They are talking about voting for Greitens in the Republican primary (as opposed to votes for Kunce in the Dem primary, which is already predetermined).


Yes, I get what they are talking about. That is precisely my point. If Dems are stupid enough to risk sticking us with Greitens, I will do everything I can to make sure they regret that decision as deeply as possible. I can't stand Greitens. He's a garbage person that has absolutely no business in public office. But if they are going to gamble with putting someone like that in office, if they really haven't learned the lesson from Todd Akin, then they deserve whatever happens. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Congratulations! You're the 75th person to so cleverly use the 'stupid prizes' phrase today. Here's your stupid participation medal: 🏅 ^^Your ^^award ^^will ^^be ^^recorded ^^in ^^the ^^hall ^^of ^^fame ^^at ^^r/StupidTrophyCase


I get what you are saying. I would argue that Schmidt would just as bad, if not worse, and the Democrats would have no chance of defeating him. Even with a third Party candidate. Backing Greitens is an act of desperation in a very desperate situation.


The mistake is in thinking the Democrats have any chance of winning. I also don't think anyone can be as bad as Greitens, from a simple appearances standpoint if nothing else. For every bad thing you can say about Schmidt, you can say exactly the same thing for Greitens. But you know what you can't say for Schmidt? That there are credible accusations of him beating his wife and children, or his ex. I'm not even aware of any credible campaign finance accusations against Schmidt. In contrast, you can say all of those things about Greitens. Whoever wins the Republican primary will be the senator. Trump won Missouri by 15pts in a national environment that favored the Dems by 1-2%. This is going to be a national environment that favors republicans by 3-5%, minimum. There is no scenario where the dem wins this senate seat. It's not desperation, it's just stupidity, and it deserves to be punished.


Agreed. No point in the Dem primary this year anyway. Kunce and Bush are sleep walking into their respective nominations.


Same…I take comfort in knowing that if he wins, he’ll at least annoy McConnell and Hawley.


This would be fantastic as it would split the Conservative vote in two and Kunce might get elected.


Dems would win for sure. I would guess that at least some R thinking is a D is better than Greitens long-term (he could be so disastrous that it makes more permanent voter changes in MO).


Boy that would be nice. And the only reason I don’t dismiss it out of hand is that we were a bellwether before Obama. What was changed once can be changed again, especially if the Missouri side of KC keeps growing and the STL area quits stagnating.


How did Missouri get so red so quickly? Im interesting in reading more about this if anybody knows some good resources. I was in a Lees Summit restaurant on Tuesday and they had all these pictures about Harry S Truman who was pretty popular and was a Democrat. Missouri turned right quick, was it a race thing?


[What's the Matter With Kansas? by Thomas Frank](https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Matter-Kansas-Conservatives-America/dp/080507774X) goes into how it happened over there several years before the MO GOP used a similar blueprint here. So not exactly the full answer to your question, but close enough to give you an idea.


Lee's Summit is just close to Independence, where Truman was from. Trust me, that does not reflect the feelings of the majority of Missourians who *actually think* he wasn't a good president. Just the locals and Dems mostly. Apparently Republicans aren't great at stats or econ because Dems tend to fix the economy they inherit from Reps. It's historical facts. But they don't really read into real facts... just "theories".


Out in the rural areas it's brain drain. Kids who can leave for college and better opportunities fled to KC, STL or other states and never looked back. Business bled out of Missouri, the small towns saw shit dry up and were sucked into conservative grievance politics. Fucking Sam Graves has done shit to help his district and the turtle still gets reelected handily.


I have had roughly the same thoughts this morning.


Fuck Greitens


Say it louder for the people in the back!!!!💪🏾💯🖕🏾


The fact that we haven’t all collectively demanded Hawley’s resignation/termination so we can start fresh with 2 new senators astound me. I have zero faith in this state’s ability to elect competent representation. There’s just so many bad apples.


I’m not surprised. The vast majority of Missouri vote based on political parties. They don’t know the candidates they are voting for. Had two good friends tell me they just vote dem down the ballot and only care about the president. Didn’t know who the governor of the state is. I wouldn’t have believed them given the amount of coverage our politicians get but these two people have nothing to gain by admitting ignorance.


I know who we have in office. That's WHY I'm Dem down the ballot.


At least you know. How do you convince people who are willfully ignorant and vote because of a color and not their best interest. You would think after the last 5 years people would want change.


I think there's a component of lack of local attention. Social media brings people a national political landscape, or echo chamber or outrage bait. But the lack of state and local coverage unless you are actively seeking it is pretty glaring. Not to be an old guy, but before the internet, shared experience of watching local news, picking up a newspaper and having local news was a game changer


Yeah. Split the non-crazy voters so that Ball-Gag Grietens will win. That's a strategy - or is it a strateregy?


This is a phenomenal way to kill the tiny sliver of a chance the democrat already barely has to win. The Republicans aren't going to vote for an "independent." Most republican leaning independents won't either. The only people this could possibly draw in are democrats or democrat leaning independents.


Why do you think this would hurt the Dems chances? This is a conservative group setting this up. They are worried that Greitens would be the statewide nominee and represent the Republican party. This PAC is putting up an independent in case that happens so it would be Greitens vs. Dem vs. and Independent. I don't think Democrats are going to split their vote I think it would be Republicans but tell me why you think differently.


Hey, Jack Danforth, why don’t you take your Ralston-Purina money and sit the fuck down. You endorsed Greitens for Governor, citing his record as a Navy Seal and his “humanitarian work.” You have fucked up this State for years. You’ve been pulling Roy Blunt’s strings since the get-go and used his whole family to line the pockets of you, your family and all your rich friends. People in Washington know what a slime you truly are and someday, after you’re litigious ass is gone, books will be written about how much harm you’ve personally caused Missourians.


People in MO should be deciding who represents us. Not some rich asshole in DC or George Soros.


Josh Hawley doesn't even live in Missouri.


Wasn't who I was talking about. If Josh Hawley is occupying that space in your head then it's time for him to start paying rent.


Yeah, he came to mind because you mentioned "people in Missouri" vs outsiders. We don't want outsiders or assholes, but people in Missouri apparently think a guy who lives full time in Virginia is ok, and the polls are showing they also love the guy who was indicted on felony charges, had an affair in his own home, and beat his wife and children. Assholes in DC or George Soros shouldn't decide who represents us, but how the hell are the people of Missouri stooping this low.


You know this is going to make greitems even more popular .Sadly.