I person would ask Why Not? We all love Dreads or Locs(which ever u prefer), as a hairstyle yk? So why not make it a lifestyle instead? That Natty n Nappy life, free of care, so lil I’m face, that Nature styled your hair. Now my friend, that there is free in form. One Love 💕👁🙏 -Jay


I adore locs- for their individuality, their beauty, the representation of overcoming adversity and commitment. Diligence, and even self- love. I find them to be connectors with self and the Creator. Personally, i find it more fulfilling and thrilling to consider them to be a lifestyle more than a hair style. You asked “why not” and admittedly my reasoning was/is superficial. Even so, in the face of such a choice which encompasses that much value- vanity pales. I thank you for your reply.


Yes as a child i had a crazy afro as a teen i started to process my hair as a adult i want dat afro bac ✌🏽🤎4eva🔒'D


I understand. As a child, i mostly wore hats. No one knew how to care for my hair. Even now im still learning what he likes. The discoveries keep me excited and the results motivate me. I wish you well with your endeavor. May your hair grow like wildflowers


My hair started to loc without me doing anything to it. I twist and ripped the rest of my head to create locs where my hair naturally clumped together. I love that my locs will always be unique to me. I love that they are weird and lumpy and bumpy. Celtic lore speaks of fairies dancing in our hair and leaving the knots as a blessing. I felt connected to this, as well as the sovereign energy of the Rastafarian movement, and as a mixed race person decided that it’s not worth pandering to other people instead of being who I am and allowing myself to be the way that makes me happy, comfortable, and aligned with truth.


I can appreciate this. Theres a certain mold that people try to fit..admittedly i have tried this as well and found it to be debilitating. I did not find myself while trying to be what the world deemed me. I make new discoveries often. My feet arebetter planted. I think that was the reason that ive looked to loc my hair. Because it an expression of self who is willing to be exposed. I am happy to hear you walk your own path as well. May the fairies forever find haven with you.


Thank you. I remind myself often that my unique authenticity is valuable, as is yours. Be your brightest self, you deserve it. Your journey is perfect for you. Being comfortable and healthy with my hair is big for me, as well as the spiritual aspects.


For me it’s about letting go of vanity and learning patience. Before letting my hair go, my long hair was a security blanket and I always stressed about it…it was time to stop and focus on more important things like my family.


I don’t want to walk around looking like everyone else. Half the planet has manipulated dreads and they all look the same. Freeforms look unique


It's fascinating that no matter how I've done my hair, I've seen this same argument in forums. What does it matter if you don't understand why someone chose a hairstyle, why someone has hella piercings or tattoos, why someone does body mods or any other personal style you would never choose? Whether aesthetic, religious, spiritual, personal, work related or otherwise, we all have different reasons and none of them will change anything or really answer it for you if you simply personally don't like them. I made a [YT video](https://youtu.be/u5E9ZUAUxXk) when I went freeform, maybe that will give you some insight to my personal journey but everyone is different, and indeed for many people it's not much deeper than choosing a style they like or that fits their lifestyle and sticking with it. I personally love how everyone's freeforms are different and completely unique to them.


You ask “what does it matter?” I say, it is not to find matter or value in the choices of others, but simply to understand them. I thank you for answering.


I think people with freeform are clearer than anyone about why they've made the choice if you seek out the content, and I don't think we have to understand each other to respect that others make decisions we wouldn't. Have a good rest of your day!


Simple fact that your locs are unique, they are yours, not another set of locs will look just quite how yours will be, embrace em all


It's a form of rebelliousness it shows you are brave enough to go against "society's beauty norms" what's why I freeform