Is this how drugs feel like ?

Is this how drugs feel like ?


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What do you call these transitions? I've seen so many of them I'd expect a dedicated subreddit by now.


I also wanted to know this for so long and from a rando youtube short, I was told! It’s called datamoshing.


> datamoshing looking at youtube, those transitions are bad. This should be on a different field, like visual magic fuckery something


You have to use pretty still video for the transitions.


Yeah, that's the point.




This guy fucks


He datamoshes that pussy


Search for videos to watch while on acid. Fuuuuck, even sober I can get lost in that video algorithm for hours.


May I introduce you to my favorite show to trip to Off The Air [Adult Swim] It utilizes this and so much more


Infomercials was another great show on Adult Swim


🎵Too many Cooks🎵


One of my favorite mushroom trips when I was younger was watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim and thinking the whole time that they were speaking French (I don’t speak French) 🍻


I watched Casino on three hits of LSD. Would not recommend. It’s a long movie without psychedelics. With psychedelics it’s an eternity.


This is my go-to as well! I'll also sometimes put that on and mute it and play my trippy playlists on Spotify while I watch it. Somehow my music always seems to sync up with the show 😂


That's actually a really great idea. I've always really enjoyed their song selection and have never thought to play my own


Their line up scares me sober. It’s craziness entertainment.


I would definitely go clinically insane if I tried to watch that show while tripping more than a tiny lil bit.


Went way WAY down an Off the Air hole on shrooms once. It was quite a bit of fun.


I was gonna say ketamine, but either works.


Personally this shit reminds me of ayahuasca, but it’s been a couple of decades.


How was your experience? I’m fascinated by it but have never tried it.


It’s by no means a recreational experience and definitely something to take very seriously and be mentally prepared for. That said, it was the only drug experience that I believe greatly improved my life, as it permanently erased my severe social anxiety.


Oh wow! That’s awesome!! I’m glad you had a good experience. Micro dosing mushrooms has done the same for me. I have had severe depression since I was 14 and micro dosing has completely changed my life. I’ve always been curious about LSD, ketamine DMT, etc but have stayed away just because I don’t know what kind of experience I’d have. I have a wild imagination and with my depression, personality, and overall thought process, I’m afraid of where I’d go if I tried them…if that makes sense. Ayahuasca has always seemed like it could also be a spiritual experience too…more than something like LSD or shrooms? Ive read stories about DMT being like that as well.


I'd recommend starting with higher doses of shrooms or LSD before DMT, only tried it once while drunk so i missed the "out of body" experience but right before i blasted off & a few mins after i came back i was fuckin HIIIIIIIIIIGH. Having been high as a kite before helped me keep my composure i think, although i was literally speechless for atleast 5 mins after i came to. Also I've heard of people shitting themselves on DMT, so make sure you're around good people but that should go without saying when it comes to trippin.


Welp, I'm 38 years old with severe social anxiety, and I think it's time I seek out some ayahuasca.


I have not personally delved into this realm of hallucinogenics but I have heard others speak of it as the ego killer. Some individuals spoke about the specific issue of social anxiety prior to their usage. Social anxiety can be attributed to one's disconnect with one's ego and if the ego is obliterated then there is nothing left causing an imbalance. They all felt free to be their true selves, comfortably so, as there was no ego left to oppose them. They all reported great healing as it had to do with their whole view on life, relationships, and generating more connections.






Omg thank you but I hate you... but thank you...wait...what is life?


I think you might be looking for r/existentialism


A complex series of experiences that may or may not be hyper-aware matter attempting to justify its own existence?


*keanu reeves head shaking while saying woah.gif*


You are the universe experiencing itself.


Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more.


This post is objectively much cleaner tho, there has to be something else.


If you have iPhone there is an app called moshup that does this


This makes me uncomfortable.


I'm currently stoned and can tell you, yes it does feel like that, I can drink a whole bottle of Coca-Cola


Weed? Lol no. Shrooms or acid, maybe ya


Shrooms were always tracers for me and LSD was more of an internal feeling of all my senses feeling combined


Shrooms can definitely produce some intense hallucinations similar to this.


I sadly never experienced hallucinations on shrooms :/ And I don't do that anymore, so it'll be for an other life


Don't worry, you'll find you back in this life if you trip hard enough in the next one.


Trippy stuff dude


Can confirm


Get the fuck outta here with that shit ..... oh wait yup it's true. he's back!


And in pog form!


I've had some intense hallucinations on shrooms, but you need at least an 8th( well me ). Most intense trip was on a quarter and I havent touched any hallucinogens since. What I experienced was so real to me(not even frightening really) that I've just kind of been done with it all


You got what you wanted and didn't more I guess ?


That's how my last shroom trip was. It was a bad trip, but during the come down I realized that life was meaningless, but that's alright because it doesn't have to have meaning to be enjoyed. Life not having meaning was kinda a big load off my shoulders. I haven't had any desire to trip on anything since.


So can ketamine. Can confirm. I fell asleep on acid once while bad tripping had the most intense dream of my life. The only way I can think to describe it is well bad, but to elaborate. I felt in the dream that all individuality would leave the world and I became like a page on a huge book that someone was just flicking through the pages. I became nothing more than a letter of a word in the page of a huge volume, akin to a grain of sand in the desert. It was actually pretty scary but sense prevailed on awakening but I was still tripping. I smoked a huge bowl of grass and was OK. Don't do drugs kids but if you're going to, make sure it's with small group of close friends, it's important they are somewhat intelligent. Plan it and have the necessary supplies and comfort. Atmosphere is paramount when taking hallucinogens. It's easy to become paranoid and that can be really dangerous. Stay safe. Edit: spelling


Yep. If you let negative thoughts creep in and take over they can become a runaway frieght train real quick.


Had the worst panick attack of my life on shrooms


That sounds a whole lot like ego death but in dream form.


I learned that I have to have a trip sitter. They are like my reality anchor. I trip so hard I always think I'm talking out loud. I will ask my trip sitter a hundred times "did I just say something".


How does one fall asleep on acid? Sure you didn't just zone tf out real hard?


Timing. Pop the tab and suck on it til your stomach gets queasy, swallow it and go to sleep. This kinda stuff is practically guaranteed, just write "I'm on acid" on your arm before sleeping cuz itll force you awake around the 3-4 hour mark and be tripping balls. You might think something crazy like "I died and missed the moment of death, so this is the afterlife and I can do whatever I want", or feel like you woke up about of the Matrix and make embarrassing or rash decisions.


I actually just did this in July. Never thought it was possible either. I was really drunk when I dosed at the end of a long night. When I woke up on my living room couch only a couple of hours later I can only describe what visually looked like a tornado happening right there inside my house. Curtains flying and all. Man it was a great trip.


Well I'm not sure to be fair but I think I was sleeping. It felt like wakeing up anyway.


Yeah, it generally takes a pretty high dose to get those kinds of visuals though. Elsewise it just makes the light reflect off of surfaces all pleasantly, just makes things look nice and makes you appreciate them on a level you wouldn’t have like you’re looking at them again for the first time. You take that much though and you’ll lose your perspective of time, a 12 hour trip can feel like a week if you pack it with interesting stuff to do.


Word of caution: I do have a family history of mental illness and for this reason, took one tiny square off a paper blotter pf acid the first time I tripped in my youth. I took about a third of what everyone else took because I had concern for my health. I tripped BALLS. I didn’t realize until years later how intense my experiences were compared to others who took far more and who, like me, hadn’t had any recently. One person’s experience with visuals is to be taken with a grain of salt. Your results may vary. Oh, also, I consider myself lucky. I would never fuck around with psychedelics again, but I am so grateful that I did when I did.


that's why they call it a *trip*


I used to consider shooms a fairly mild trip. I had done them dozens of times in the past but I had only eaten an eighth or less. Fast forward 20 years. Co worker of mine is growing his own shooms. Gives me a half oz for free. Let's ignore the fact that these were probably some of the best shooms I'd have ever eaten but I decided to put that whole half oz into some tea and trip by myself in my apartment while watching Dr Strange per his advice. I've done a lot of hallucingens as a teenager. I was not prepared to have one of the worst, most fear inducing trips in recent memory. I blame part of it on trying to trip alone. Regardless, I've decided to hold off on tripping in my later years for now.


Reminds me of the Ozzy lyric from “rock and roll rebel” “Swallowing colors of the sound I hear, am i just a crazy guy? You bet!”


I got this from weed maybe twice in my life when I was very new to smoking. I remember walking into my dorm room and seeing it turn into an ice cavern. I’ve never been able to get this sort of thing to happen again without acid/shrooms though


Salvia would do something like this.


Salvia definitely does this type of effect.


Which is why it's legal. It's so unpleasant it doesn't have to be illegal.


I’ve used salvia over 100 times. I live in the Midwest where every state around me has banned salvia. I’d love to get some more. Salvia is a drug that becomes extremely interesting once you become sensitized to the effects. And yeah, this video instantly reminded of salvia.


I had a friend stop doing all drugs for like 3 months after trying salvia at a party lol.


I've done acid, shrooms, DMT and salvia. Salvia's the only one I couldn't "step out of", even if the trip was the shortest, per consumption. I fell from a chair, maintaining a sitting position, in front of a bonfire and felt I was in a "Quantum Leap" style pixilated cube of layers going through the drawn bodies of every animated character from cartoons to cereal boxes. It probably lasted less than three minutes but my friend couldn't get me out and away from the fire. When I finally realized where I was I had a little bit of a panic and haven't touched any since. I've heard others share terrible experiences, even before I had mine, but I didn't believe all them till I had it happen.


Start with small doses. I first used salvia in 1999 when there was only one website selling it. Only the pure leaf was available, no extracts. Smoking 20x salvia when you’re a beginner is like starting off with 1200 mcg of LSD.


I remember the world being made of Lego for 15 seconds


Ketamine with either of these lol


Edibles at high enough doses can cause hallucinations - Ive had recursions at 400mg


I have experienced some time warping and very slight hallucinations on edibles, nothing close to shrooms though


I can’t smoke weed because it messes with time and I hallucinate. It’s not the most common, but it does happen.


What u smoking on


Skywalker OG


Good shit, I’m smoking on some mimosa tonight


Green Dream


Pineapple Trainwreck




Salvia perhaps


Only time I’ve ever felt gravity go sideways, besides drinking too much I guess


I sank into the sofa. Salvia is weird, I don’t like it at all. You take a hit and it feels like nothing is happening, then BAM…full on mind warp hallucinations. Time and gravity goes bonkers, and when you slowly come out of it a couple minutes later, you’re left coping in a limbo of altered state/reality for about a half hour. Edit …and while you’re coping in that limbo state, you’re also dealing with a feeling of, I don’t even know what to call it… “intense loneliness” for a lack of a better term. Yeah, It just wasn’t for me.


I had a similar experience on Salvia. I fused with my bed after taking a huge hit. Your vision starts to vibrate and everything starts spinning like a clock. Every little sound repeated itself at 500+ BPM. I saw my life and environment ripping me apart block by block until it was darkness. I wanted to move and scream but I couldn't. It felt like I died and my body disappeared into space. When I snapped back, only 5 minutes had past but it felt like an hour. I also drooled a lot for no reason. I stopped Salvia after that but it gave me a good perspective on respecting psychedelics and there's nothing wrong with having a bad trip.


>I saw my life and environment ripping me apart block by block until it was darkness. I wanted to move and scream but I couldn't. It felt like I died and my body disappeared into space. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ego_death


Yes, that's definitely ego death territory. Or, in clinical terms, ego dissolution. But, there are much more comfortable ways to lose your ego. I've lost my ego plenty on heavy doses of classic dissociatives (which I specify because Salvia seems technically a dissociative, but not a standard one). While similarly bizarre and foreign and mentally barren, it was relatively much more comfortable. The ego death on Salvia was just horrifying in a way I can't even find words to describe. There are different flavors of ego death. Different vessels to experience it in. Salvia extract is not a good way IME. Psychedelics or classic dissociatives are much more tolerable. Even on psychedelics, though, ego dissolution can be too intense.


I'll just stick to weed.


Even weed can really fuck you up. You ever been so high that you start to sympathize with the clinically insane because thoughts are passing through your brain at such a speed that you can't remember the previous one?


Happened pretty much every time I smoked, did edibles, anything with weed, really. Didn't really matter how much or how little I did, but of course, more made it worse. The synthesia was cool at first. The panic attacks, dissociation, delayed sense of touch for days, hearing menacing voices at times... yeah, weed is not for me


Some people are just much more sensitive to it. I've gotten fairly strong closed-eye hallucinations. Brain chemistry is quite complicated and people seem not to realize that. It's a shame, but yeah, you're right, it's not for everyone. I'm sorry you had to go through all that to find out.


Same here. Such a tiny bit is always so intense, I couldn't understand how people functioned after a good hit until I just accepted that it hits people differently.


If you live somewhere where THC is legal, I recommend edibles with a tiny dosage of thc and an equal dosage of cbd. Getting high makes me anxious, but a low dosage editables kinda makes me hungry and sociallable. Eating 2mg of thc candy every day has helped me so much


Took me way too long to figure that out. Peer pressure is a hell of a drug. I also bought into the "you just haven't had the right strain yet" bit way too much. It can be fun, but more often than not it was terrible. I should have known it wasn't for me when I had a panic attack the first time I smoked. Now I know and I do my best to warn people about potential downsides before they do what I did


>Even weed can really fuck you up. You ever been so high that you start to sympathize with the clinically insane because thoughts are passing through your brain at such a speed that you can't remember the previous one? I have. Yep. At least during my first high out of my mind experience - like everything else, you learn how to ride the wave so to say, but I also genuinely do not enjoy getting ripped out of my mind on weed. These days? If I'm going to get high these days? I pace myself and do small amounts at a time similar to taking straight shots of liquor. Typically one toke/edible will get me high and I'll just wait 30+ minutes for it to slowly kick in. Then I don't do anymore, but will if the experience is enjoyable (like alcohol). The high will wear off in 30 minutes to an hour like a buzz from drinking if you're paying yourself. I also use mild strains because I'm just frankly sensitive to weed and always have been. Sativa is good for creativity/listening to music and indica is good for relaxation/body high - I find hybrids to be nice in small doses. I also fucking hate being social high. That's awful. I just want to be left alone with my own thoughts (which can be a great creative muse) and to listen to music. That's how weed should be used. The extroverted party time stoner thing? Fuck that. I wouldn't say dismiss weed forever, but you gotta know you simultaneously. I rarely use it. It largely isn't for me, but once in a while under the right circumstances? It can be nice. Music high is absolutely great. You'll just notice so much more. If you're a creative? The creative process just flows so easily and weed really is a treasure trove of inspiration. Food while enjoyable is also overwhelming for me high as I'll come up with wild mental day dreaming creative scenarios as to the origin of the food itself on top of having to focus on chewing/swallowing. Which is great if I'm trying to write something, but really not helpful when I need to focus on chewing and swallowing my food (which is just an automated muscle memory process sober).




I struggle with that immensely. I'm already a bit of a hyperactive thinker, multiple trains of thought going at once and jumping between each as they develope. But I've gotten myself far too high on a handful of occasions. I will try to follow a specific train of thought, randomly think of a related tangent, and then the original thought is gone. I'll be trying to remember what it is, think of yet another tangential idea. After a few seconds (what feels like minutes), I'll then realize that I can't remember the original thought or the 1st tangential one. This will repeat itself until I'm several tangential thoughts in and then I will realize that I keep forgetting. That will give me anxiety and I'll try to focus more on remembering, after which point I'll still forget I love weed. It's more fun than alcohol with no hangover. I do it in the evenings ever since I got my card. It's said you can't OD from it, but it can definitely create some mental states that are very stressful when done to excess. Granted, levels of "I'm high AF but let's see if we can keep going" are what I'm talking about in terms of excess.


I’ve been so high that I started hearing voices and realized that this must be what schizophrenia is like. Since I knew I was trippin on drugs, the voices didn’t bother me but I can imagine it being super scary for people who don’t have control over voices in their head. Definitely made me more sympathetic.


Lol salvia was not enjoyable but it was super interesting. The seamless transition into your own personal horror movie is fucking fascinating. My friends living room turned into a giant mouth trying to eat us. It was so fucking weird.


Salvia is evil DMT.


YES. Whenever asked, I always tell people it's "DMT's evil cousin." You're the first person I've ever heard describe it the same but it's spot on lol


Dennis McKenna once smoked salvia and DMT at the same time. He called it “the clash of the titans“ or something like that. Apparently, “salvia won”. He said it was like tripping on DMT, but in salvia’s world. Salvia dominated. Just wanted to share that, because of your comment. Also, I love salvia. After multiple uses, you go into the experience prepared for what is about to happen. The drug becomes very interesting at that point. I’ve used it over 100 times.


It's definitely unique. Worth trying at least once just to see how weird it gets, but yeah I'm done with it lol. It feels like I'm stumbling into some other beings' realm and being toyed with like a lab animal


I’m glad I tried it, just for the experience. I tried it about 3 times before I came to the conclusion that I really wasn’t having a good time with it. The vile of salvia just sat in my change jar in my closet for about a year. I just threw it out after a while.


The last time I did Salvia (at least 10 years ago, prob longer), I fell into my own mouth. I can still vividly recall the feeling of just falling backwards into it somehow. I'm with you though, that was it for me. Haven't had the inclination to try it again since.


I know someone who became the liquid inside of a cup they were attempting to drink from and then spilled themselves on the floor and sunk into the floor boards. That someone may have been me.


It always makes me feel like there's some presence in the room with me trying to communicate and it wants to take me somewhere lol.


Yep. I’ve been in the room with that guy. Fuck that guy


Holy shit, you're the only other person I've heard mention that particular symptom. Weirdest salvia trip had me clutching the corner of my wall trying not to fall out my open front door because I knew I would fly off into super low Earth orbit at like 5ft.


And now you have a 3rd! However mine was the room rotating Sitting on couch, left side of room going down, right side going up. The front door to my far right was then high above me as I was dangling on the arm of the sofa. Directly to my right (above me?), a door opened (that door wasn't there before) and the queen of hearts walks out (normal grav for her apparently), and turns right (up?) And leaves thru the front door Everything settles, the bong is still in my hands and I ask my buddy if I was flailing around at all, to which I received a negative 10/10 would love to do it again (this was almost 20yr ago now) I would smear a layer over a bowl pack to fuck with time perception. I had so much fun with that shit


It flung me into a sliding glass door a couple times. Like, same occasion I just kept running into the gravity well. Huge bong rip of 90x. 1/10 not a good time.


2/10 w/ rice?


Never tried it myself, a bit scared to, but I've always been curious.


Having experimented with other things, salvia is pretty low on my list and wouldn’t recommend tbh.


I've done my fair share of drugs, but after seeing a bunch of my friends freak on salvia, I decided to pass. Did not seem like a good time.


I've heard it described as "Acid, but worse in every meaning of the word."


If DMT was weed salvia would be alcohol. Or something. I don’t know. Wouldn’t recommend it.


Honestly I've never laughed harder than I have on Salvia; but yea it can go south quick. For me, it's not necessarily the strength, but the quickness it rushes in that messed me up. DMT is better but similar for me.


Acid is leagues better than salvia, no question


I used to use salvia in college. I had a pretty large personal supply. Tried LSD for the first time and immediately threw out all my salvia. Have not had any interest in it since trying “good” psychedelics. Lesson learned: just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s good. Same story with “Spice.” I used to smoke that crap before trying real pot. Tried pot for the first time and never felt any interest in smoking “spice” again.


As someone that has smoked it a couple times, it's really not a good time. It can be an interesting experience like nothing you can imagine, but it's usually not all that pleasant.


I’ve also smoked it a couple times way back in the day and agree. It’s definitely interesting and I’m glad to have experienced it honestly because it’s just so beyond what you’re capable of imagining, but I wouldn’t do it again.


me and my friends all tried salvia for the first time when we were 14 because it was legal and weed was expensive and we were pretty broke i went first with our dry 100x extract, i was in a different reality for a good 5 minutes and could not even recognize my friends as anything other than weird objects within itself like some fractal objects like everything else in the room, naturally after seeing me in that completely uncommunicative state my friends did it one by one after me since i had been laughing for 5 minutes straight (allegedly) and as soon as we were all finished we realized none of us will ever do it again lmao funny experience though, 10/10 would never do again.


It’s pretty fun in a fucked up kind of way lol I’ve definitely been glad I did it every time, even when I freaked out and sprinted across a park and had to have my friends chase me down and sit next to me while I yelled gibberish for several minutes. I think it’s good to get a healthy dose of having reality ripped out from under you every once in a while.


I did it twice. The first time was amazing, I laid down on a carpet and the feeling of sinking down was incredible. It was just me and 3 of my friends who were all on it and we laughed a lot. The second time it was just me and one other person amongst a group of probably 10 people who were all staring at us waiting for something to happen... Which resulted in me having a really bad time and I felt really anxious and had a bit of a freak out, so I was just waiting for it to be over. I have never had any desire to do that ever again!


First time smoking salvia, I Iaid back, looked around, noticed I was in an island, a toucan turns to me and says “I don’t think you held it in long enough” and I was like “you rite” so I sat up to take another hit, suddenly returning to my living room. The jape’s on you toucan Sam, looks like I did hold it in long enough


It's weird how you can just slip in and out of it like that


Salvia was 100% the worst high I have ever had. I have tried it multiple times and its never fun. Do not recommend at all.


Done salvia multiple times and it seems like a... waste? Compared to LSD or DMT. Just not nearly as "good" of an experience. It just kinda fucks you up and makes you believe shit you never would.


Salvia gets too much hate. Yes, it can be very uncomfortable and dysphoric. But the perspective it shows you is unlike anything else. DMT connects things in ways that make you feel like everything has clicked into place and is in harmony, you can see the bigger picture. Salvia connects things in ways that make you feel like the universe is playing a joke on you because there is no rational reason why what you see should exist. Like you’re an idiot for thinking you knew how reality works. It’s pretty cool.


I do think it gets too much hate, but it seems like a lot of people had a genuinely bad experience with it. I wouldn’t do it now as it’s just not my thing these days, but I don’t regret that I did a couple times when I was younger. The experience is just so insane, you completely lose your understanding of reality and watch it get built back up again.


After I did salvia I just thought man it's crazy that the mind can hold reality together so well all the time, because in an instant and can be completly changed and wiped from existed.


It really is crazy that a plant can do what it does to you. Like I accept shrooms and weed and all the other natural substances that alter your reality as acceptable and rational. Like certain plants and funguses can alter your brain, makes sense. But the fact that salvia exists is fucking nuts.


> Salvia connects things in ways that make you feel like the universe is playing a joke on you because there is no rational reason why what you see should exist. Like you’re an idiot for thinking you knew how reality works. This describes it perfectly for me. I have always felt embarrassed while on Salvia. Like the feeling you get when you say something really stupid in a public setting. That complete red in the face total embarrassment for saying something so stupid feeling. When I have taken Salvia I have this sense of “sorry everyone, for being so dumb”… it’s weird. While your description is spot on, I still don’t like it.


I’ve done it a dozen times and never freaked out, sometimes it was overwhelming or uncomfortable but other times it was like the purest freedom I’ve ever experienced. Like being on a light speed roller coaster shooting through a fiery orgasm dimension. Most uncomfortable was when I smoked it on a single tab of acid and a very grouchy alien pirate came out and scolded me for being a bothersome monkey who was too curious for his own good. Fortunately he was just grumpy but also benevolent, gave me a dip into a portal of other peoples childhood memories and when it got to be too much I said “okay enough please” and it spat me out.


> Like you’re an idiot for thinking you knew how reality works. I love this description lol. I’ve always felt refreshed afterwards, like reality is just a bit easier to handle knowing how fucking weird and malleable everything is


No, ketamine can be quite like this sometimes.


God, Salvia was a trip and a half. I was maybe a year or so out of undergrad and was half living with my family in Florida and half living in Vermont, depending on the mood. We found this hookah lounge in the Tampa Bay area that sold Salvia, so we fired some up. The walls did two things: that rolling wallpaper effect from That 70s Show, along with bubbling. 5 minutes later I was back to normal.


More specifically, that first 10-15 seconds of Salvia, before gravity fucks you off into a worse trip.


LSD can get pretty wild


I don't think I'll ever "recover" from LSD. It's really a life altering substance, and for the better.


LSD puts you in the drivers seat, shrooms in the passenger seat, salvia in the trunk.


dissociatives, I'd say


Five gallons of cough syrup


Almost. Robo trips are fun but you dont actually experience it like this. You are paralyzed on the floor.


I used to robo trip in high school. I was never paralyzed on the floor, for me the experience was quite different. Walking felt cartoonish and weird, like I was made out of rubber bands. I thought when I took a step my legs would keep on stretching, as if I could walk across the room in a single step. Very disorienting to say the least.


Walking was always so weird... my feet felt like bricks and I could never tell how close the ground was so I'd tend to slam my feet down really awkwardly. My friends told me I looked like a bird.


Yeah, it was awkward as hell, lol. And I always felt low-key nauseous the whole time, and my teeth felt like gummies


I tried cracking an egg into a bowl for an omelette but I ended up cracking it and opening it straight onto the floor lol. The sound it made had me laughing.


I took a 2CB analog in my teens and it was very fucking close to this. Like every minute or so the room would skip freeze and then catch up and be different. Also blasting off on DMT is pretty close with everything melting into cube world.


Dissociatives kinda


Exactly what I was thinking. Ketamine feels like this.


That’s what my experiences have been on too, interesting stuff! Lol




Yes this reminds me of PCP


Stop that


Little girl, in a field, holding a flower. We zoom back, to find, she's in the desert, and the field's an oasis. Zoom back further, the desert is a sandbox in the world's largest resort hotel. Zoom back further, the hotel is actually a playground, of the world's largest prison. But we zoom back further--




That all sounds really, really ambitious...


I’m going to stop you right there because I can tell your time is very valuable


The moment when the image changes make me feel like I did when I smoked Salvia devanorium. Wild.


How it feels to chew 5 gum.


Depends on the drugs


Uh okay like what drug? I feel every single this is what drugs feel like is a correlation made by non drug people.






Not any ket I've tried


Agreed, K doesn't do this for me either.


But even then, no.


I think the title bothered my brain more than the vid did. > Is this how drugs feel? or > Is this *what* drugs feel like?


Commenting for visibility. I’ve been seeing this grammatical error so frequently online I’m starting to think it’s intentional.


"It's unpleasantly like being drunk" "What's so unpleasant about being drunk?" "Ask a glass of water"


Thank you, came to say that. I realize most of the time this is someone who did not grow up speaking English but sometimes it is and Lord knows that makes me crazy!


I see this mistake all too often.


Correcting grammar on reddit is a hopeless endeavor, but I appreciate the effort.


It used to be the norm. People would get downvoted for blatantly incorrect grammar and "grammar nazis" were generally celebrated. This was like 7-10 years ago though. I think there's a healthy medium but I do think we're too far on the other side now. I see "How it looks like" etc. near daily now.




This does remind me of what I saw once when I was on acid and ketamine at the same time then did a nitrous balloon... the room I was in deconstructed itself in a similar way to that. Was terrifying and mind blowing at the same time


If you do a lot of ketamine it does feel like this


It's all fun and games till you end up in a K hole.


I was very convinced that I was dead. Another time I hallucinated a whole afternoon at work, then I thought to myself “man I’m really messed up, too messed up to be at work” then kinda like a lucid dream I felt myself slouched over on my computer table at home drooling.


And then it’s really fun


Ketamine, kinda.


Mildly terrifying


OH GOD—I’m getting flashbacks to a time where I thought I was stuck in a time loop.


This is what it felt playing superliminal. Definitely a unique experience


A veces si


Exactly the visualization I get after taking a couple of 200mg Ibuprofen. Maybe even 3 if I’m feeling real crazy.


*this comment is satire. dont do drugs kids, none of them will make you feel like this*


Are you an ant?


What is this? A trip for ANTS?!


You find some drugs this good and you better let me know.


Lately I’m seeing a lot of these kind of videos with that crazy effect… how they do it? I’m pretty sure there is an app for that, right?


I haven't seen an app that works. but it's called Data moshing. Videos don't have a constant stream of jpgs 60 times a second. The bandwidth needed would be near a gigabit speeds for high resolution videos. So video compression is used to reduce this to 500Kbps for 480p or 22mbps for 4k HDR to watch the video (rough numbers btw). Compression works by receiving a complete image file like a jpg or bmp this is called the i-frame. You then have tons of frames after the i-frame called P-frames. You can think of each P-frame as a text file that tell pixels to change color between the i-frames. You also have B-frames that look at the frame in front and the frame behind it and make an estimated guess at what the in-between of those two frames is. okay now we know what frames are. Data moshing is when you go into an already rendered video and find the point between between two video clips within the video. When the 2nd clip starts delete the I-frame. The video player will not have the first image of the new clip and will take the P-frame and B-frames and manipulate the pixels of the previous i-frame image. You'll need to keep deleting i-frames in the 2nd clip to continue the data mosh. Here is an example of how frames would be in a normal video. I pbpbpbpbpbpbpbp I pbpbpbpbpbpbpb I pbpbpbpbpbpbp Example of data moshed video. I pbpbpbpb (new video clip) pbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpb Note: The less movement the better. The more you introduce movement when you have just the P-frames and B-frames the better. All the extra movement will cause the video to continue to become a pixelated mess.


No, but these drugs are sure feeling better.