I lost access to my account because I lost my phone with everything inside including SIM card. Help!!!

I lost access to my account because I lost my phone with everything inside including SIM card. Help!!!


not sure which country you reside, but regarding your cellphone, in my case, i previously lost a phone, and since i had a monthly plan with the phone company, i just called in to tell them i lost my phone and the sim, they basically cancelled the other sim, and since my number is registered, they just gave me a new sim card with my old number. I'm in Canada, so i don't know how it works in your country. did you see there is another post in this sub similar to your situation? just call IB using another phone and answer the security questions. we live in an age where people change phone and numbers often, including losing one, there's no way they won't let you access your account bcuz you lost your phone. explain the situation calmly and plz don't be disrespectful when you talk to them, even if they appear not to be very helpful, cuz it may backfire. if one time doesn't work, call again, and ask for a supervisor to explain what happened.


By the way this also shows exactly why one shouldn't use SMS based 2FA. Sim swap attacks are surprisingly easy for hackers these days.


What would be an alternative 2fa though?


IB themselves recommend their app based 2FA over SMS 2FA. Nobody should use SMS 2FA, it's too dangerous. Android: https://ibkr.info/article/2277 iOS: https://ibkr.info/article/2278 FAQ: https://ibkr.info/article/2260#inst


This is the point of 2FA authentication - it should not be easy to go around missing phone. As /u/pegasus_y proposed - get SIM replacement. Or call them - they must have a procedure for it - but it may not be quick.


Borrow a phone. Call IB. 312-542-6901 or 866-615-0378. Press 1 for trade related issues, and pay them a commision to get you out of your trade if you still want out.


You should be able to call support still


My phone broken 2 days ago, I called and they asked me few security questions, and gave me a temporary security code which work as a replacement of 2nd authorization for 48 hrs.