How to route orders to get the lowest commission?

How to route orders to get the lowest commission?


There's exchange fees etc. that are passed on. IBKR is totally transparent about commissions and fees.


But I already set routing as max rebate AND added liquidity, AND my order didn't go through immediately!


*But i already set* *Routing as max rebate and* *Added liquidity* \- UninteractiveBrokers --- ^(I detect haikus. Sometimes, successfully. | [Learn more about me](https://www.reddit.com/r/haikusbot/))


Wtf lol


I think you might have to call IBKR customer service; you're probably not going to get a valid response here.


I am also frustrated with this when selling calls, I am selling calls on 200 Nokia shares and fees are from 1.xx to 4.xx for two contracts 10$ trade.Everytime different.


Everyone I know at IB has this issue. For pure stock option trading IB is not the best choice for commissions.


having the same issue. After spending hours reading their fees schedule it doesn't explain the high options commissions. Are there good alternatives for options? I can't imagine using robinhood but supposedly they have free option commissions?