Anyway to Invest in stocks from dubai?

Anyway to Invest in stocks from dubai?


100 dhs isn’t worth it , I mean go ahead and try it out for sure. My advice would be to start by saving a 3-6 months safety net in cash. Then looking into investing into funds not stocks. Individual stocks are a huge risk and should be a tiny part of your total investments.


No individual stocks are not a huge risk.


Not "huge" but certainly they are more risky than index funds.




Minimum initial deposit is $1000 so that isn't going to be an option for him.




Hey, how's baraka? Any trouble sending cash to their US account?


Nah, smooth afaik. They just ask a lot of KYC docs like home address proof etc but other than that it's fine.


Thanks tintin


How's your experience with them so far?


Question not very clear. You want to invest in stocks in UAE? or abroad (such as USA). What's your intention? You want to day trade or invest in long term?


What's your investment plan? what do you intend to achieve (other than more money ofc)? short-term or long-term? Do you have emergency fund built already? Are you going to actively invest or passively invest? If you're a newbie, easiest to start with robo-advisors like sarwa. it's passive. if you want to actively invest, go with Interactive Brokers.


So many questions for someone who wants to invest 100 dirhams


Interactive brokers works fine, but it's not easy to use. So if you just want to invest 100 AED and not spend many hours understanding how to do it, then go for eToro or even with Revolut.


not sure what the point is. Most stock make on avg 10% per year, if you are lucky and take some more risky ones, it can go up to avg 24%. so even if you find a platform that will take your 100aed, they will ask a platform fee, so it's just not financially viable.


I recommend creating an Etoro account just so you have it ready for when you actually have enough money saved to make a meaningful investment. Throwing 100 AED at a stock just cause is utterly pointless, maybe after a year you will make an extra 10 AED which is hardly worth getting excited about.


Try Sarwa. You can now start investing with just $5 (around 18AED). https://www.sarwa.co/invite/JIMENE


100 aed is around 27 bucks. I don't think this amount of money is good for anything. Investing? 100 doesn't even get you a sleazy massage. You need at least at the very least 10k for you to actually make money around 10-18% per year. And still that would be just 1k Aed to 1800aed. And I guess you are the type that wants zero Risks. So my guess is you won't even reach 10% maybe the usual 8% S&P500. My advice is add another 300 and go get yourself a happy ending and call it a day.


A happy ending costs 300+?