Opinion: Debian bores me to death

Opinion: Debian bores me to death


Have been using Debian Stable for 12 years now. Best OS ever! Thank you, Debian community!


That's illegal. Meme law dictates that after five years of using Linux you must move to Gentoo.


its actually possible to be past the gentoo and arch stage. i gave up wanting to play sysadmin simulator years ago


Not if you used Crux before.


> i gave up wanting to play sysadmin simulator years ago As a sysadmin, I don't want to bring even more work home. Laptops and home server run debian, and I ain't gonna change that


There must be a kill on site order for me or something in that case. . I've been using Linux since 96. I've only ever used Debian, Ubuntu (in it's early days when it was just a better Debian) and various Red Hat and SUSE distros.


Ubuntu only shown up in about 2003 and was never better than Debian. Maybe had an easier installer.. but was all a mask on top of debian-installer


I agree. I've been using Linux since late 90s as well. I've tried Ubuntu a few times since it came out and I never felt it was better than debian... I installed it in a few desktops for non-tech savvy people because it was quick and easy to get it working out of the box just for web browsing and email, but I actually ended up regretting that later when things started to break... and switched some of those desktops to debian and never had any major issues like I was having with Ubuntu.


That is a bit of a po-tah-to po-ta-to issue. Early Ubuntu was basically Debian, with all the non free sources and multi media codecs pre-installed along with some nice theming. It also made installing GPU drivers quick and easy, back in the day when they weren't. All stuff that I always had to do myself, but this time it was that way out of the box. Saving me time and effort. So calling it a better Debian isn't crazy. It's the same reason so many other distros are based on Debian today.


Same. Started with Caldera OpenLinux, Suse, Linux Mint, then settled on Debian. I run CentOS on my servers though.


That brings back memories, I also started on Caldera OpenLinux. Moved to RedHat (which wasn't fun at all) when Caldera stopped being so open and then started using Debian via Progeny Linux. Only run one server and that's 🤫 OpenBSD 🤫


>That brings back memories, I also started on Caldera OpenLinux. Yeah, great memories, in fact! I remember those days I had an acer laptop from work to which I put everything on it: I've tried Caldera, Libranet, Mandrake, Red Hat, even Corel Linux... :-D By that time I was just experimenting, I didn't even know what was linux about, it was just another SO for what I understood. Then I read "In The Beginning Was The Command Line" and start to dig a little more... Now I'm an home linux user for 5 years in a row (no dual booting nor anything like that anymore!) and, apart for maybe 4 or 5 months of openSuse, has been Debian all the way ;-) Unfortunately, at work I'm forced to be on win7, for God's sake :-(


kill on _sight_ funny reference to IT and something being "on site" though


Arch these days, do those people ever shut up?


Their wiki is great though ngl


I agree, great documentation.


Clueless noobs are always gonna clueless noob. Arch folks don't much care for them either.


As Arch user, memes are sometime fun. But emphasing that a chrome Os user kinda "use Gentoo BTW" is far funnier to the face of "I use * BTW" wo-men.


No. Bragging is part of the Arch experience.


There is a reason why arch is such a solid foundation for tinkerers and customisation freaks like myself. You're using a community distro which is made by the community for the community You can always be on the bleeding edge which is helpful when getting certain programs on other more stable distros may not be available. Which is why the AUR is amazing. Personally I don't find Debian any more difficult to install than arch but there are times where the AUR has made things easier the same us possible but not as easy e.g want nvenc ffnpeg you have to build it from source on other distros while on arch you just use an AUR helper to install it . People on arch can be annoying sometimes it's a meme and it's annoying aside from that people like arch so much because like building a PC no two installs are the same you can make it whatever you want For the most part I find Debian live to be the same If not easier to setup . If I wanted more stability I'd nice to Debian because like arch you get to choose what's installed.


>You can always be on the bleeding edge which is helpful when getting certain programs on other more stable distros may not be available. Which is why the AUR is amazing. AUR is amazing until you realize you are just running random scripts from the internet. It doesn't compare at all to using debian official repos if you really care at all about security


AUR is kind of like pip, cargo, go modules, or npm in that way. Yay.


But, I switched to Debian _from_ Gentoo. (Installed Gentoo 2004.3, switched to Debian in December 2007.) I was tried of administrating my system (so much) and wanted to use it (more).


I've been using Linux since late 90s. Never used Gentoo or arch nor feel the need to... Maybe because I already did a lot of compiling in the early days using redhat, suse or even debian... Back then one would download and compile the kernel the first day a new version would come out in the hope that it would finally get our sound card to work or things like that...


pretty sure linus himself uses fedora


It’s his go to


May I use `apt-get source` and `dpkg-build` to split the difference?


I've been using Gentoo for 4 years, then for my company server I installed Debian. Fite me.


And eventually Hannah MontanaOS


There's still enough time for that. Start using linux circa 2000, do a stage 3 install in 2005, switch back to debian 2008, thanks debian for 12 years of use in 2021. That's pretty much my timeline except shifted forward to '97.


There is a big discussion on the mailing list about making it more boring. Right now, we make sure the user has SOME fun, and needs to complete a quick maze through the website if they need non-free drivers. Sadly, the website team is working on overhauling that, and soon the big download button will helpfully bring you to a page that describes why, when, and where you may need a nonfree image. Gosh darn it!


hardest part of installing debian is finding the download link


Agreed. I wish I had an award to give you! Edit: gifted!


Oh wow, thanks for my first silver!


Damn it Debian? Can’t they make a linux trivia or something before you can install it??


Bring it on!


Don't tell me! I booked a full evening for a reinstall after a disk change, and would you know it? It was up and running before my daily Netflix session!


Seriously... I remember the "good old days" when I had to compile the kernel on Red Hat 6.1 to get my dial-up modem to work while walking uphill both ways in the snow in sandals... Now stuff just works. Even my Nvidia card works on Buster by installing a few extra packages as stated from Debian's excellent documentation pages. How unexciting... I LOVE it!!


I was on the same boat as well... That was when kernel building documentation included steps like "go make a pizza"


> Seriously... I remember the "good old days" when I had to compile the kernel on Red Hat 6.1 to get my dial-up modem to work while walking uphill both ways in the snow in sandals... This is literally me but swap out "modem" with "usb mouse". I think 6.2 was the last redhat version I ran before moving to debian.


I remember the good old days when I took home Slackware on 80 floppy discs, and after configuring the kernel to match the hardware waiting 26 hours for it to compile. That wasn't boring at all.


Oh wow! It took me a while to finally settle on Debian. The LUG at my university was definitely Red Hat centric... Used Fedora for a while, then eventually Ubuntu for years, because it worked with my hardware much easier than RH/Fedora. It was the apt/snap bait-and-switch that Ubuntu started doing relatively recently that made me switch to Debian permanently on all my systems! Mostly Stable, one laptop on Testing. It's perfect! Wish I made the switch years ago!


It’s the worst. Such a boring distro. Just installed sid with a RTX3070 and a Ryzen 3700x and everything works. Even that pesky 2.5GigE network card. Took me less than half an hour to get everything installed. Surely there are wizards working on Debian, cause it sure feels like magic.


Boredom becomes a good thing when you maintain, oh say, a small server farm and a handful of clients. I know, I know, I really need to fully adopt "cattle, not pets", but Debian just makes it so *easy*.


This! Exciting can stay on the test boxes!


If you have just a few boxes, cattle is fine but I do recommend that you use some sort of configuration management tool like Puppet. Don't tell some of the folks at /r/aws though.


I've been getting in to salt and loving it!


It's a pity the X250 only has one RAM slot. To upgrade it to the max you have to buy a new stick of 16Gb.


I bought a used t450 with 16gb ram to replace my 4gb x250 for not much more than what the 16gb stick costs 🙂


Yeah, I booked a whole day to reinstall from testing to stable, and it only took me 2h to reinstall absolutely everything, including making the install medium. Shame! I even had to launch a game afterwards to fill the day!


I have used both Debian and Ubuntu for one year, and my experience with Debian has been much better. I guess it is like they say, Ubuntu is the baby's first distro.


I use Debian for almost 20 years for exactly this reason. Ran LMDE for couple of years but came back to Sid.


Sid is actually way too exciting for my liking.


Yep, that is exactly my goal with an OS. The point is for it to let you run your tools to do your work and stay out of the way. Came by way Widoze, Ubuntu and Mint, each of which in its own way that seemed to want to denand to be my center of attention like some kind of poorly socialized three year old.


Debian: The good kind of boring.


Truth. Debian largely "just works," where other distributions make you get a six year degree in order to adjust the volume.


Boring, consistent, and predictable are excellent attributes for an OS.


Casually typing this in a Thinkpad X250 with Debian 10, too. So bored, man...


if you're bored of debian try ricing or making a hardware specific gentoo with optimized kernel or arch or try to build LFS all of those can be proove challenging and fun (ricing is more fun than challenging) maybe try installing debian minimal and try building it up with dwm and polybar or something. edit: I use debian minimal with dwm + dwmblocks, st and zsh with the powerlevel10k theming, and I'm thinking of switching dwmblocks for slstatus and a few other changes.


I've been running a Testing/Sid FrankenDebian for years now and can't get the bugger to break. I might have to switch to Gentoo unstable or LFS for more 'fun'.


And I'm still working on installing the nvidia optimus drivers... I'm far from being bored


Yup. I recently got around to migrating my Dad's laptop from Ubuntu to Debian when he got a new SSD. I was dreading it as the Ubuntu install was a nightmare of UEFI and wifi hassles. Debian 10.7 install was done in minutes painlessly.


I'm with you. A boring, unmemorable computing experience is my end goal.


so stable its boring


Been using Debian since Lenny, last Ubuntu was 12.04. :)


I've just loved your boredom! I wish every piece of boredom could be as that! Indeed, thank you Debian and thank you linux, for allowing us all the free of choice :-D


It mostly "just works". I've been using Debian since 1998. Also, mostly do upgrades rather than fresh installs.


I got my sons old pc when he built his new gaming rig, and was able to watch a movie with the family while setting it up. As easy as Windows and took a third of the time


Don't tell me. I've got Debian servers going without issues since years!!!


Well done!


...and that's a good thing!


"I’m kind of bored since everything went so easy." . . .


Did that joke seriously fly over your head?


I’m not a native English speaker. What are you two talking about?