I’m excited and don’t have anyone to share it with.

I’m excited and don’t have anyone to share it with.


Damn, 1070 to 3070 is a night to day upgrade. Enjoy, man!


Going from a 1070 Ti to 3080 was honestly insane at 1440p


MEANWHILE I'm still rocking a 870m. Literally a rock


I went from 970m to 3070 3 days ago




1650 super ain't no slouch. Paired mine with an i5-6500 and a 1080p monitor and I playing the new WoW expansion with ease. Maybe the last good less-than $200 card we'll see for awhile.


1660 was probably a better deal before the recent inflation of GPU prices this last month or two.


Honestly crazy how GPU prices are so volatile. Not many consumer products have such insane fluctuation in prices.


I'm upgrading from a 2500k and a 770 to a 5600x and a 3090 (gave up trying to score a 3080). Just waiting on my case and power supply to arrive, can't wait.


I’m begging my 3gb 960 to hang in there for a few more months before I can upgrade. Poor old boy


lol same hit 4gb 960


I’m still using integrated graphics... but that’s the life of a poor college student I guess


Don't worry, your time shall come.


Still waiting for my 3080, but all my other parts got here. So running a ryzen 9, 32 gigs of RAM, and an R9 290. It was a beast of a graphics card.. 7 years agi.


I’m sitting on a 1060 that’s on it’s way out. Haha


I have the same card on my laptop and just yesterday finished building my first pc with a 3070. I can't wait to see the world with new eyes


im gonna go from a f*cking nvidia gt8400ns to a 3060/70 next year and im gonna be so happy


What were the biggest differences?


I used to get around 100 FPS on Modern Warfare and Warzone at 1440p, and now I lock my framerate at 144 and it never dwindles. Taking it off a locked framerate I can get 140-170.


How do you get 100fps on warzone at 1440p my 5700XT can't get stable 140 on 1080p


Whats your CPU?


I did have a Ryzen 3600 but now have a 5600x. It’s made a decent difference too


I had to pick up a 3700x because I couldn't find any 5600x chips to pair with my 3080. Should I have waited?


Depends on what resolution you play at and which games.


1080p at 144hz for the time being. Should be fine, I think lol.


Lol I went from a 1050 to 3080 and it’s quite incredible to say the least


That's where I'm at now. Going to let the dust settle on AMD and see what happens in the next 6 months but I can't wait to kiss my 1050 goodbye.


Im going from a rx 570 to a 3070 on tuesday, cant wait


I’ll be going from a 770 to a 3070, if I can ever find a 3070 that’s not grossly overpriced lol


Eyy, I'm also going from a 770 but I'm switching to a 2060 super. Cheaper and it's on it's way to me as I'm typing this.


I love my 2060 super, just built my first PC this year and managed to find one on OfferUp still sealed for $300


That’s so hype, I only have a 1080p 144hz monitor and a 4k tv and I’m hoping make the switch from my 1060 6gb to a 3080 when they get back in stock :D


1060 6GB here, and about to go to the 3070 (pre-ordered). Don't have a 1440p display yet, but I'll get one eventually.


I have a 1060 3gb but my RTX 2060 will be here Friday so I’m really excited for that, my 9900k will be here tomorrow.


Hey! Sweet! I'm also upgrading to a 2060 soon from my 1060 6gb, I'm excited to see what raytracing is like even if I don't have the best card for it.


Sounds great!


Upgrading my 1060 3gb to my new 3080 coming in the mail next week. I'm fully expecting my face to get blown off like in those bizarre 90s commercials!


I also went from 1060 6gb to 3070. My jaw is yet to return from dropped position. Absolutely loving it!


Me: Sad 1050ti noises


sad 970 noises


Still waiting for all the components for my build but I finally got my RTX 3070 after 5 years with 970. 970 is an amazing card though.


You can preorder the 3070? Where?


I live in Australia.


I mean on what website. I don’t live in the US either


I made the jump from that same card to a 3080, and it was such a ridiculous performance boost. Going to a 3070 should be right up there. You're going to be absolutely awestruck.


3070 seems like serious overkill for 1080p gaming.


It is, which is why i'll eventually be getting a 1440p monitor, I only have money put aside for the PC at the moment.


I did the same upgrade and changed an I5-6600 to a Ryzen 5600x and it was amazing to say the least! I need to get a 1440p display aswell but maybe I've been nice this year and Santa could bring me one ;)


I made the mistake of upgrading to 1440p 144Hz this summer while still having a 1060 6GB. The wait and search for a 3070 has been unbearable.


I went from that card to a 3070 FE. It's a whopping step up. I can't quite max out everything at 1440 144hz, but it'll chew through 1080 stuff. Games I previously struggled to run on pretty settings are no hassle. I bought Control purely to see what the ray tracing was like.


Exact upgrade I made man! Got a 1440p monitor and it is honestly so worth it, going from 60hz 1080p to 144hz 1440p was actually insane imo


Yeah definitely. I already have a 144hz 1080p monitor, but a 1440p 144hz monitor would be the cherry on top.


Tbf while obviously the jump in resolution from 1080p to 1440p was noticeable, I valued the 60hz to 144hz much more. Even not playing games the refresh rate is so much smoother


im replying from my integrated graphics dual core Mac lol


I'm going from 1050 ti to 3070 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


This comment made me happy. I'm about to upgrade from my 660TI to a 3070... Wasn't sure if I would even notice a difference because I'm not big on computers... but this gives me hope! Haha


It’s “possible” you wouldn’t notice a difference if your 660Ti can already display your games at max graphics quality at resolutions/framerates higher than your monitor can display. So if you’re only playing Among Us or decade-old games on an old monitor you wouldn’t notice. If there are ANY situations where you notice slowdowns/glitchiness or you need to turn down the resolution or quality to avoid them... the 3070 will eliminate that. It’s like 8x better.


Ging from 560 to 1660 super today


couldn't grab a 3080, but going from a 750 to a 2070 Super was fan-fucking-tastic


Lol so you bought a prebuilt just to get the 3070? That’s funny. I have an IRL friend who had a custom PC built by Zydax* years ago with dual titan cards, and he’s currently in the process of sending back his old PC(they’re gonna reuse a couple of his parts I think) and waiting on his new pc with dual 3000 series cards. It’s so absurd, the dude makes a shit load of money and is usually very tight with it, but he sure doesn’t give a shit to drop $10,000 on the best computer every 5 years lol.


maybe he calculated that every hour spent in front of a PC means one less hour spent drinking and eating out, and came to conclusion the $10k PC saves him from $30k of socializing over the course of 5 years


I mean I usually just drink in front of my pc so that tactic definitely isn't working out for me


Drinking at home is significantly cheaper than at a bar, at least 3x cheaper.


Not if you drink 3 times as much at home!


No one makes fun of you for shitting your pants when you drink at home so no reason to hold back!


That sounds like a challenge!


You save on gas


I didn’t realize how much money I was spending on drinking every month until Covid hit and all the bars were closed. I only drink on the weekends and average about $500-$700 a month just on bar tabs and food after drinks. Doesn’t help that my friends and I play credit card roulette for each round of drinks and food so it was definitely worse on some months. I actually haven’t drank much at all during SIP.


In 2019 i spent just over $10,000 at one bar. I’m not proud of that. Good on you for cutting back this year. I did not. Was averaging a handle a week on the slow weeks. It’s amazing how much this shit costs.


10k at one single bar is pretty impressive. Must have been your favorite bar. Most I spent at a single bar in one night was about $1200. I basically lost every single round of credit card roulette. The bartender felt so bad for me that she memorized the feel of my CC and purposely didn’t pick it. I honestly should have used another CC after losing 3 times in a row but my intoxicated stubbornness/confidence wouldn’t let me give up.


You'd get even more amazed when you realized the time that is lost from a shorter life from drinking weekly.


Eh. Just shaved off the shitty years. /s


Bruh when I heard a shot is $20 I said nah, I'll just get two bottles at the store for that price


right but you're paying retail for a beer, not $4 per pint + tip


Man, where the heck are you finding $4 pints???


i actually only drink tanq + tonic, i have no idea how much pints cost


Walmart. The tips are for the greeters in mallcop uniform so they cover for you. What?


Between this and steam sales we broke out here


>came to conclusion the $10k PC saves him from $30k of socializing over the course of 5 years You could take the monetary values out of that statement and I would still agree with that choice.


That's my excuse. Then I order tons of food delivery and drink at my PC while paying for steam games that I'm never going to play in my backlog.


Bruh, you need to start another pandemic hobby man! Get some cooking going on, there's easy recipes out there. Like I made steak, potatoes, and asparagus with fried mushrooms and brown garlic butter sauce, and then another time I used a Smartpot to make chicken soup. Even fried my own onion rings with panko and sweet onions. Gonna grill up some porkchops I bought on discount, sitting there just marinating in Korean BBQ sauce - store bought sauce makes it so easy, and my cheap AF George Foreman grill does the trick, no need to drag my BBQ out of storage.


Ahh yes what a healthy lifestyle swap that'd be. More screen time over being out with friends 😃


Drinking at home in front of the pc is 1/5 the price of drinking out.


Unless you're predisposed to drunken amazon purchases


Drunk shopping be like... Why did I spend $15 on a covid mask with a coffee drinking hole?


Yes but my kill/death ratio really takes a hit after beer four


Thinking it costs $30k to socialize is the most reddit thing i've ever heard.


« Why spend money and time with friends in bars when you can be sad wasted for cheap alone in front of your computer »


Who needs friends when I have my PC and a MW2 lobby that won't stop screaming racial slurs at me 😌


30k of socializing over 5 years is 115$ once a week for those who were wondering.




My two hobbies are old hotrods and pc gaming. It's funny how hard of a time I had spending real money to improve my pc compared to the money I spent on these cars. ”ugh, should I really spend extra on that case? I like it A LOT more, but $40 is $40... That feels so excessive.” Meanwhile in the garage, ”ooo, look at these used wheels! Only $350, I could clean them up and use them for my track tires!” My wife: ”Does that car even run yet?”


Sounds like he uses that PC to make his shitloads of money lol


There were some sales on /r/BuildAPCSales where a prebuilt with a 3070 was a similar price to what a 3070 is going for now. Since the cards can be hard to find, a lot of people were jumping on it.


So what am I changing my career to do?




Giving or receiving? That’s all I need to know.






Just don't look him in the eye.


Where do I sign up?


Behind the Walmart, 3rd dumpster on the left. Ask for Pablo and a little spit. I hear that you would want the spit.


Ass 2 ass




RGB space heater




I just use my old card for display. Currently 2060 & 3090.


I bought that same deal too but I swapped the 3700 for the 5600x, subbed everything I could to a lower price, and ended up spending around $1350 after tax. I figure after I sell all the extra crap I'll end up breaking close to even. Used some of the extra parts to build a second pc too lol


Dual cards is awful after like the 10 series, he’ll even the 10 series weren’t great.


I have a friend who is very much of a cunt when it comes to money, not like a cheapskate but the dude basically never spends his money on things people usually spend it on (lavish food, designer clothes and etc). Back when I was in 12th grade (Very early 2017) he had a PC with two 1080s. Which was a massive deal to have in India at least. Right now he runs a 10900k and two 2080 ti. I guess some people just really have their priorities set.


I don’t blame him. My work requires me to do a lot of traveling, client dinners and events. When Covid hit. I took a look at all the misc stuff I was spending on food, drinks, coffee entertainment. It far exceeded a $10k build over 5 years.


Thats kinda like my situation. Ill budget 5k every 4 years.


Enjoy the upgrade, my search for an upgrade from my 970 is ongoing. Wish me luck :)


haha me too brotha, it's hard with all these 3070s outta stock


pfft, I am a vulture circling the deserters of a GPU once loved, I find a 200 series available at a nice price, I am gonna snatch it. The 300 series, albeit glorious, isn't what I am hunting.


Same here. I can’t even find a 16 series card let alone a 20 series, and if I find one it’s double the price. I ain’t paying 600$ for a 1660, thats for sure.


I got a 1060 for $25 is that a good deal?


Uh... yeah, seeing how you barely could pay any less, I'd say that's a good deal.




Even second hand?


Second hand you get a 1060 for about 150/200 so yes!!!! A GTX 1060 for 25$ is amazing!


Crazy good


Actually got a 1660 super I’m looking to sale here in the next couple of weeks.


There's like a bunch of normal priced 16 series cards on amazon [for example](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N825Y1L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabt1_9GhXFbJ0QWKWW)


I live in canada, and pretty much all 1660s are 575$+, or out of stock. It’s pretty much the same with newegg as well


Wow $575 CAD is insane. I bought a 1660S earlier this year for $330 CAD and I was kicking myself for not waiting for $30 off. But now demand is high and stock is low. Usually any other time new graphics cards came out we could look forward to heavy discounts.


I was able to grab a 1660 Super for $240 from EVGA 2 weeks ago.


I’d settle for a 2080 ***if*** they are ever available. But at this point in my PCs life cycle I need to do a full build. MoBo GPU and CPU are an awful fit.


Evga b stock is nice. Saw some 2070s go up for 369.99.


I also had a 970, managed to find a used 2070 from a guy for 250 a few months before the 30 series was announced. Bought it and held onto it until I could build a new tower. Paired it with a ryzen 9 3900x, Rog b550 f mobo and 32g ram. You'll find one eventually. Just keep looking.


I got lucky with a bundle from Newegg. Came with 32 GB of RAM (didn't really need that much) but I bought it anyway because I needed that good old 3070. Makes games run so much better then my 1660ti


970 master race


970 hangin’ in there.


Is it wrong that I’m still happy with my 980ti ?


980ti is still good


Nope,at least for all those who really knows about PC's ... you have a good reason let them sweat for a newer GPU ,such a card of yours is still giving you more than decent Gaming, for some more years at least ... Good Gaming is not only at 1440p 165hz ... you got the point,i hope ...


Why wouldn't you be happy when that card is more than capable of handling everything you throw at it in 1080p? At least that's what I tell myself when I look at my 980ti and think of upgrading because I have no reason to need to upgrade.


I have 970 in my current system. I just got my 3070. Got lucky with evga queuing system. Now I'm waiting for 5800x to come in stock.


980 here, same boat. It's rough out here. I just wish we had an ETA on how long of a wait we're in for until retailers have new cards consistently in stock. I don't want to play the f5 game.


970 gang rise up


970 gang will go for 2060 or sth cuz I will stay at 1080 :)


haha I bought a cyberpower just so I could get a 3070 before Christmas too! but I’m gonna use the pc as is since the last one I built is now the family pc. hopefully it turns out well since I’ve heard mixed things about cyberpower, but I bought name-brand parts so fingers crossed!


I didn't buy from Cyberpowr but from ibuypower only to claim a 3070 since they are outta stock everywhere else , hoping to be delighted compared to my old 970 that's definitely put in work the last 7+years






same, somehow with an i5 with integrated graphics my laptop (hooked up to a monintor) can consistently get 100+ fps in mc with not too bad settings. im not exactly sure how as yhe laptop was meant for school but its a good placeholder until i get my actual pc im saving up for


It's pretty nice


Nice dude. U gonna sell the other parts that you wont be using?


Just from a rx 580 to a 3080 man that was huge jump. 1440p looks so good


I’m going from an rx570 to an rx 5700xt, I’m really looking forward to playing at 1440p


same. its such a big upgrade. the 3080 is absolutely manhandling all of the games my rx580 struggled on.


That's very nice! That card is a beast as well as those monitors. Enjoy your upgraded setup!


I bought 3 of them for my brothers. 4K+ after monitors. It hurt.


So you taking in another brother or what? Where do I sign up?


Sorry dude, but my wallet can’t handle it. Plus my wife would divorce me (if she isn’t already).


Don't worry u/Crooked_Woody you will forever be a brother in my heart


Damn, dude. Now I wish I could afford it. Right in the feels. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Hey, it's the thought that counts. Merry christmas!






Dang someone actually did this


I built a pc with 3070 on last Thursday. I jumped from RX 570 to 3070, the performance upgrade is way superior, also changed my dangy 4th gen i5. I only could share this joy and excitement with one friend who was with me when I built it in my home.


i went from 1060 to a 5700xt. and from i5 6400 to R7 3700x what a difference.


Niceeee man you’re gonna have a lot of fun with it! The card is a beaaaast


Nice! I just finished building my first ever PC and can confirm the 3070 is a BEAST. Have fun bro!




going from rx560 to rtx 3070 / 3060ti soon (wish me luck!)


Question, why didn’t you also take out the 3700X?


I don't think it's worth the price cut I would have to do for the rest of the rig when selling it, plus the 2700x I have is only about 8 months old.


Ah, understandable have a great day


I did the same on RTX 3080 release day.


I've had a 1080 TI since 2017; hadn't really found a reason to upgrade until I tried to use RTX and my framerate slowed to a crawl. Wanted a 3080 but they were all out of stock. Ended up upgrading to a prebuilt from Cyberpower making sure to upgrade the PSU from a shitty generic along with some other things like the case and cpu cooler. Ended up being cheaper than buying all the parts separately thanks to no tax and a coupon code.


Honestly that’s probably not even a bad idea. I’m assuming it’s still cheaper than the price scalpers are charging too.


Nice!! My question is, how, where, and when did you get this 3070 that you say exists? I'm trying to get a 3080 and it is pretty much impossible. I understand, it's the same for the 3070s


He bought a prebuilt just for the gpu


Ah, yes. I didn't realize. I will have it some day.... Some day....


What will you do with that cyberpower system


Re-sell for sure.


That's awesome! Please send me (or the sub) some setup pics! ​ P.S what 27" monitor do you have? I'm on the look-out for one.


[this one](https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824012009?&quicklink=true)


I can share the excitement with you because I also bought a prebuilt from CyberPowerPC just to get the 5900x and 3080! Currently wait on it to be shipped! When’s your expected delivery date? They actually had the motherboard and PSU I wanted so I’m keeping those parts!


That's great, enjoy it!


niceeeee, may you bask in those glorious fps man!


meanwhile my pc blew up a month ago lol


Damn thats a nice upgrade, I got the Msi GeForce Gtx 1060 Gaming X 6gb for 100 bucks, was that a good deal?


I have no idea if anyone already told you but check that your ram is running full speed, some mobos tend to "not run them" properly untill you configure it


I'm going to upgrade from my 1080 to a 3080 next week, so fucking excited


Congrats! Upgrading is one of the most satisfying things there is lol


I'm going from a Ge Force 720 to a GTX 1650 in like a month. I'm so excited \*.\*




Excited for you! :D




The only thing stopping me from going from twin 1080s to a 3090 is I'm too lazy to undo all the custom liquid cooling tubing and waterblock...




\*claps in r5 3600 gt 710 & corsair 680x rgb\* ... nice job


That is one dang cool computer. I think it’s kind of neat.


Not sure if the financials check out, but I have to give a golf clap for the chess move! 👏🏾