What do you think about the earnings coming up?. How close to profitable will we be ? Any estimates?

What do you think about the earnings coming up?. How close to profitable will we be ? Any estimates?


-0.08 to about -0.02. I'd like to think -0.04 or better is good. If they get +0.01 or better.. Game the fuck on!


-0.02 would be biig. Means nio is close to be profitable for 2022. Unbelievable


What was the last reported one again?


I am bullish AF, but lets be real there is not a tiny chance we will see a profitable ER of Q2. The earliest it can happen is Q4 (and it will be freaking amazing if it does)


I was really expecting them to be in the positives. Or atleast even after they’re last earnings crushed estimates.




It depends if we run up to earnings. If we run up, then we dip after. If no run up, then we go up after earnings.


Hodling no matter what. $NIO to $350. 💎🙌🚀


Gonna go past 50...need to catch byd nio let's go!!


im very bullish on nio. 500 shares of nio at 43.90 and jts 30% of my portfolio i think itll beat by a smidge or be in line. the way this week has been i dont see a run up before. but if it does go in line i believe we will have a runup due to good forward guidance. and will be steady high 40s low 50s rhe rest of the month. maybe a few dips here and there due to overall market. just mt opinion. i believe we will see 60 in september.


Would love to see your portfolio mate


Holding my share no matter what the earning is.


I planned for q4 potential first profitable quarter. I believe tesla profitability came with 20k deliveries though? A Chinese company should hit profitability with a lower delivery volume imo, but they are also heavily investing in building swap stations. It is not apples to apples, and profitability is just a pretty word


Tesla is selling co2 certificates to be profitable, if I am not totally mistaken.


Moooooooon. Hold til gold.


Should reach at least 55




Yeah I'm afraid of that as well... Let's see.. hopefully it won't fall too far below expectations




Negative earnings isn’t a bad thing, we just need to beat estimates. Last I saw forecasted EPS was -.09 as long as it’s above that, things remain on pace. I know that seems obvious, but keep in mind recent headwinds from chip shortages, China fears, etc. coupled with expansion in baas and company reach. Nio continues to spend money aggressively (as it should) and market conditions aren’t very favorable for the stock itself. Even with an earnings beat, I don’t think we see a big move in share price. All that to say this, I think Nio reports -.10 EPS and share price remains in the 43-48 range until new delivery reports.