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Great art, but not sure I’m feeling the buff Violator (is that the right name? It’s been years since I read Spawn); there’s something about the juxtaposition of short, grotesquely obese clown man with his demonic form that sells it.


I wish there was an easy, inexpensive way to read the later spawn comics. I have read 1-198


Honestly surprised McFarlane hasn't created a Spawn app or subscription service. That guy does everything


I miss the days when you can get comics in the mail. They used to do when I was a kid.


Do the prices go up after 198 or somethin? Edit: downvoted? It's a genuine question. I don't know


I’m not sure where I can even find them. I don’t want to pay for the floppies, I wish I could just buy them digitally at a reasonable price. Edit: It looks like it can be done for about a dollar an issue on comixology. I have never used it before, I’ll consider it if the app will run on my old ass iPad.


There's the compendium that just came out of the first 50 issues and there's another coming in a few months so hopefully they print the whole series that way.


Floppies? Are actual comics called floppies nowadays??


Haha, I have seen them referred to as floppies here so I went with it. I asked myself the same thing when I first saw too.


Beautiful piece! I'm not a fan of Spawn, but think that looks amazing.