I unintentionally died to most of them 50 times, so no, I’m good, see you next play through.


I just make backups for bosses and reload them if need be. wish FS added the feature to revive bosses you've already beat.


I'm praying to whatever transcendent spirit that has influence over miyazaki to quickly implement a boss-rush feature. It can even be a DLC if he wants. Just something to let me fight bosses again without having to start a new game.


They did in Dark Souls II, no idea why they weren’t cool with doing that again.


Are you talking about bonfire asthetics


Yes, they were amazing, I wish they were in every FromSoft game


Morgott, Mohg and Godfrey. Can't express how much I love these fights. But feel bad about killing Morgott lorewise. Though he's the first boss in all my time playing From's games that I actually plan to defeat no damage


I was underlevelled when I fought Godfrey (melee build). He was surprisingly low HP . My keen uchi melted him


A bold choice!


With all his speed and mad combos I predict a lot of fun ahead :D


I wanted to see all of Godfreys wrestling moves. Noticed he was dying too quickly my first time so let him do his thing for a bit


When I was learning Malenia I did this. Not because I wanted to keep fighting but just so I could further ingrain the muscle memory.


No, I just hop on multiplayer and help other people




You can just save and quit game. When you reload you're outside the boss room, boss is reset.


I just put my summon sign outside the boss room if i want to fight them again


I wish they did the same as Sekiro. Some kind of sparring would be nice.


Back up your save before each boss if you don't want to wait a whole run. If on PC it's a 10 second easy process, on console you can still do it with a usb stick and renaming the save folder so they don't overwrite each other.


I have a mage who summons, I just quit out when Kristoff and I were clearly too much for Morgott and went back solo.


I kill em first chance I get then say, "See ya in the NG+!"


Yep, did this with Radahn and a couple others. I was over leveled and wanted to see the extent of their move sets.


I have my own way to handle this. I recently made a new character where I stay at level 40 to send a co-op sign if I'm in the mood and also want to help new players. And for the late game bosses I'm in the discord server. Plenty of people need help there with bosses


All my deaths in the soulsborne games were intentional, otherwise the game would have been far too easy.


I really wish when you visited a boss chamber after beating them you could have the option to summon their “ghost” or something and fight them again


No, I help other people when I want to fight the boss again.


Rennala, ancestor spirit, the death dragon, and Morgott my first game bc I really wanted to summon melena, but she practically solod him so that was no fun.


someone else had this idea but i would’ve loved if the mausoleums that duped remembrances also duped the boss fight so you could actually earn it again


Not ER. I did this to Artorias, Genichiro, and Lady Butterfly.


Hell yeah. Did it for ages with Ludwig, Orphan, Midir, Artorias... doing it now with Godfrey, Radahn, Morgott, Mohg, Maliketh, Malenia and some others. Well, ok not Malenia... She is good enough to kill me on her own.


Yes lol on my ps5 I do but on pc I backup saves so I can go back to any point I want