Thoughts going long term

Thoughts going long term


I bought 645 at 15.50 day of IPO. I knew Jim Crammer was not to be trusted, but for some reason he sold me and I went for the early buy. I sold it all at $11.10 a couple weeks ago with a $2800 loss and submitted my name for the class action law suit - why not. Didi is frankly a corrupt company. They knew all of this would happen but cashed in on us gullible American investors. China is a totalitarian bully. You can't trust the company or the country. I'm glad I am out. With this said going long on Didi with this kind of uncertainty (delisting potentially?) is a huge risk. Right now if you sold and took what you have left placed into another stock - in a year you might just be better off. I don't see anyone making significant gains from Didi for at least 6-12 months (if ever). Why stick it out to watch it bounce around at $10-$14 a share? The only reason to go long on a dark horse like this is if you think it will make you big money. Right not there is zero indication that will happen. It's not worth it. I'd rather get out and watch it. If it starts going up again you can always buy and jump on the trajectory. And no I am not shorting this stock either. I want nothing to do with this company anymore.


Really appreciate the advice. I was uncertain about cutting my losses and was hoping I could stick it out and see positive results, but I think that may be the best move for me.


Lol I have 500 at 16.45 so your doing better than me. I’m just holding and hoping it will come back. Maybe after next earnings.


Bear case: China may dismantle DiDi to their own detriment to send a message Bull case: DiDi is forced to diversify and also dismantling a central force in on demand driving and delivery is going to hurt them. They need the company to be in tact to make use of its data.


Worse case scenario they offer shareholders the ipo price or get moved to otc if delisted. Am I understanding this correctly?.


https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/07/08/didi-punishment-is-a-public-reprimand-blueshirt-groups-gary-dvorchak.html I’m down 41% since IPO. I don’t think I’ll be adding at this point. I’m long though so I wasn’t planning on selling until 2025. If they don’t delist I think this could rebound given a year or so. My 2 cents.