For me glycolic acid doesn't stop the sweating at all. If I'm going about my day within an hour I'll be sweaty if I use glycolic acid vs regular deodorant which keeps me dry all day. It helps with the smell but not for long. I find it useful to put on where I'm at home all day once a week to help regulate the bad smelling bacteria I find it useful for that only.


Yeah it’s also really good to use at night time!!! If you sweat in your sleep like I do haha 😂 I find it much better than a deodorant which I don’t enjoy applying to clean skin as I shower at night :)


What product and where do you buy it from 😍


The Orderniery!


I’ve been using TO Glycolic Acid as a deodorant for more than a year now, and I find that it doesn’t stop the sweating for me!